Wednesday, October 12, 2011

1st kendo practice summary

so.. lemme summarize hw it went... 4 months of kendo-free vacation is takin d toll on me now... *oh yeah.. exercise free too.. which made things evn 'btr' ^^*

->pre warm up prep
--> arrive slightly early than practice time: good; didnt manage to tie my all my do himo before called to line up: bad -.-;;; *yeah i was doing that while jumping@warm up*

Part I: Warm up
-> the usual stuff
--> thought i was gonna die from haya-suburi --> obvi, due 2 lack of prac im waaayyy slower nw T.T and my arms get SUPER tired ezly T.T

Part II: Shiai Keiko
-> my 1st rxn was: OMG I jz got bck and my first practice is shiai???!!!!!!
--> managed to do.. umm do? owh well.. at least it was a draw + a cut on my toe... >.< 1st time i actly hurt myself *minus of blisters* while doing kendo... -.-;;; Thanks to Bolling Sensei who patched me up though ^^

Part III: Waza
-> let's see.. kirikaeshi, men uchi, kote uchi, do uchi, kote men, de-kote, multiple strikes~
--> i used to have lots of fun doing de-kote.. and now im really really bad at it.. timing = fail T.T i reli need to work on it >.< fast!! >.< im always bad at do... -.-;; so yeah.. trying 2 improve on it.. kote men --> i did funny stuff all d time.. so i end up slowing down a bit... multiple: worse -.-;;

Part IV: Jikeiko
-> the usual stuff...
--> which also mean i almost fainted during the whole keiko... there goes all my stamina.. >.<

-> talked with people and met my jr *lol... im d MIA sr*
--> it was really fun and refreshing.. and these are what I get from doing kendo tonight:
i. fun
ii. catch up with peepz
iii. bleeding toe
iv. blister on my left hand
v. a bruise which is swelling up on my right hand *i think that was meant for my kote* xD
vi. exhausted that i gotta take short stops on d way bck home... my body jz refused 2 listen 2 me~
---> owh well.. friday another round and i hope ill go bck home in a better shape ^^


i am certain that i am under pressure at d mo
due 2 d overwhelming assignments~ T.T 
and that's why d way i react is gettin weirder over the days...
*more like since when im nervous i smile.. i end up laughin these days... for no single spec reasons*
bt more like jz 2 calm myself down~ 
owh gosh.. either i do that.. or just close my eyes and re-think my priorities and strategy hw 2 survive tis new quarter...

학생 생활이 힘들지만 포기하면 안 돼! ㅋㅋㅋ 힘내!  ^^