Monday, December 21, 2009


oh yes... fy again.. jz finished watchin it.. again.. i tink its my 4th time or izit 5th.. n i stil laugh at all d parts i laughd b4... n well.. things like tat.. jz love it.. ^^ cant wait 2 watch it again after a few months.. ^^

Saturday, December 12, 2009

i just love numbers XD

end of fall '09:

[f(s)] - 121209.121409:3:72:4320:259200
[f(e)] - 121209.121509:4:96:5760:345600
[w(s)] - 121209.010409:24:576:34560:2073600
[k(s)] - 121209.010609:26:624:37440:2246400


Sunday, November 15, 2009

7th Lesson and 13th Practice

well.. d 7th lesson is over n another person joind d volunteerin job ^^ chee wei! n well.. he din get any kid yet so he was wif me d whole tutorin time... n well.. guess jarissa was reli shy... lol... i introduced chee wei 2 her n well.. instead of bein her usual self (askin q n all) she jz kept quiet.. n keep on whispering 2 me.. LOL cute^^ n well.. cz i as usual.. wanted sum1 2 suffer *chee wei, x jarissa* so i told chee wei 2 teach jarissa maths bt well.. jarissa was pokin me.. signallin she wants me 2 teach so instead i got chee wei 2 write maths q 4 jarissa... gud enuf.. she got all correct.. i hv x idea whether tat is hw she was taught in school bt then.. she is doin reli well ^^ she is such a bright kid.. n as usual.. i make lee ways 4 her when it comes 2 play.. jz 4 brief moments between learning... at least she wont feel stressed up... ^^

so we did english first.. spellin n all.. n then maths.. ^^ n then she started insistin 2 play games.. LOL as usual.. bt well... we waited til 4.. i managed 2 drag d time til 4 b4 we went down 2 play.. ^^ n we played monopoly :D which is in a way a lesson as well.. on money.. :D *very important, indeed...*

so, tatz tutorin nw bck 2 kendo... wat we did was a few things.. kurikaeshi n hiki men is one of d main stuf.. d reason is 2 train our feet movement n swing.. hiki is d toughest waza n true enuf.. LOL howeva, d biggest prob i hv was my right hand was shakin.. sdnly.. it kept on shakin x reli throughout bt it was shakin n it was reli obvi esp durin hiki... noemy gotta hold my hand 2 get it stop shaking... n i was like.. sorry... n it kept on shakin bt slowly it got better... esp when we did our men n kote hits... it was better bt i cn stil feel it shakin.. n durin d one-breath-several-hits it was shaking too bt not tat bad.. x like hiki, at least.. cz my shinai wasnt shaking... it was so obvi during hiki men cz my shinai was reli shaky.. d top part... cz my left was pretty stable.. hohoho

n thn we hd bubble tea nite ^^ n lan n noelle was there ^^ n well.. i thought ill b in d same class as angela next quart 4 korean bt she is x takin korean :( bt then.. i mite stil b seein lan n eric there.. HEHEHE sounds fun 2! ^^ n durin bubble tea.. i was wif noelle, takumi, lin, tim n umm.. i cant rmmbr their names.. shawn, yes and umm.. another i cant rmmbr.. we talkd bout a few stuff bt thn *OH YEAH! angela was wif us too bt then she was hungry n xhausted so she went bck early* n we talkd bout japan n sumhow... takumi was like.. oo, reli? hehehe lol i was like.. takumi.. tatz ur country u noe.. LOL bt well.. since he was in indonesia at intern school n nw in us, cant blame him 4 not noein wats happenin politically.. beats me wats happenin in msia as well... x tat im into pol but well.. a lil bit of knowledge on it would b gud.. general knowledge... hmm.. i shud start readin newspaper again.. LOL bt im 2 lazy.. mayb over dec holz ill do tat.. HEHEHE

ok.. 2day i was like.. hmm i havent done sumtin n sumhow i feel quite hungry.. n well.. tis silly gal.. thinkin of other stuff.. jz realized tat she havent eaten dinner.. in d morn, i 4got bout bfast.. ended up havin brunch... n well... here goes.. i bought an alarm clock cz i hv x idea where my hp is nw.. =.=" its 4 d sake of 830 class... lol... ok.. continue eatin n studyin ^^ n yeah! im waitin 4 my laundry 2 get done.. *xcited* XD

Saturday, November 7, 2009

6th Lesson and 12th Practice

okokok yesterday was d 6th lesson wif jarissa.. though initially there was another kid wif me.. bt well, they din reli get along tat well.. so it was pretty tough 4 me 2 handle both at d same time.. neverthless, then another tutor came in and took d other young kid wif him.. i wouldnt say tat it is neither kids fault bt mayb it is within me.. bein a tutor n a teacher in a 20 - 40 students per class is pretty diff.. tutor u gotta get 2 d roots of ur stdnt probs.. a teacher gets d general idea n try 2 work on it... in a way tat benefits evry1.. tatz hw i would put it in words i guess... n teachin grade 2 stdnts who r 7 years old is rrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllliiiiii diff frm teaching those who are 13 and 14.. HOHOHO a great degree of maturity diff.. HUHUHU bt nevertheless, i njoy my volunteering job...

alas jarissa is more clear on place value!! n she could add big numbers now!!! im soo glad she has made it :D i thought her my way n hv no idea if tat is hw it is bein taught in class.. i jz hope im x confusing her.. HOHOHO if tat were 2 happen it is pretty bad i tink.... then i gotta ask her 2 choose which method is she most comfortable with and i will comply 2 it ^^ tat sounds better i guess.. :) so she gave me a biscuit and she wanted 2 play.. bt then xixi wasnt free n tis game needs more than 2 peepz so yeah.. perhaps next week thurs ^^

so d practice... my feet was sposed 2 get better n well.. it did 4 a day.. LOL 2day i had a new blister on d healin one n d skin came off.. i jz cut it n well.. as discussed wif lan.. it is gonna turn into a callus... LOL id rather my feet 2 b a lil bit hard rather than makin squaky noises during surizashi and well... gettin 2 much blisters 2 often... this wil def help 2 make my feet tougher.. bt i wonder y others dun reli hv tis big of a blister.. HOHOHO mayb my feet skin is 2 soft XD i am used 2 wearin sometin on my feet at all times.. *takin care of d skin* bt well, it donest work tat way now....

so 2day we did kurikaeshi, shoumen, and i tink put an immense amount of concentration on footwork as well and about d swing... 2 make our wrist more flex and it will help on wif our swinging... well.. d main thing we did 2day was 2 focus on synch feet work n swingin.. i guess i had my footwork n swingin pretty mixed up when both r done at d same time.. esp when moving frm 1 spot 2 another.. if its stagnant its x tat bad.. bt well... if its moving.. tatz when d prob starts.. HOHOHO practice will help me a lot *i reli hope it will* at least it shud make my blisters worth it if i were able 2 improve myself...

gosh.. its late.. time 2 go 2 bed... i pray 4 d best for all those involved in kent taikai ^^

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

5th Lesson and 11th Practice

LOL.. 5th lesson was yesterday... yeah... i dunno wat made me not write.. YEAH I NOE.. i was doin my eng essay.. LOL neways.. jarissa gave me a lollipop yesterday... cotton candy flavor.. so kind of her ^^ we did maths mainly n i jz realized she has problems wif place values.. so yeah.. 2mr gonna b a place value marathon thingy.. n finish up d hw as well... a lil bit more left.. so yeah! 2mr is d day 2 get it done ^^

2mr joanne cant make it wif us n next tues xixi cant make it... so yeah.. its gonna b d 2 of us 2mr n next week... gosh.. its x tat bad i guess.. ^^ being alone could b worse.. bt tatz x bad as well ^^ at least ill b dreamin away in d bus.. LOL

so 2day's practice... we did kata in d beginnin n i was wif noelle... we did kata 1, 2 and she taught me 5 though i was lost.. LOL i guess i gotta think of it.. n well.. try 2 get it done next wed ^^ it was marsten-sensei's idea 2 pair d beginners wif d seniors.. so yeah... it was pretty intimidating bt well.. i thought.. x tat im gettin hit 4 real *yet.. tat gotta wait til armor comes in* so yeah.. tat set d mood.. n we did it 4 quite some time... after kata was some surizashi.. *i tink* n well... we did it while d seniors were dressing up *x reli dressing up bt puttin their armor* n well... after tat we watchd them have a match... it was reli interesting.. i was tryin 2 use my eyes 2 kinda predict when is d hit a point bt din manage 2 do tat.. LOL trainin!! gotta train my tiny *x exactly tiny, perhaps blurry* eyes 2 b more sharp.. as usual in d beginning my hands were as cold as ice. bt tis time it took a longer time 2 warm up.. pretty much bugged me bt i managed 2 catch on angela 2 get her warm pair of hands.. n i drained it out of her :D *bad meee XD* after d match, then we went down 4 our practice... it was reli short *or so i felt* n well.. i was like.. owh its time 2 go? XD nevertheless, i was feelin a lil bit sick n stil a lil bit.. so paracetamol b4 goin 2 bed.. i felt as if im gonna get a fever... bt it was under control n checkd as i kept on checkin my forehead.. mayb its my back n neck which were releasing 2 much heat... it hurt my head a lil.. but well.. x a biggie ^^

2day went bck wif sung.. x exactly bck til home.. bt we walkd 2gether 2 d hub 2 catch d night ride... we talkd bout lots n lots n lots of stuff.. frm edu, family n well.. edu again.. XD n kendo. *yup!! :)* loving it! n yeah a lil bit on malaysian martial arts... d main is silat so i talkd bout silat... x tat i reli hv knowledge about them.. bt well.. at least i hv a lil knowledge on them.. im x exactly a dense person when it comes 2 msia i guess... x knowledgable bt x dense either... x reli d perfect balance bt i noe a bit.. :) oh yeah.. we talkd bout subjects as well... YEAH! d sciences, history.. n hw well.. it was taught in school.. HEHEHE fun stuff.. funny stuff.. reli ^^

gosh.. my head is spinning... as soon as i got bck i was ravenous again.. so yay 2 my kimchi soup... bt tis time its plain kimchi soup without d noodles.. 4 dinner i had noodles wif them... n 2mr its gonna b d same as well ^^ u noe.. i cook like alternate days.. xcept 4 weekends.. when i cook evryday.. bt i guess tis sat lunch ill b gettin it done on fri afternoon... mushroom noodle again! LIKE IT!! :D * d accidental recipe* XD doesnt matter, as long as i could eat it :) mayb one of these days i shud do bubur lambuk *luv it too.. bt i need 2 get some herbs* n soon enuf miso shiru.. n maybe some day... well.. i gotta go around n browse d net 4 interesting recipes... i bookmarkd 1 chinese, 1 korean n 2 japanese *one 4 bento, another 4 d main food* n well.. i shud bookmark 4 malaysian oso XD *haihzz.. tis malaysian... din even rmmbr 2 bookmark her own country's recipe website..* i wonder wat else shud i cook.. i noe szechuan n kimchi soup is gonna b reli helpful over winter.. both r pretty heaty.. LOL bt i wouldnt like eat it over summer i guess... or mayb i would bt less often.. n lesser amount.. my fam knows hw ezly i get nose bleeds... talkin bout blood.. xixi calld me a cold blooded animal cz my fingers r always cold =.=" hehehe well... i guess im goin 2 bed earlier 2day... soo tired... ^^

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Recipe 1 done!! :D

so 2day.. i tried cookin frm d 4 recipes which i compiled a few days bck.. n d 1st is *d 1 i hv been dyin 2 hv* is szechuan soup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i wouldnt say its a total success bt it is a success 4 a first timer... *cz i tink i put 2 much of black pepper..hmm* bt well.. it was tasty in my opinion!!! hehehe d 1 in johor was better bt well.. i guess i cn survive on tis as well.. ^^

it took me 1 hour 2 get it done cz i was readin n re readin d recipe 2 make sure i got it right.. LOL n i cut all d ing like super slow... lol cz i gotta leave d crab meat n chicken *c, i made amendments 2 d recipe* 4 20 mins.. :D HIHIHIHIHI yeah.. it took me 1 hour.. bt it is sunday so.. i dun reli mind it.. n x assign due 2mr.. so i dun mind spending my time wif cookin... i njoy cookin neways.. esp exp new things *though i hv eaten one of d worst flavoring food in d whole earth a few weeks earlier* bt ill nvr stop tryin new recipes.. :D im so hepi 2day... HIHIHI laundry done n 1st recipe down *n it din taste bad ^^*


Saturday, October 31, 2009

10th Practice

today was d 10th practice.. n well.. i was runnin *x exactly.. walkin at a faster pace* frm stevens to ima wif my freakin heavy bag due 2 d fact tat all my groceries r in d bag.. i stuffed all of them in n it def slowed me down esp when walkin up d hills n all... yeah, i got some groceries wif my fellow mates n aunt ida...well.. i did buy quite a lot of stuff.. tatz y its reli heavy.. n it came into use right after i got bck frm kendo.. i havent had my dinner, so after kendo i guess i was a bit hungry.. so well.. due to laziness.. i boiled my wanton noodles in boiled water.. while d sauce i jz mixed soy sauce, hot chilli sauve n sesame.. HEHEHE it tasted pretty fine 2 me.. bt it would taste better if i were 2 cook it instead.. XD

by d time i arrived at d ima.. it ws 650.. i dumpd my stuff in d gym n well.. took off 2 d locker room 2 get my prayers done n change my clothes.. i nvr thought of practicin kendo in jeans.. sumhow i dun tink its comfy... neways.. i do hv my tracks.. when else am i gonna use it if x nw??? :D

lol... wat we did.. kata 1 n 2, kurikaeshi n d last one is a new one.. which i 4got wat izit called.. bt i cn tell u it felt so weird n i tink i din get it right at all.. LOL bt im tryin it out... hmm.. perhaps over d weekends it wouldnt hurt 4 me 2 b jumpin in my room ^^ yes.. i noe.. its gonna annoy my neighbour..

as 2 y d post is as early as 0542 its cz i havent slept yet.. im waitin 4 6 4 subuh n then ill sleep til afternoon.. LOL shift of sleepin time.. tis is d 2nd time.. n i could barely open my eys nw.. LOL .. i guess i shud get ready 2 go 2 bed... 17 mins 2 go! ^^ *at least my bio lab is done... oni my eng 1st draft needs more work on it*

Thursday, October 29, 2009

4th Lesson

today is d 4th lesson.. n joanne came if both xixi n i 2 bf day school ^^ so instead of d 2 of us.. n its d 3 of us :D d more d merrier.. yeah.. tatz d concept :D well.. i met up wif xixi after prayers which means i ws slightly later than usual.. n xixi waited patiently 4 me ^^ tnx gal! n then we waited 4 joanne b4 gettin on d bus.. and well, we waited 4 quite some time b4 d bus came.. bt it came... tatz wats important..

oh yeah.. in d morn i hd tis discussion wif my bio group, aunty, luis n james.. bt luis wasnt there cz he 4gotten bout it.. LOL n he was stil at home n x comin over til like 12.. so we did it without him... sumtin like tat... bt well.. it went well... we finished d proposal n most probably will b able 2 hand it in like tis week itself... after sein sara 2mr.. ^^ n after tat i went 2 bartell 2 get my tape.. it took me a while to get 1.. i was thinkin which shud i take.. n almost 4got bout d gauze *bt i rmmbrd b4 i went 2 d cashier.. n also bought my cotton balls :D nw.. i cn use my toner.. HIHIHI after several times of 4gettin... XD

so as usual.. i put all those in my bag.. which was extremely empty at dat mo.. it lookd a lil bit fat when i put those stuff in bt it was reli light.. so i din mind it at all... truthfully, i dun reli like big bags.. bt i hv d tendency 2 stuff evrytin in my bag.. yeah... it doesnt make sense.. i noe.. bt well.. im jz like tat

ok so went 2 bf day school... n met d kids.. :D im wif jarissa again n she dun hv any hw *AGAIN!!* such lucky gal.. i proposed she do my assign 4 me bt she strongly opposed it *LOL x like im reli gonna let tat happen ^^* n when i told joanne tat she is my kid.. another kid heard it n misunderstood.. he said "is tat ur mum?" LOL i was close 2 laughin my heads off.. i was tinkin.. "im oni 19, u noe... n well, x tat ive given my heart 2 ne1.. x tat ive reli found sum1 im gonna gv it 2..x in d mean time" *LOL it sumhw sounds like a great deal of effort 2 get me 2 tink of sum1 bt actly its pretty ez 4 me 2 get attached, its jz tat no1 noes bout it cz im pretty gud at keepin things -esp emo- 2 myself XD* ~~cik fiz: v.v ~~~ XD i tink jarissa went like.. "nooo......" LOL

so we sat 2gthr n one of d tutors jz askd me not 2 sit near them cz i tink jarissa was distractin her tutee.. well, i was walkin around gettin d file n some stuff done while jarissa was tourin d whole cafe.. LOL then once we got 2gether then yeah.. evrytin was undr control ^^ we did some reading, writing n spelling *again* she is don great.. bt well.. a few confusion on d phonetics part.. guess gotta work on tat a lil.. n we played monopoly at d end.. i tink i shud use monopoly as my maths lesson... use it 4 d counting part... bt hmm.. tinkin bout it again.. d money value is 2 large 4 her.. mite tink of sumtin else instead ^^ bt well.. we played 4 like a few min b4 we start 2 pack up.. LOL time flies reli fast..

n thn we walkd bck 2 d bus station.. n took pics on d way bck ^^ joanne was enthusiasitc.. n so is xixi *as usual.. our dear photographer* n well.. i jz tagged along.. hehehe i noe im lazy 2 take pics.. but buttin in is x tat bad XD n well.. we got home.. n i got bck.. stomach empty n all...

gosh i jz realize.. im goin 2 get groceries 2mr after class.. n hv no idea when shud i cook dinner.. LOL mayb i shud go bck during d 1 hour break between bio n hist quiz.. n whip sumtin express up... such as noodle soup.. :D it takes me like 15 mins 2 go bck.. n another 15 mins 2 get bck on campus.. tatz 30 mins.. so i hv another 30 mins 2 cook... hmm... mayb i shud leave home at approx 10.. so tat i dun need 2 rush.. LOL crap.. i dun tink i hv enuf time 2 cook then.. or mayb i shud eat aftr kendo?? *id b half dead durin kendo if tatz d case* or perhaps i shud go bck, cook dinner n then meet up wif them after im done n all... tat sounds better i tink.. bt i stil need 2 rush... lets c, cookin tat takes up around 5-10 mins... or 15.. its x tat long.. bt i guess after class it mite b best if i go bck 4 a bit.. at least in between class i cn relax n study.. yeah.. perhaps dats 4 d best ^^

problem solved... 그래서, 한국말을 공부해요! ^^

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

9th Practice

ok.. its nw d last week of oct.. n nov is comin up.. my 1st midterm has ended n d 2nd is comin up pretty soon.. n well.. i practically took d day off frm studyin 2day.. watchd bleach aftr kendo.. n well.. goin 2 bed pretty soon ^^

ive been listenin 2 sad songs pretty much these days.. lol.. it kinda suits me 4 d time bein.. x tat im sad or depressed bt im thinking.. though my emo is stil undr control n chckd ^^ bt well.. it jz feel appropriate 4 me at d time.. n tnx 2 cik fiz.. more sad songs comin in :D beautiful pieces, i would say... ^^ mayb d weather has been gettin into me.. its pretty gloomy, dark n rainy these days.. so mayb tatz it.. bt it doesnt make me feel down or netin like it.. it jz gv me some peace n calmness in me.. d slow rhythm n beat... melancholic bt beautiful... n well.. i mite turn 2 instrumental soon... flute is a beauty.. u cn depict various emotions frm flute.. piano as well... *though u hv nvr achieved tat.. LOL esp since i havent been practicing.. x idea when ill b able 2 play d piano again... :(*

ok.. so wt we did 2day.... we did some kata in d beginni cz 216 is occupied 4 sum i dunno wat is happenin in d room activity.. aerobic mayb.. bt i hv x idea wat izit... i nvr bothered 2 peek into d room.. its pretty much understood tat evry wed go 2 316 n fri we cn go straight 2 216... well..yeah.. all of us started off in 316 n did some kata 4 well.. i hv x idea hw long... we, d beg, learned d 1st n 2nd kata.. d 1st, i tink i hv a grasp of it.. been tinkin bout it 4 a bit.. d 2nd, im stil tryin 2 figure it out.. i rmmbr it, bt pretty vaguely... bt i guess wif a lil bit more thinkin i could rmmbr thm.. i hope ^^

n then we did some warm up n kurikaeshi.. n well.. in d beginnin we were talkin bout blisters.. n noemy jz said tat i hv a humongous one which hasnt yet peeled off *yeah.. mine is d biggest.. LOL* n then right in d middle of prac, i felt my foot bein pretty weird..n yeah! it had peeled of *partially, reli.. so i din leave a piece of me in 216 XD* n well.. it was pretty disturbing cz it disrupts ur footwork pretty much.. x tat im anywhere close 2 being gud at it bt well.. it made things worse.. n then... i askd noemy where 2 get d tape n well.. d ans is bartell!! i guess ill b goin there in d morn 2mr.. b4 meetin up wif my bio group 4 our proposal :)

so yeah.. marsten-sensei reminded about short nails.. n marsten-sensei.. bought cookies ^^ n all of us had a piece of it.. *i tink all of us had 1* n well.. as usual.. i chckd up wif takumi hw is he goin bck.. n xixi joined us as well.. n we hd tim too! initially, we thought of takin d bus.. bt by d time we got out d bus was gone.. LOL ... so on foot we went bck home ^^ it is x tat bad.. it was rainin.. 2 of d gals were wif umbrella while d guys walkd calmly under d rain.. LOL id luv 2 do tat.. bt well.. i dun tink id like 2 go down wif 2nd round of flu.. :(

n then b4 tat.. askd damon bout his 1st job.. n well.. as expected.. he is nvr 2 b trusted.. haihz.. bt well.. guess wat.. at d end he did make sense 2 me.. 2 things which i should keep in mind: 1) nvr trust damon *he admitted tat himself* 2) gettin a job on campus cn pretty much depend on ur luck.. so yeah... its x tat he nvr made sense 2 me b4 tis.. bt well... at least after sayin he cleaned up d toilet *i was pretty skeptical bout tat.. n true enuf he was jk bout it* so yeah.. lolz d thing wif him is he is always calm n serious while sayin those stuff.. hence, ill b doubtin my own judgement... LOL

bck 2 takumi n tim.. after sendin xixi bck... i heard them talkin bout some jap phrases.. n ALAS.. got 2 noe they were mockin bleach.. LOL i njoy bleach wif d action n all.. n well.. it does gv me a gud lay bck time after studyin... i noe.. its always nandatto, nani, bakayarou, kissama.. wat else.. LOL n d talkin part cn b pretty dull at times.. bt well.. i jz continue watchin... HIHIHI its one of d anime which i stil follow loyally XD n i guess tim n takumi din expect me 2 b watchin d latest bleach anime.. *dun i look like sum1 who watches anime regularly??? even when xm is pretty near???* well.. i noe many go crazy when i do tat.. bt it serves as a gud way 2 relax.. n laugh ur heads off... HIHIHI d next ep im waitin is 4 dc.. hehehe n mayb over d winter holz.. i mite drown myself in fushigi yuugi or atashinchi no danshi... i mite watch atashinchi 1st since ive never watchd it b4.. well, i noe hw d story goes n all... bt its gonna b d 1st time watchin it, nevertheles..

so yeah.. im gettin sleepy... i hv 2 read around 4 pages of western civil 2mr.. i mite b goin 2 d lib around 9.. or 10 LOL dependin on wat time i wake up... n wat time i go 2 bartell 2 get my tape... i shud buy a few i tink.. n yeah... facial cotton as well... LOL i guess ill b needin tat 4 my toner... 4got 2 buy it d other day.. bt since my othr prdct is finishin.. so i guess i will b needin d facial cotton 4 my new toner.. HIHIHI ok.. chop2 plan 2 wake up at 7 2mr.. bt d alarm starts at 630.. LOL *c hw lazy n hard it is 4 me 2 wake up in d morn????* XD

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

3rd Lesson

today is d 3rd lesson.. n 2day marks d end of my 1st midterm for both hist 111 and eng 198.. yeay!! bt d next midterm is within 2-3 weeks... so its x exactly a big yay yet.. lol.. till finals r end ^^ and then d holz... n d craziness shall begin :D plans 4 d holz.. under construction... im stil tryin 2 finalize wat 2 do exactly.. then d pricing survey and gettin my schedule done would b set up.. hopefully by d end of 2nd week of dec... ^^

ok bck 2 3rd lesson wif jarissa.. we did maths.. cz initially oliver was alone 4 his tutor was x here yet.. gosh, sorry i 4got ur name! :( n then we did his homework 2gether.. d 3 of us.. maths, tatz it... addition n subtraction! *tnx ma 4 d crash course on hw 2 teach kids maths b4 i went 2 teach iqa like a few months bck* it helpd a lot.. at least i hv a rough idea hw 2 get d kids thinkin on maths... i would hv been lost... ^^ n eng as well.. though my teachin readin skills is stil crappy bt i guess at least i hv a rough idea on hw i shud do it... HIHIHI *tq ngimmi :D*

we did maths.. counted d frogs... n then we did a card.. bt b4 tat... reading.. jarisaa is a real truly bright kid... she gets things done reli fast n well.. she does most things reli well.. its normal 2 not b able 2 read a few words n get confused durin calc.. i was in her shoes those days.. so i get it.. though it seemd like a piece of cake 2day bt well.. try 2 rmmbr hw it ws like bck those days.. i noe i luv colorin *til nw actly* bt my art hs always been hrble... LOL x talented, tatz it.. bt i stil luv doin it.. hence, d stickman card production... it is oni produced 4 my fam members *tat is d 5 of us* n well.. 4 d others.. im pretty lazy 2 do it.. cz it takes quite a lot of time n effort in tinkin.. unless if u manage 2 reli steal my heart away.. LOL *sounds 2 dramatic i guess* bt well.. cards which r bought r waaayyy nicer n more artistic than mine.. LOL i could compete wif 5-6 years old i guess.. n tatz where i stand.. HEHEHE

d card was 4 xixi.. jarissa wanted 2 do it 4 her.. lol.. i hv a feelin jarissa cant rmmbr my name ^^ bt tatz ok.. its x like my name is tat common ere *it is SUPER common bck in msia though. u cn gt like a few farah in d same class.. its tat common* well.. it does hv a nice meanin... happiness,,, n i guess i am a pretty happy child *HIHIHI* too.. while my full name would mean happiness, light, eyes.. gosh... look at d combo.. HEHEHE nevertheless.. i luv my name :D wouldnt change it at all.. though nicknames r x tat bad... *i got my 1st frm cik t* XD

we studies 2gether... did some coloring... n well.. sdnly it is time 2 go bck.. n sdnly i felt reli hungry.. thank goodness i hv cookd b4hand.. so i jz need 2 go bck n eat.. though it is cold by tat time.. bt i dun care.. i was hungry n eatin wateva is available sounds gud 2 me.. yeah.. laziness. :D neways.. my idea of restin frm studyin 1 day is x accomplished... i hv my eng assign n its x done even nw.. lol.. readin d oldT isnt tat ez.. it made my head spin n well.. tryin 2 decipher it 2 prepare 4 an essay outline is even worse.. i need time n well.. i hope ill do jz fine! ^^

Saturday, October 24, 2009

8th Practice

today is d 8th practice..n yay! my emotions n mental stability has been undr control.. evrytin was doin great... anti-crisis workd... d kick-bck system frm d depressed me has workd... i luv myself 4 bein able 2 come up wif a kick bck system.. though it also means alludin my own emotions b4 i sort it all out.. bt nvrtheless, i need 2 restore myself 2 my own self *hmm.. weird XD* since mid term is comin tis mon n tues.. LOL.. my attention shud b at its peak tis weekends in ordr 4 me 2 b able 2 cover all my syllabus...

im gettin dizzy at d mo.. like i usually get after drinkin coffee.. my bed is calling.. caffeine makes me sleepy... i noe its weird bt tat is hw it works wif me... i could barely keep my eyes open bt i jz wanna write tis up cz its gonna b like a daily thing 4 me 2 do tis ^^ forces me 2 b disciplined *LOL tat is a crappy reasonin*

so bck 2 d topic... 2day was d 8th practice *i noe.. i cant believe its d 8th...* n well, i hd lots of fun.. n my blister is startin 2 increase in size again.. LOL n my feet work was pretty messed up bt at least i managed 2 control it a bit.. my feet is rarely straight.. it always goes a lil bit 2 d left.. i tink... id better try 2 get things rite.. i guess a break in between studies these weekends by practicing n jumping in my studio would b a gud thing.. LOL pity whoeva is stayin right beneath me.. LOL sori neighbor.. bt i cant help it XD we did some kata in d beginning n then moved to some swinging... tat was pretty fun though i messed up here n there esp d countin part... i always lose count.. hence, mistakes happens... i shud improve on my attention then.. i guess.. i realize i do lack of attntn n take things too ezly at times... hmm.. sounds like a typical me...

next, we hd bubble tea nite *again! yeah!* initially i was tinkin of x goin bt after practice i was pretty much feelin well.. *LOL psych* n so i went after puttin my things.. well.. takumi is like d guy who sends me bck home these days... *tnx a lot takumi!! i owe u a lot!!* :) n then well.. i guess he went 2 change while i go n keep my stuff in my studio... kept it there n went 2 meet takumi again.. n we walkd 2gether n we thought we would b d last=d VIP of d day.. bt we were wrong... LAN ARRIVED L8R!!! *u took our privilige XD* n we played a game of uno.. n i was cursed.. lol.. initially it was damon who took like whole lot of card n then sumhow.. mayb he shifted d curse on me.. cz d next thing i noe was I HAD A WHOLE LOT OF CARDS IN MY DECK!!!!! i was gettin crappier at this.. LOL

since i had flu, so yeah.. i hd coffee.. i noe, coffee is x my thing... bt wel.. lavender coffee neways.. bt i dun taste ne lavender.. it tasted like plain coffee or was it jz my tongue.. those who noes me shud noe hw blunt i am at tasting XD everytin is always fine 2 me.. everythin is always like tat XD wat shud i cook 2mr.. HIHIHI since i have 2 empty containers nw.. mayb i could do some baking.. cool rite!! i miss bakin sooo much!!

next we talkd bout hair.. LOL patty's used 2 b like seriously long n so was lan's.. n mine is like always look short cz of d curls... LOL bt its x tat curly.. so yeah.. its more 2 wavy i guess.. but well.. i luv my hair.. esp when i tie it in ponytails *d double ponies* reminds me of hw it used 2 b like in d kindie ^^ d gud old days when i dun need 2 worry bout a thing.. evrytin is bein settled by others n i jz mess around n fool around *x tat much.. since i stil gotta study* im so grateful i hv my hair bands wif me nw... n ill learn hw 2 braid my hair soon!!!! i am gonna learn hw 2 do it frm noemy.. *is tat hw i spell her name?* oh gosh, im bad at spellin... look at wat i wrote, a bunch of sf LOL *bck in school sf=sig fig n nw ive abused it as short form* many hates it when i do tis.. bt well.. sori guys, get used 2 it, k! ill try 2 reduce it as mch as i cn.. bt.. ill try my best! XD

ok.. i cant take it nemore.. my head is spinnin... n haru no katami is makin my mind drift away........................................................ into dreamland... ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Thursday, October 22, 2009

2nd Lesson

yesterday i slept 11 hours... i noe its damn long.. bt well.. i guess cz ive been exerting myself 2 much.. tatz y... as soon as i got bck frm ima i went 2 bed.. LOL tat was hw bad i felt.. bt well.. at least 2day i felt better.. n i hope it will b better 2mr... bt im still pretty disturbed... bt its gettin under control.. a bit i guess ^^

2day is d 2nd lesson wif jarissa! *yeay! i rmmbr her name* n since there iznt any hw.. so we did a few spellings, writings n numbers.. HIHIHI next tues gonna b maths.. sorry gal, maths is important! :) bein wif her does make me feel better..reminds me of hw i used 2 b when i was a kid.. LOL n well... makes me a lil bit more matured after tat cz my mood swings make me hasty and unpredictable.. which also causes me 2 act immaturely.. like yesterday.. :)

gosh.. gotta go n do my assign.. ive been dreamin all d time tat my assign which is due 2mr is x done yet!!!!!! lol... my bad i guess :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

7th Practice

this is gonna b super short... by d time practice was over.. i was half dead... i wasnt payin attention 2day. inoe2 shud hv given it a better shot... i was half listening 2 wat sensei was sayin n i tink i was doin pretty much sloppy n half dead work 2day... including my half kiai.. doin stupid mistakes n things like tat. LOL... lets jz say things werent goin d day i want it 2 b 2day... my attention was off... my mind was shuttin down... n well... my body was rejecting wat im doin... pretty much cz it is wrong... haihzzz... i am too exhausted perhaps.. of thinking... LOL esp wif d gym b4 kendo... i was half asleep while eatin dinner.. LOL mayb i shud reschedule my activities or even better, restructure my whole mindset... *wish me luck in doin tat*

its d beginnin of a crisis n i gotta whip up a fast n effective anti-crisis method n get my self straight.. get my priorities right n get me into d mood again.. tis mood swing is killing me.. i hate mood swings.. i hate pms.. LOL bt well.. its comes n goes.. n i hope by d time i got up frm bed 2mr, id feel waayy better than wat 2day... lets jz hope tatz hw its gonna b like.. with a swingy mood, my mind bcomes blunt n i get irritated ezly.. x bcoz of wat others do but bcoz of all d wrong things i end up doin... being frustrated wif ur ownself isnt sumtin u wanna experience tat often... n i guess.. i gotta move myself out of this disturbance soon... reli soon.. ^^

Death Note

yes, i know.. the title is too creepy for the content.. but that was the first thing which came to mind... *i hate picking titles.. LOL*

If tomorrow be my last
I would soar into the sky
To reach for one; the never mine
The only one: You.

If tomorrow be my last
I would dive into the deep sea
To search for one; the hidden treasure
The only one: Your smile.

If tomorrow be my last
I would be silence
To seek for one; the calming hymn
The only one: Your voice.

If the end is here
And my second is done
I would give you my soul
For I am the peasant
Wanting the one which is never mine
Giving nothing more than I to you
You; every pulse of mine
You; every breath of mine
You; who never is mine.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

1st Lesson

TODAY!!! it is d 1st day of volunteering.. LOL i was pretty hungry b4 i arrived at BF Day in Fremont and i was ravenous by d time i got bck home *it was a blessing i cookd prior 2 leaving....... i would hv dropped dead out of hunger if there wasnt any food in my room when i got home... that was hw hungry i was.. well, 2day in particular, i got hungry pretty ezly.. LOL... *there goes d calories being burnt.. topped up again in matter of hours n days* XD

so yeah... i went wif xixi.. n since she wasnt ready initially *nw she is totally prepared 4 tutoring ^^* so we shared a kid 2gethr *LOL sounds wrong* her name is... omg... i noe it starts wif a j... it was jassica no, tatz x it... its lol.. am i gettin senile at tis age????? nevertheless, i noe d kid im assigned 2 initally is peyton.. bt she was late.. so another unfortunate child was assigned 2 me...

so yeah... xixi is way kinder than i am.. trust me... i started off wif intro n then studies... xixi gives hints.. while i give smiles XD which is, obvi, x helpful 2 d kid... i practically want her 2 start thinking... matchin up phonetics wif alph.. at least, tat was hw my mum showd me hw 2 teach kids readin bck in msia.. LOL n well, i noe my cuzin who is 6, is my guinea pig... she is my victim in me practicing hw 2 read... n well.. it was reli torturous 4 her.. i dun need 2 say a word 2 make her cry.. i would jz look at her n say.. kindly, i thought.. iqa, can u read for kakak? or mayb, adik, read... LOL n then she wil start crying XD *mayb i am pretty scary, lol i am not pretty scary bt i am scary... jz tat not many peepz who noes me 2day noe tat.. ask those frm cfil.. they cn tell u all kinda stuff i did bck in school* ^^ its a wonder y peepz think im kind n nice when i cn tell u im almost d opp... LOL though im tryin hard 2 keep my head cool n relaxd as much as i cn... reshapin d personality isnt ez, bt perhaps its worth d try.... ill b nice as long as ur nice n x go across d border... simple common sense :)

bt wat is d border.. well, its hard 2 tell.. XD so, in a way.. my bad... neways, we were there early. i din expect myself 2 b early at least :) n then 2day we did some hw.. eng hw... n some vocab, spelling n singular-plural stuff... gosh, d kids r soo cuddly.. XD they r so tiny tat i couldnt help but 2 smile... though my cuzins r cute 2 bt well... when i teach them.. im pretty strict.. LOL laughin, jokes, games n all allowed.. bt x jumping around, throwing tantrum.. LOL that, i cant tolerate... HEHEHE

so it din feel like 1.5 hours at all... sdnly it was time.. pretty shockin bt well.. tatz hw it went ^^ fun n all... all 3 of us were havin fun.. we were laughin.. tryin 2 get 2 noe each other.. n we met her grandpa.. greg... yeah.. i rmmbrd d grandpa's name but x my tutee... LOL i mite b gettin a new one btw next week.. i tink xixi might b handling her alone next week... gud luck, xixi!! :) thursday is gonna b d 2nd lesson... n i guess.. i stil dunno wat 2 expect! things went reli well 2day n i hope its gonna b d same 4 this thurs too! ^^

*xixi n i were talkin on d way bck.. n then sdnly i was tinkin on tues n thurs, we will b speakin usin soft voices 2 d kids, but on wed n fri we will b doin our kiai n puttin an immense amount of determination 2 get things right 4 kendo... HIHIHI pretty opp frm each other -voice usage wise- bt i guess tat is where we cn find a balance... bt d same basis could b obtained frm these two commitments: responsibility and d shapin of one's personality 2 b better frm yesterday ^^*

Friday, October 16, 2009

6th Practice

2day is d 6th practice.. cant believe it... it feels kinda shockin 4 it 2 b d 6th.. bt d pace is pretty fast... well.. some of us bought shinai for our own usage.. and somehow d women shinai was out of stock rite after i paid eric-senpai.. LOL so instead i used takumi-senpai's high school shinai... as what takumi-senpai kindly told me as he walkd me bck home, his shinai in high school is d same wif d women shinai used in uni level... so yeah.. n u bet its waaayyy lighter than bokun *well.. mayb i exaggerated a lil bit bt well.. its stil lighter ^^*

it has been rainin d whole day *it still is* it ws rainin durin class, aftr class, on d wat 2 ima, bck frm ima... it was pretty weird 4 it 2 b rainin d whole day... n well... i guess it was pretty hard 4 damon-senpai 2 get a box of shinai frm his car 2 216.. he was *x 2 d exted of soaked* bt pretty wet by d time he got there... i feel pretty sorry 4 him esp since it was *trust me* heavy... n well.. his voice was *close to* gone.. x tat it was as bad as when i lose mine *gosh, i dun wanna lose mine.. it was pretty mch annoyin when u hv a lot 2 say bt u cant say it cz it hurts n d -x d words- bt voice wont come out... it sounds as if i am whispering.. it wasnt 2 tat extend.. bt well.. he was more silent *esp projection of voice wise* than usual..

n yeah.. today was double activity as well... swimmin n kendo.. n nw i feel so sleepy n hv a feelin i mite get down wif a cold if im x careful... gotta drink warm water.. hot soup ^^ -more dumpling soup comin up!!!- n well.. healthy, less salt, less oil, etc.. haihzz.. sounds a lil bit like hospital food.. bt well.. if its 4 my own good.. i guess its gonna b worth it ^^

so yeah.. 2day i practiced with shinai in d beginning n hit another shinai.. i tink i was practicing with sung-senpai.. if im x mistaken... d prob is i tink 2 much.. n when i concentrate on my foot *cz acc 2 sung-senpai, my left food din move tat much* my swing gets pretty slow and shows hesitation... n if i start 2 stop thinkin tat much.. my left feet does x move tat much.. bt after being reminded.. then it started moving LOL

aftr practice, then we went with sensei to 316 and we used our bokun again.. practice on footwork, men, kote and do... and yeah.. a lot of explanation happened a long d way.. oh yeah.. n then we practiced with a partner with our bokun.. x swinging bt well.. jz feet movement.. while holding komai, we were spose 2 'push' our partner/opponent to d mirror/window.. bt x 2 d point of hitting them *honestly, i was soo worried of hittin d window tat i did a lot of hesitation.. it feels weird movin backwords w/out knowin where im headin.. LOL while most p r of my height, my last p was a guy who is like 1 head (or izit 2?) taller than me.. his bokun was higher than my head that it was pretty hard 4 me 2 c.. LOL *oh yeah... was cnfrmd my height is 154cm... LOL .. its been that height since i was 15 i tink.. LOL*

ok.. so d old blister is getting larger *again* i shud consider gettin tape soon.. LOL i keep on 4gettin... n i tink cz i was forcing my left foot 2 move durin warm up.. i got another one at my toe.. i guess that shows that my footin was pretty off... gotta practice more on tat i tink.. i hope i hv time 2 prac at least on my own over d wend bt well.. i havent even done my eng/hist assign (its alredi there.. bt x refined), 2 lab assign, 1 lecture assign, hist reading... LOL it sounds pretty much bt here i am... wastin *pretty much* my time.. i need 2 get at least d eng assign n lab 3 done b4 sun nite.. b4 zombieland ^^ or ill feel guilty about watchin a movie while my assign lay abandoned.. *lol..*

i guess my studio window shud nvr b left open as wide as i am leavin it nw.. mayb d chill is gettin at me.. n well.. i met end up gettin a flu if i brilliantly keep on doin tis... oh yeah... neways.. my body always hurt b4 n after kendo.. bt during.. it doesnt hurt tat much.. yeah, i get tired bt well ^^ guess we gotta b pretty determined when we hv set our own goals ^^ even if its a small one... frm experience, d small things in life is d basis of d bigger achievements which comes in d future.. so dun gv up any of ur goals/dreams *though at times it is unavoidable* bt jz keep on movin, x matter wat d obstacle is.. sure, ull do great in d end... those kinda stuff is wat make one mature and wiser in life.. so, go 4 it.. even if it sounds silly 2 others.. bt it mite b really beneficial 4 urself ^^

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

5th Practice

today is pretty much a physical activity marathon... not reli a straight marathon thingy bt i did double activities today.. no 1, def kendo n well.. a few hours right b4 kendo was swimming.. tnx 2 ching n manny... well.. i went.. n practically felt like an idiot cz its been ages since i last swam... slow is one thing... improper breathin technique is another.. LOL guess a lot of practices need 2 b done... and well.. almost got leg cramp before going out of d pool.. bt thnk goodness it was under control... manage 2 stop it b4 it happened! ^^ made a few rounds n well... got ching 2 learn hw 2 float *bt failed misreably* n i felt more miserable after tat.. d depression start as soon as my bag was full of things... *gosh, i need 2 wash my swim suit again...* it is stil in a lump in my bag... LOL i just got bck... n im hungry n sleepy.. n im eatin cereal.. cz i cant sleep wif an empty stomach.. XD

ok so after swimmin for like 1 hour... then manny n ching was like in a hurry 2 meet up yi en cz they r signin up 4 d family plan thingy.. so now.. IM D ONI ONE WOUT A NO! YAY! :) it will come.. one day.. when i get my own XD bt well... i havent reli see a need for that.. so well.. it can wait... though im lookin 4ward 2 get it.. there is a reason y im holdin bck.. n i guess tat reason shall lie within me unless some1 is brilliant enuf 2 list down d reasons 4 me :) n i shall tell ya whether its wrong or right.. :)

ok bck 2 wat i did.. i was in d locker room like for 1.5 hours.. LOL... i ended up fallin asleep in d changin room.. LOL i was waitin for my prayer time n fell asleep by accident... LOL... n then i woke up n continue readng history.. LOL gotta catch up :) ok n then i was lingerin around n around 630 i went up... ok gym 216 was stil occupied... i bumpd into damon-senpai n i cant rmmbr who is d other one... *gosh, short term memory* n well.. even 316 has peepz inside.. so we do need 2 wait outside.. obvi, n start chatterin around.. lets jz say d reason im x as chattery as usual was bcoz i am pretty xhausted n stil sleepy... i guess my voice wasnt as cheery as its spose 2 b n my thoughts were driftin away... like im in a dream land LOL bt yeah.. i was pretty xhausted n couldnt really smile like i wan 2... its gonna b d same tis fri... bt i tink ill b more capable of controllin myself tis fri cz its x d 1st time :) self control is very important.. my mind n soul wasnt particularly wif me tonite.. a part of myself was pretty off... i hv been thinkin of somethin which i myself am x sure wat izit.. i noe sounds crazy.. bt tat is hw it is... i feel crappy by admittin tat...

nevertheless.. my beautiful blister is gettin bigger... LOL it pretty much hurts bt wat i realize is tat if i were 2 4get bout it n put my mind on d movement of both feet n swing... it kinda felt painless.. *c, d power of psych* LOL bt it did work.. so yeah.. bt d point 2 get me concentrate isnt tat ez.. bt x matter wat... im gonna try my best in gettin it done.. so yeah.. we did do, men, kote, sayu men, n i 4got wats d name of d other one... n well.. im tryin my best 2 rmmbr as many vocab as i cn... as much as i cn.. 2 make things ezier 4 me.. n perhaps, tis fri i cn get my shinai frm damon-senpai.. LOL lets jz hope i dun 4get bout d money ^^

we did a new game 2day wif marsten-sensei... lolz.. pushin 4ward (moving) n then sdnly 2 do d attack step... i got my swings all mixed up cz of that... n was pretty disoriented... LOLZ bt well.. guess that will happen.. xpected it.. bt im gonna try my best 2 get over it :) i jz ate 2 bowls of cereal.. cz im pretty ravenous... LOL.. OMG i havent clean up my dinner tupperware.. need 2 get my shower, prayer n then sleep... 2mr wake up early... puasa again.. last day 4 puasa 6 ^^ YAY!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

4th Practice

I noe its late at night now... bt im changing my sleep time just 4 2day... instead of sleeping nw.. ill b sleepin after subuh... i guess my sleepiness has seemed 2 past n im gonna b extremely tired after subuh.. so ill take tat time 2 sleep well.. n nw i shall concentrate on my 1st draft *a lil* n do some primary sources reading... its x crazy, reli, 2 study at wee hours... esp since 2mr is a sat ^^

so yeah.. d 4th practice.. a new sensei came over and he was alone in training both the seniors and d juniors... he practically made us take turns 2 practice our foot work.. n YAY!! A BIG FAT BLISTER HAS APPEARED!! ^^ in a way i am kinda glad its there.. it does make my feet move faster.. LOL oni my right foot is stil kinda nice.. n clean... xcept 4 d fact that d ankle is x reli in favor at d mo...

so what we did was to practice our feet work *i 4got wat it is called but i should be able 2 recognize it once I hear it again.. I noe it starts wif an s* we had fun 2day n lots of laughs.. though i was suppressing them into a smile.. n yeah... my warm up was pretty weird 2day..LOL... facing d wrong directions.. LOL bt yeah... we did a lot of movements n well.. i mite b able 2 practice in my room *owh whoeva is stayin below my apartment, thousand apologies 4 d feet stomping -if u hear them-* im very glad i had a studio apartment... cn practice at my own leisure time without worryin bout knockin humans *bt well.. knockin wall is inevitable*

so well.. after d practice, all *umm.. mostly perhaps* went 2 d bubble tea shop.. gosh... i 4got d name.. yujin mayb.. lol... short term memory... XD xixi is d kendo club known photographer... she was practically snapping away all night long! ^^ and i was listening n talking 2 a lot of peepz as well.. *i guess tatz one of d few things i could do* talkd 2 many bt dun rmmbr many names.. my bad.. sori guys... bt ill work hard 2 memorise as many as possible as soon as possible... so yeah.. yuni *hmm. i tink tis is d right name* was filled wif uw kenshins.. LOL damon senpai was, i tink, reli happy 2 c d increase in no of kenshins tis quarter... well.. i tink evry president would b happy 2 c d increasin size of his/her society... but that doesnt mean we could slack off.. it means we must tink of a way 2 establish ourself in uw... it wouldnt b ez.. bt well.. when we unite, i guess everytin is close to being possible though it mite take time :)bt if we r able 2 hv faith in each n evry one in d society, i believe we could do it ^^

we were talkin all nite long til d shop almost closed... LOL we only started movin out after Damon senpai told us 2 get a move.. bt well.. we din reli head bck tat soon... we were all then gathered in front of d door and started talkin again... n yeah, Damon senpai sent me bck home cz it was past midnite n all... i am SERIOUSLY bad wif roads *n driving* so yeah.. i dun reli noe which are d one way roads.. bt i roughly noe which r they.. bt i cant guarantee tat my info is right... thank goodness he knows d road.. LOLZ *tis is one of d major things which i cant do* n well.. here i am nw... so called on d path 2 gettin my assignments done.. half of it at least.. :) get 2 work ^^

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

3rd Practice

Ok.. d 3rd renshu juz passed today... :) it was more tiring than b4 n sumhow 'miraculously' my right ankle was aching on d way 2 d ima.. howeva, i braced myself *lol* n stil continued d lesson... my right ankle is feelin a lil bit worse nw bt well.. i hope its gonna b fine wif some ointments n things like tat.. tis always happen i tink.. it happened several times ^^

so what happened 2day.. more feet movement.. another thing.. LOL my alertness level is pretty bad i guess.... or mayb its cz i focus on other things n kinda 4get bout certain other things.. like my feet positions, my komai n things like that... d bokun position as well.. gotta buck up on tat side.... n i will try my best 2 pay more attention 2 evry single details in kendo as much as i cn.. n i will try my best 2 improve during evry single lesson *ill gv it my best shot ^^* thought improvement mite not come within split second, i hope at least it would do me some gud at least at d end of tis quarter ^^

more peepz r comin into kendo 2day... n most probably 2day is gonna b d last day of new intakes... tatz wat Marsten-sensei said.. mayb :) well... had a looonnnggg practice day 2day.. it felt longer 2day 4 certain reasons.. hmm... n b4 goin bck.. talkd a bit 2 Damon-senpai.. din go 4 iaido.. followed a new group of fwenz bck home ^^ it is RELI nice of them to walk me bck home.. reli reli nice ^^

n tis fri after practice, there will b a bubble tea nite... ^^ did i mention my mum was dead worried bout me x gettin bck though it was l8..after xplainin she was fine wif it ^^ tis fri gonna b l8 as well, i guess ^^ thank goodness 2mr class dun start at 830.. so i cn sleep again after sahur n subuh... get a lil bit more rest than usual i guess... n yeah.. relax my right feet which is x workin tat well.. my left is as expected..aching n blistering.. *x shocking* bt well.. d prob is nw my righty.. we'll c hw things goes... praying it will b fine :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

D Shoreline Trip

LOL. yeah..i went 2 shoreline 2day... 2 d central market, 2 b more specific.. *lolz.. thinkin back.. i shud hv gone 2 uwajimaya first cz its nearer...* bt well.. that is where i went 2day.. n it was a LOOONNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG but meaningful trip.. 4 various reason...

i woke up super late 2day cz sumhow after subuh i felt pretty exhausted stil... *bt my legs r no more hurting YAY!* n i took d 216 bus on 31 to aurora ave *i tink* n sumhow i missed my transit bus which is bus 5... not long b4 i arrive at d bus station, d bus passed by me *LOLZ* so, i gotta wait 4 d next bus.... sumhow.. d next 5 was not headin 2 shoreline.. bt its goin 2 northgate transit.. so there i was tinkin.. mayb i shud jz go bck cz its alredi 3 plus... wel... bt i thought tat would b a waste of time n since i rmmbrd at metro website that i cn go 2 shoreline frm northgate transit, so yeah.. i made up my mind 2 continue my journey despite not knowing which bus 2 go on.. *4 real*

arrived at d transit n well.. searched 4 a map n chckd which one heads 2 shoreline... there i met a Halmoni.. who helped me throughout d journey.. d bus driver almost got me goin d wrong direction when d halmoni told her 2 call me again 2 head d other side 2 go on 358... during d whole journey on 345 d halmoni told me of her story.. her 5 siblings din want her nemore.. all of them r in south korea... n its due 2 d fact that none of them have been in touch wif each other.. hence, lost contact... well, one of her son is here in seattle... while d other has passed away 7 years ago at the young age of 20.. yeah, i hv problems understanding what she is saying at times.. but well, d message did come across.. as she was talkin bout her deceased son, i tink there were tears in her eyes... n she admitted she stil misses him... that is what we call as mother's love.. never ending :) n neways, she is 66.. she now stays in an old folks home sumwhere at aurora...

after gettin on 358 im stil at a lost on where d market is.. so i askd d kind driver 2 tell me when 2 stop.. all smiles he said he would inform me when i shud get down... n its as if it was fated that i met another lady who helped me 2 get 2 d market... as d driver waved at me 2 get off d bus d lady offered me to go wif her 2 d market... she is joan, btw.. :) a nice lady.. reli nice.. like d halmoni :) if i were alone.. i am pretty sure ill b walkin around aimlessly searchin 4 d market.. LOLZ cz its not exactly opposite d bus stop.. bt well.. since we went 2gether.. i managed 2 get 2 it... n she told me bout another asian market by d name of H&T i tink.. bt i did write it down in my book.. n i took joan's email.. *gud 4 me* n she told me that it was brave of me 2 b travellin far on my own *LOL.. its kinda fun i tink* bt she did tell me that if i wanna noe hw 2 go newhere, i can just buzz her.. *she is soo kind!* n then, we set of our own ways in d market...

d market is RELI big!!! d biggest i have enterd yet ere :) n i bought some fishes, prawn, squid, seafood n vege dumplings, wonton mee n yakisoba :) gosh, i dunno wat im gonna do wif all those bt well.. it would serve me well for d whole month i guess... i hope it would last tat long... n i noe it would if i stop myself frm eating loadz of food over d weekends n yeah! i bought my 1st snack!! baby fishies biscuit!! i ate them b4 in msia.. n i found them again!! i was SOO xcited when i saw tat on d shelves.. LOL... i was smiling all d way... n i tink i bough spinach pizza as well.. i hope it tastes as good as hw it was back in swiss :)

on d way back.. took 358, 345 *ouch, nw im x sure whether it was 345 or 354* n then 66 bck home... n as soon as i got bck.. whipped up some dinner n well.. here i am! on9!! :) more work 2 do 2nite... better get movin! :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

2nd Practice

Today (Fri) is the 2nd practice or shall I say, lesson, with Elizabeth Sensei and Damon Senpai... it is realy tiring cz well... d ache frm wed havent healed yet n here i am puttin more pressure on my muscles.. bt since we were allowed 2 do it at our own pace... it doenst hurt tat much ^^ reli nice of them 2 allow us 2 do so ^^

D other day we learnt Komai *i tink thatz hw its spelled* and d basic feet movement of d feet for kendo... and also a lil bit of sword swinging and incorporate it with basic feet movement.. as 4 today.. it was d attack feet movement and at d end of d day *b4 we go down n c senpai-tachi having their renshu Damon-senpai thought us 2 incorporate the swinging wif d attack feet movement. pretty tough while thinkin bout ur feet moving faster and gettin d swing stable n all.. well, i guess i did it pretty slowly.. LOL i reli reli reli hope things will get better as d weeks pass by :)

What Damon-senpai said 2day was pretty cool... kendo is x bout using ur energy but about controlling ur sword... i guess its kinda true cz if u put 2 much force in it..u mite end up hurting urself rather than ur opponent n there is a high chance that he/she mite take advantage of tat situation... well, bottom line is, always b in control of everytin u do :) n well, another fact which Damon-senpai told me was.. usually around 75% drops Kendo... LOL i hope i would be one of d 25% though in msia 2 practice kendo would b kinda hard cz its not popular as others like taekwondo or karate.. hence, kendo dojo is almost never in sight.. *sighs* but nvm.. ill try 2 search one i guess n get myself work out there even after graduating ^^

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

1st Practice

As soon as I entered, i was almost like.. am i reli gonna do tis? LOL and yeah.. i survived d 1st nite.. d 1st class... my body is hurting but i guess its all part n parcel of d practice... im very certain as soon as im used 2 it.. d pain would go away :D *though i might suffer walking around campus 2mr wif an aching left leg... LOL* but i tink its gonna b worth it :D

im d oni malaysian there *im pretty certain tatz d case* but well, i din feel a bit left out :) i guess all of us are treated equally n i am pretty eager n look 4ward 2 d next class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wat we did today was something 2 do wif d footing n movement.. *crap.. i 4got wat its called..* bt i rmmbr komai :D its a gud thing at least i rmmbr one name... but at least i do rmmbr d steps which was taught despite not rmmbrng d names.. LOL nevertheless! ill try my best i guess and if my best is x enuf than ill try harder till my limits *not 2 d point of getting myself injured badly or netin bt 2 put in more effort than ive ever put into anythin* ^^

YAY for new activities and experiences :D

Saturday, August 29, 2009

my autobiography???

Once you've been tagged, Fill this out IN YOUR OWN WORDS and re-post as, "My Autobiography" ... And use your own answers, not anyone else 's.

1. Where did you take your profile pic?
~ d one in d blog is in mcd d one in fb is at skyn/s hse! :D
2. What exactly are you wearing right now?
~ t-shirt n track
3. What is your current problem?
~ ate 2 much???
4. What makes you happy most?
~ fwen n fam time, watch anime!! :D
5. What's the name of the song that you're listening to?
~ Love in d ice, dbsk
6. Any celeb you would marry?
~ LOL... none crossed my mind..
7. Name someone/persons with the same birthday as you:
~ dunno wor.. bt i noe one jr have d same as mine..but 4got who.. huhu
8. Ever sang in front of a large audience?
~ oh yeah..... when i was 7.. :P
9. Has anyone ever said you looked like a celebrity?
~ nah... im too unique *in a gud way* 2 b like any of them.. :P too cute 2 b a celeb :D
10. Do you still watch kiddy movies or kiddie TV shows?
~ YEAH!!!
11. Do you speak any other languages than English?
~ Malay (obvi), korean n jap *ere n there*
12. Has anyone you've been really close passed away? Yes
~ yes
13. Do you ever watch MTV?
~ yeah.. sometimes...
14. What's something that really annoys you?
~ procrastination, ignorance *though i do tat at times 2..*

Chapter 1
1. Middle name: NA
2. Nickname(s): Fafa??
3. Current location: study room..
4. Eye color: Brown

Chapter 2
1. Do you get along with your parent(s): YUP!! :)
2.Are your parents married/separated/divorced?: Married la weyh.. :)

Chapter 3: Favorites
1. Ice Cream: go vanilla!! its my fav!! oh yeah.. d sours ones too :D
2. Season: winter n spring :) autumn too.. :) bt my fav is winter..
3. Shampoo/conditioner: currently usin loreal
4. Favorite Thing: lappy, mp3, ipod

Chapter 4: Do You..
1. Dance in the shower? : nah....
2. Do you write on your hand? hehehe..its a habit :D
3. Call people back? : if necessary...
4. Believe in God? yes! :)
5. Any bad habits? lol..temper... *almost evry noes rite??*
6. Any mental health issues? cn b reli gila at times :D

Chapter 5: Have You..
1. Sprained stuff? ankle :D
2. Had physical therapy? nope...
3. Gotten stitches? hmm..yeah... eh.. no it wasnt stitched.. almost got it though
4. Taken painkillers? oh yeaaahhhh
5. Gone scuba diving or snorkeling? nope...
6. Thrown up at the dentist? nope...
7. Sworn in front of your parents? oh no.... eh.. mayb yeah.. d minor ones.. in a jk manner, btw
8. Had detention? NEVA! :D

Chapter 6: Who/What was the last
1. Three people who texted? sonsengnim
2. Person you called? lol.. cant rmmbr... i tink d money changer.. LOL
3. Person you hugged? ngimmi
4. Person you tackled? none..
5. Person you talked to on MSN? khairil...
6. Thing you touched? keyboard
7. Thing you ate? oxtail soup :D
8. Thing you drank? tea
9. Thing you said? detective conan!! YEA!!!!!
10. Friend you saw ytd (12am-12am)? aiyoo.. i was at home d whole time...


Saturday, July 25, 2009

4 d 1 week of not bein at home... LOL

heeee so d whole of last week i was at kampung in mamabau at n9.. its my mum's side btw.. i stayed at my aunt n uncle's hse which are practicaly steps away frm my grams hse... :) *nevertheless, there r days i din visit grams.. ~evil cucu~*

ok so d main stuff which i did was torture my cuzins *study laaaa...* n then cook n wed onwards bcome a part time babysitter LOL not forgettin my 2nd round of fushigi yuugi which i watched frm d dvd which i bough last month *i tink* LOL i noe i luv dat anime.. n intending 2 buy d other ovas'.. d 2nd n 3rd i tink :) xcited 2 get them if i hv d time.. if x d 1 i hv now is gud enuf i tink... n due 2 tat anime.. im listening 2 loadz of luv songs.. lol... i jz realized hw i fancy luv songs... both slow n fast... :) *well, d fast isnt exactly metal like* :) its jz soothing.. i tink :)

durin d course of bein a mini babysitter.. i got d xperience of bein a housewife lol... reli, no joke.. its damn tiring.. u c.. u gotta hurry 2 get d meal done 4 my cuzins who jz got bck frm school n my uncle frm work, while at d same time make sure tat young kid doesnt stray away frm home. make sure he is clean, got enuf rest, got his milk, feed him, put him 2 bed.. attend 2 him when he starts cryin 4 reasons which i seriously hv no idea wat izit about... n then nk dukung lg.. nk pangku lg.. nk pet spi tido lg... lol.. d putin him 2 bed part is such a torture... evrytime i try 2 put him 2 bed in d evening i ended up fallin asleep as well... *c, its tiring u noe takin care of small kids n doin d housework.. ini pun x full blast lg*

i oso did my medical check up at columbia asia hospital.. well, d nurses r reli kind bt i wouldnt say d mo r kinda, well.. not reli warm.. lets jz say i wasnt reli at ease wif d doctor... i guess it is tiring 2 b smiling all d time.. bt well, a smile, jz a simple one would brighten up d envi despite d sumwat melacholic envi of d hospital.. :) no joke, reli :)bt well, it wasnt a bad xperience... overall it was fine :)

nw july is sayin gudbye n august peekin in.. it means my time ere is gettin shorter.. gosh, i pray 4 myself 2 b prepared physically, emotionally n mentally.. :) hope things goes fine n tat all of us would have a taste of success in our future :D

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Untitled 2

Life is a mysterious journey; path unknown and ending unexpected.
The ending of one episode of our life indicated the beginning of another.
Though the beginning might be sober, the path might be just the opposite.
As us, humans, dream of big things: Successful career, luxurious life, high salary
We forget the true meaning of life.
We forget what a smile would do to us.
How it could move the cloudy days away, with only a sincere smile from our loved ones.
As we try to catch the stars, we leave imprints on the soil.
For every step we take, we leave a memory behind.
Each step, a new journey.
Each step, a new environment.
Each step, a new realization.
Which in turn, brings in experience and humility.
And at the end, makes us a person seen by others as who we are today: for better or worse.
An imprint and a memory, not only to the soil, or solely to our self souls but also to those around us.
Be it hated or loved, liked or dislike, we made an impression.
An impression which could last a life time.
Even as the years would have clouded our old memory of childhood, if we were to have a true memory, a true companion in life, the best thing which we would remember,
The things which we would miss most...
Is no other than their smile, which brought kindness and warmth to the frozen and wounded soul of ours.

Friday, May 15, 2009

btn 11-15 mei telah berakhir...

ok so today is 15th which marks d last day of btn and currently all of us hv gone bck n preparing ourselves for d xtra sleep due to d lack of sleep n rest frm btn... *hw long did we sleep? around 5 hours? lackin 3 hours of sleep.. XD* sakit2 badan btl la.. bknnye psl btn rasenye.. mmg sblm btn pun dh sakit2.. hehehe pas2.. wak2 kat btn rupenye sy sudah mendapat rashes yg menyebabkan kegatalan kulit.. aiyo.. kot esk msh byk lg mende ni kene amik injection la plak b4 it spreads... tp cm ala2 dh spread je.. XD

hmm.. wak2 kat btn.. mmg x bw hp ke mane2. ade terperuk dlm blik dlm beg sandang yg dipasang padlock.. hahaha 2 yg mls nk bw.. cz kene unlock n all.. cm leceh.. so, bw hp kuar btl2 wak2 nk tido je cz pasang alarm *2 pun x gune gakz cz ari khamis ngan jumaat mmg x tepat wak2 bangun.. ade kot bgn 30min lmbt dr time yg diset.. hahaha* kesimpulannya x byk gambar n mgkn nk dptkan gambar2 dr sape2 yg ade gambar.. hehehe pencuri gambar yg sah.. XD

1st impression bile berkumpul kat dewan wak2 first2 spi.. x de la garang sgt fasci2 nih.. n mmg terbukti pun.. doran tegas tp baik ati.. :) x de pun bebel2 sgt kat kitorang spnjg dok 5 hari.. ceramah mmg la ngantok spt biase... tp tahan jeee.. nnt kat uni ntah camne la plak nk tahan berjam2 dlm kuliah.. hahaha perjuangan di medan kuliah... agak2 ramai gak ah yg syahid kot.. x tgk lg wak2 tazkirah. esp tazkirah subuh.. :) ramai yg kecundang.. hehehe

wak2 kat btn mmg evryday la mencuci.. 2 kali sehari.. 2 yg penuh je ampaian kat depan D2... sebahagiannye tlh dipenuhi olh kain2 budak yg mencuci dua kali sehari.. dh ah byk yg dicuci.. cik nu pun x mencuci sebanyakku.. HAHAHAHa *bangga* terserlah hobi mencuci kain spt kat kyuem dl.. XD kemas katil x sampai 1 min.. cz x gne blanky so betulkan posisi bantal cz tido sonsang.. hehehe btw, msk dlm group 3.. yg mempunyai 13 members: me, icha, paan, shainol, hilman, yote, azirah, zul, tai, foo, adzrin, am, yung. fasci2 adlh en izzuddin n en asyraf.. heeee best ah group 3.. dpt performance task kene nyanyi lg malaysia baru.. kot prnh dgr x pe gakz.. nsb zul tau pe lg 2.. kot x, habis ah kitorang sume huhuhu :) *tnx zul!*

LDK mmg best.. esp since icha is always active.. my rate of activeness depends on wat is happening.. bile rase cm nk senyap.. senyap je la.. bile rase stimulated utk ckp.. ckp laa.. hahaha btl2 depends on d environment n mood.. hahaha *burok tol perangai* n thn activity phy.. evryday de kawad in d morn n eve.. bt its kinda basic.. *bt byk gyle dh lupe dr ppim dl.. x layak nk train budak dh.. hahaha* pas 2 lutut skt gyle.. nk kawat btl2 pun x mampu cz kaki nk angkat around 45* mmg sakit gak ah.. bley je nk angkat tinggi2 bt kene tahan sakit ckit la...

n then ade kembara.. fusy.. cun gyle kembara.. msk hutan n asyik kene calar ngan paku pakis yg mencucuk je... luka gak ah jari bt ok je.. :) ckit je luke dia so x heran pun.. pas 2 nk pnjt2 akar pokok bakau... kot senang nk panjat x pe gakz... dh la licin.. tinggi lak 2.. nsb x terjelepok... XD pas 2 dh la initially jln laju sgt so terpisah dr d others... nsb ade zul, julianan ngan shainol... half way through.. jpa kaber ngan shamel plak.. *tnx gak kat dorang cz suro we all watchout about lubang kat depan tpt paya kecik 2* ko x confirm ah.. ade je yg tersangkut kat lubang.. n then jalan la blik ke kem... talkin bout kem.. d kem is clean n looks new... npk bersih n kemas.. tatz wat matters most.. so mmg puas ati la :)

n thn ade abseiling.. this is d most feared i guess initially.. hehehe mcm2 style ade yg bley ditonton wak2 org abseiling.. they started wif d guys so tgk gaye guys dl la.... n then bile gurls turn guys pttnye g main football tp ade je yg hang out kat c2 lg.. hihihihi so wat i thought was.. bile lg nk wt.. so wat je la.. since rahmah n i naik agak d same time so dpt la tgk drama rahmah nk wat abseiling... hahaha sungguh comel :)when it was my turn.. d fear was within me... n then cm turun secara separa sedar.. i dunno hw i control d rope or anytin like it.. wat i noe was i told myself things will b fine n tat i admitted fear 2 myself *hehehe* n then turun je la.. dlm otak mmg dh ingat pun ape mende kene wat utk turun ngan laju n slamat.. tp x sangka la bley wat btl2 XD mmg bersyukur sgt2 dpt wat btl2... kan rahmah! :)

n thn suddenly its time 2 go bck *despite b4 tat mmg la trase gak nk tido* mkn together 4 d last time.. jd tukang pegang pintu 4 d last time... hmmm its hard 2 part frm those ive known in btn but its harder to accept d fact tat i mite not meet d other adpians after tis *i will b goin 2 taylors though* bt its d fact tat v r no longer housemates, roommates *cik sya*, mangsa buli *cik tiup ah ni ngan cik nu*, etc pape pun.. tnx guys 4 evrytin..

despite d first impression of btn which is not totally positive, bt i tink ive gained a gud inside of wat btn is all about... i guess after i go 2 bed, rest n reorganize my thoughts.. id be able 2 put them in words better :)

Monday, May 4, 2009


i juz finished watching sumtin...
it made me think.........
think of things which hv long been at d bck of my mind...........
n im serious bout it.. *despite me being awfully cheerful, esp at d wrong time* XD

wat would life b without an aim n love?
wat would life b wihout family, companions n friendships?
would hatred n anger sustain till d end of our life?
izit tat hard 2 forgive? or izit harder 2 rmmbr d bad things in life?
even wif an aim.. r we gonna b able 2 fulfill it?

d life we r leading nw.. it could end in juz a blink of an eye...
n yet.. we neglect it.. n yet... we r not thankful 4 each second we go thru...
we ignore d small details in life.. bt iznt d small ones which make up d big things?

even sayin so, i noe im stil ignorant..
i 4get things around me.. hw precious it is.... til it gets out of sight..
like wat my dear kee hee once askd me..
y do we appreciate wat we hv only when it is gone..
n i guess i hv no perfect xplanation 4 tis..
even as i ponder bout tis matter... day by day...
i jz cant find an ans 2 d q..

whre do i stand at d mo?
i guess im stil searchin 4 d rite path...
wat im feeling nw...
d same as b4... mayb im empty inside...
mayb i.. am jz tinkin 2 much at d mo..
i cn b analytical when i wan 2
mayb im jz numb towards wat i truly feel..
i guess... after goin thru certain things...
u mite jz not b able 2 recognize ur true emotions nemore...
wat r my true wants n needs?
*thinking* -hehehe- i do noe some though..
n i shall keep it inside of me :) *ne1 wanna guess???*

u wont noe who i truly am
cz u noe oni who i wan u 2 noe... oni d part which i wan u 2 c...
any objections?

not 2 say i hv been dishonest all this time...
bt well... sumtimes i would question myself on wat i truly feel n tink..
am i leading d right path or am i jz convincing myself im at d right way...
bt no matter wat... i will go thru all n come bck in one piece.. :)
a better person than yesterday is wat i aim 4...
mayb i shud get 2 noe who i truly am b4 i cn ans this tiny q: who am i.. (mrs singh's fav q..) XD
n mayb when i am able 2 ans it precisely w'out hesitation..
tat is when i am wholly myself..

bt 1 thing i wan evry1 2 noe..
no matter wat were 2 happen... ill always b here 4 u guys... n girls XD
despite i cn b scary at times.. *esp in school.. isy3*
despite my seriousness yesterday cz i wanna b 1...
despite my playfulness 2day cz i wanna b 1...
if u need a shoulder 2 lean on... mine is always here *hehehe*
mayb i cn oni complete d quest after givin a piece of me 2 evry1..
who noes u mite c a clearer me...
n then i could complete d pic of me.. :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

me n.....

i tink approx 1 week b4 finals begin.. tibe2 sy angau... angau sgt2... semacam mengidam.. hmmm.... not a gud thing kan b4 d finals... but x pe... cik tiup menjadi mangsa utk mendengar sy membebel.... :) *tq cik tiup*

ngidam n angau bknnye ape... bknnye org yg sy mskdkn d cni.. tibe2 je trase ingin sgt nk g pasar beli ikan... :P n ade specific pasar plak 2... if its pasar yg sumwhere around here x pe gakz... mslhnye nk kene g pahang 2 nk beli ikan.. hahahaha *brape are dh pujuk my mum g pahang beli ikan.. i noe its ridiculous* its d pasar sumwhere near kuantan... x ingat wats d name of d place.. though its small, pasar ni mmg cool la utk beli ikan... d fishies r fresh n d price is cheap *btl... compared 2 cni.. isy3* mmg njoy tgk ikan kat c2.. cz dia kilat.. hehehe n looks nice.. n bile msk mmg sedap.. n dia keras2 lg *bkn keras freezer 2* n perut dia x lembik.. so best pilih.. :)

ok la.. pape pun... pasar kat subang nih mmg x prnh g sempena beli ikan.. d pasar behind 3K... cz d price cm mahal gak ah... n then x de la fresh mana.. kdg2 ikan kat mydin lg elok.. bt nw i cn assure u tat d fishies in both giant n mydin ssh btl nk dpt yg fresh.. slalu picit skit dh terkelur isi perut dia... insang x yah ckp ah.. warna brown... pas 2 cm lembik je d fishies.. nk beli pun x selera.. bt nk wat camne.. tatz wat we usually get here.. sob3

n then ari ni pas g wedding dekat2 masjid tanah in melaka n then my uncle ajak g pasar kat pengkalan ape ntah dkt melaka *i 4got..... suddenly! td in d car ingat jee..* n then dgn penuh semangatnye turun la g tgk pasar 2.. dgn harapan tinggi gunung cz dia pun tpt nelayan naikkan ikan.. *same like in pahang* n then.. tgk... not bad la d fishies.. kilat gak ah... bt sumhow cm x tertarik sgt dgn d fishies... huhu n then d price.. fuyooo.. gyle ah cekik darah.. at supermarket dpt kepala ikan around 7.90 kat sane 25.. gyle ah! mmg la if its cz its fresh it cn b higher bt x de la spi nk dkt dua kali ganda kot... huhu n another thing is tat even d fishmongers r not tat friendly.. ade ke suro pilih ikan cpt2 nnt nk potong.. kot ckp ngan senyuman x pe gak.. ni cm nk marah n mkn org je pndg... pas2 i tink i gv her a questioning n muka x puas ati ah care dia ckp.. trus dia senyum2 ckp lembut2 blik... adoisy ai.. bley pun ckp lemah lembut.. akn ttp... nasi sdh menjadi bubur :P

so tadi kat pasar 2 end up beli lala je... n thn g hospital putrajaya... :) c my new baby nephew!!! name = undecided yet... he is sooo cute n adoorable... so small.. my palm is as big as his face.. MUAHAHAHAHAHA bt he is soo tiny n since he is born 6 weeks earlier, so i can oni c him frm behind d glass.. bt comel n adorable sgt.. :) so despite frustrated ngan d pasar thingy, i tink d baby have lifted d frustration over n well... heee cant wait 2 hold d baby! kene tgu dia release frm d hospital... my cuzin look extremely happy n his wife pun... npk manja btl la cuzinku ngan wifenye... :) they look reli gud 2gether... well.. i wish them all d happiness in d world.. n then jpa uncle rahman yg suke pet my head *heee rase cm budak2 blik :)* n aunty ha yg mmg suke manjakan sume :) heee luv seeing them again! n nw, fill my time wif kdrama! :D *n study korean... huhuu ade test soon!!!!!*

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Menatap Wajahnya (i)

Si kecil nirmala,
Wajah putih, jiwa kudus,
Berlari-lari sendiri,
Mencari suatu yang hilang,
Suatu bernama kasih,
Suatu bernama sayang,
Di balik kabus peluru liar,
Dan saat itu,
Suara si kecil ceria,
Menjadi sendu yang panjang,
Kidung kasih berkumandang sayu,
Si mukaddas yang mencari,
Dimamah si buta liar,
Iblis bertopeng insan,
Menyembah bumi sebuah jasad.

of winter 2009

tis is actually a continuity of d holz thing... cz as i read thru it again, i realized tat there r a few things which i 4got 2 add on... hehehe

my tagline is *pijak kan* *sepak kang* n well.. almsot evrybody dh kene including d guys.. hehehe tp ade syarat nk sepak.. if sepak guys, kene pakai kasut if gurls bukak kasut... lembut skit.. XD *ye x cik fatin?* irfan slalu je kene sepak... hahaha *cian dia, sabar je la ye en irfan...* but mane ade gurl lain sepak guys depan2 cam 2 kan... hehehe biar la sy jd org pertama n terakhir *fuuyoooo*

next we go into d class times... im noisy in d wrong classes... bio n maths... phil confirm2 ah... once, fizree was doin a presentation on does god exist frm islamic perspective... n sum1 *tay kot* off d lights... all! n then secara naturalnye i said "OOOOOOOOOOOO like watching movie!" *bodo gyle* n then mrs singh was shocked tat she pat me on d bck.. hahaha *merepek btl myself in phil, slalu ketawa x bertempat* n then we go 2 d LAN class. malaysian as usual la.. wat do u expect... bt islamic is always very interesting 2 watch evry1...

on d last class.. all of us gv each other our last advice *hmm..* n it was kinda touching.. n then when zarina cried.. lg la terharu... ill definitely miss all of u.. i wouldnt trade even a single 1 of u wif ne1 else.. cz if tat happens, our class wouldnt b d same nemore.. rite? rahmah n qil hobi dorang tya soalan... i rmmbr one of rahmah's ade kene mengena dgn dinosaur.. hahaha *syg la x ingat in details* n then satu lg psl d communism.. hahaha.. rahmah menyokong communism n dia terkene ngan ustaz.. HAHAHA *nasib ade mahfuz yg bck her statment up psl communism is not d best method bt it is better than d others except for Islamic government* kwn dia yg dok blakang dia ckit kejam.. ketawa x hbs2... bkn nk tlg pun XD n qil ngan rahmah slalu je kena.. "let me finish first" *kan korang??* hahaha suke tgk u guysnye reaction bile dia ckp cam 2... obvi, ill b laughing at u guys.. *kejam* d guys on my right row slalu je tertido.. *ter ke????* mcm2 style bley tgk... *qil n rahmah ade d pics kan???* bile time tgk vid psl islam on terrorism lg la.... siap ade yg kene kejut... :) n then ade je soalan2 pelik yg akn ditanya *though x bley dinafikan mahfuz's questions r interesting 2 ponder upon* bt ade la certain q spt:

"ustaz, if dh ade 4 isteri.. sume menopaus, bley x kahwin sorang lg?"
"tangkap basah ngan khalwat 2 lain kan?... dah 2, ape yg basah?" (-.-")
"kalau saya kasi kawan sy rokok sy, 2 kira jihad x? sbb sy syg dgn rokok 2" -sumtin like tat-

these r d q yg slalu aje i rmmbr jz 2 make me laugh.. cm lawak gyle... *sape ek tya soalan2 nih??* XD n thn bile tido dlm kelas 2.. fuyoo.. rahmah tido tegak... *ingat lg Qil citer rahmah tido sbl main ps3, balut hadiah* ganas ah rahmah tido! kot kat umah plak... rahmah if dh tertido awal.. mmg suke pesan kejutkan dia.. *cik com ah mangsa* n then bile cik sya kejut... slalu mintak tangguh... *kan rahmah?* cam masa cedera mintak masa xtra 10 min.. ade skali 2 cik com ngan kak li renjis air kan??? XD *tat time sy baik x kcu rahmah.. ko x i join jugakz!* but bkn rahmah je ssh nk kejut.. cik tiup pun same jee... *tat is d oni time pgl dia hasanah* XD cz kot pgl cik tiup x terjaga.. hehehe kot tido sblm mandi 2.. farah g la maghrib dl... dh bgn dh ni.. pas2 cover kepala ngan towel *ye sgt ah 2 dh bgn* bile study plak... "Cik tiup, jgn study baring.. letak bantal jauh2.. nnt tertido" x caye lak ape yg sy ckp.. wat gak.. x lame pas 2.. sah2 tido! XD mmg ahhhh... nk kejut lg satu hal... hahaha last2 muke ni gak ah kene tlg dia kemas buku ngan laptop dia b4 i go 2 bed... n suro dia tido atas katil *hahaha ari 2 ajak cik tiup study kat lantai ~br best study dok ats lantai... br feel ckit!*

n then ari 2 bile sy terbangun lewat. sume ingatkan jam masing2 slah! hahaha nasib cik sya kejut..*630 kot wak2 2* trus bgn *sempat 2 naik bus 650!* jpa kat kolej... cik com: "tadi bangun tgk farah tido lg.. tgk jam dh kul 6.. ingatkan jam salah.. msh kul 4 lebih" cik rai pun kot ingatkan jam salah.. hahaha gyle ah! agaknye 630 dh cerah 2 yg yakin jam dorang betul kot.. yg muke ni terlajak tido XD ari 2 mandi mmg super xpress ah.. siap pun x yah ckp ah... tp ckp psl mandi kn... i noe ade 2 org dlm umah 2 yg mandi agak lama.. sorang cik tiup*45 min! ape ntah dia wat* n satu lg rahmah *y? cz ingat lg sue ade skali 2 ketuk bilik mandi ntah brape kali ntah suro rahmah cepat skit XD* kan kan rahmah???

kot tgk tv plak... x many stories la.. bt tgk kak li tgk keliwon best! XD dh la wat announcement keliwon dh nk start.. ajak sume tgk ngan dia... bile sume hilang nk amik mende.. "weyh, jgn ah tinggalkan aku sorang2" hahaha dan kami pun muncullah kembali.. n then.. bile ade skali 2 satu part yg ade darah cz hantu 2 cam gigit org 2... kak li org pertama yg tutup mata cm nk guling2 pun ade XD *mane cik nu ek tat time.. tgk cik nu pun best!* cik nu lg sorang la best tgk bile ade citer hantu.. hahaha comel gyle... n then ill b laughing my heads off *jahat*

kak li juga adlh pelawat tetap A0702... dia suke guna pingan mangkuk org n then ade ke x nk basuh... pas 2 lepas kene bebel kak li pun insaf dn cuci pinggan mangkuk yg digunakan.. HAHAHAHA *sape la yg bebel kak li 2... isy2.. kejam* n then barang2 hiasan kat umah mmg rahmah adlh plg rajin utk bw mende *despite sy yg tgl plg dekat* hehehe byk gyle brg cik rahmah d c2.. tgk2 brg 2 terbayang wajah rahmah * chheeewwwaaaahhh! bangga x rahmah??*

hmmm ade lg pttnye bt x teringat... nk makan dulu! ill hv tis whole holz 2 tink bout wat we did during dis sem.. :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

wwwwwwwwwwooooooooooooahhhhhhhhh holz!

hahaha at last its holz season 4 taylors adp-ians.. we hv struggled this whole sem wif new subjects, new classmates, but d same old super spirited mates.. :) *cool, eh* so lemme summarize a few things which happened tis sem...

met a lot of new peepz n practically realized a lot of things which i din realize last sem.. same people but our relationship is different... we grew closer n more attached *kan cik fiz!!* i got 2 noe fizree! my phil classmate.. hehehe n i got 2 kembangkan nick name hasanah @ cik tiup *bersyukur dia x de fb.. ko x abis ahhh* n disebabkan cik tiup x puas ati i dun hv a nick she gave me 1 *cik fafa* trime je la... ape lg ye we did tis sem.. i realized n got 2 noe more peez tis sem... n my hands r always cold b4 islamic studies... huhuhu asl ntah... n then pinjam tangan nadia!! cz her hands r warm.. n i took her warmness away.. n then share lagu korea ngan cik tiup, cik fiz n mai! hehehe n then jap songs pun skali.. n dgr cik tiup bebel pasal suju.. huhuhu *peminat setia* n then lepak2 ngan kee hee.. n then kcu kee hee ngan cik tiup.. n then bersatu ngan kee hee. cik fiz. utk kcu cik tiup.. n then sy kene buli ngan cik fiz, kee hee ngan cik tiup *kejam ah* n then blik umah kene kcu ngan ain plak.. hahaha n then ade la satu ayat dr cik nu yg sy takkan lupe.. tgh jalan2 dlm bilik ngan kain telekung *habit.. pas maghrib x tanggal telekung.. tgu isyak trus* tibe2 dia berkate... "bagus ah 2.. sorang kain pelikat sorang kain telekung" nasib x tercekik dgr ayat cik nu... sabar je ahhh.. XD nk wat camne.. dh habit..

cik sya tis sem rajin tido d luar bilik.. *masalah rumah tangga XD* hahahaha apartmentku snts ade pelawat *cik rai, kak li, cik com* n kak li slalu kene bebel sbb mkn tom yam kerap sgt *weyh, jgn kot kite kuar pas ni mkn ari2.. if dpt report.. abis kak li kita pijak2* n then ade man ee yg suke menyakat org *bt slalu disakat juge* n then salah satu tugas sy adlah memicit cik com bile die ngantok tgh2 kelas econs! hahaha cik fiz jd vendor roti sementara XD n then tibe2 winter 09 comes 2 an end... hw time flies... though there r sum things which i havent achieved.. cz there r certain things which still make me think hw i could hv change it n certain things which i hope others would change 4 me.. hehehe *merepek* bt then... its over n i hope we will meet again soon! tnx sooo much all.. i will miss u guys soo much this 3 weeks :)

next... i cant help thinkin bout goin bck n lawat kyuem.. hehehe nk wat camne... tatz d place where i met u guys *skyn, bihah, umu, zatie, kak maji, muffin, zetot, etc* :) *if tulis d whole list, penuh mende nih* bile2 korang free do tell me... kite jpa kat mid la... :D wanna hear all d updates n d juicy gossips kat sane XD

2day is d 1st monday.. n skrang tgh start sesi housewife in traning *cheeewahhh* not reli though.. cz nk keep my allowance frm my parents n x feel guilty takin it.. so i assigned myself wif housechores.. so its no more allowance but my monthly salary XD things i need 2 do includes cooking, mop (alternate day), sapu, vacuum, ampai kain, cuci gune machine *bt kene practice gune dl.. tkt rosak kang. cz its a new washing machine* teach my sis and a couple of other responsible 4 almost all of these *though x semestinye kene siap all in 1 day* during weekdays.. weekends cuti! *but kene tlg gak ah* ~hahaha~ at least im training myself 2 not oni study bt 2 keep things in an organized manner which is definitely important in d future esp when i live on my own.. huhuhu x de ah sepah nnt my hse :)

so today i woke up at 8 *kira awal ah 2* n started my day wif ampai kain n mkn bfast yg ngimmi wat :) *nk blaja wat waffle la plak... lupe d recipe* n then masak... heee ari ni d main is not cookd by me cz ade lauk yg my mum's fwen kasi.. bt i cookd d rice *hehehe im a lousy tukang tanak nasi.. bt ari ni ok kot*, sambal telur hancur, n soo hoon n fu chuk msk kicap *tatau ape name dia actly*.. hehehe ngimmi kuar tis morn so i had d whole kitchen 2 myself... 2 yg bley nyanyi2 smbl masak.. HAHAHA *penambah perisa makanan* xcited sgt start msk blik.. it hs been quite sumtimes i hv cookd a meal on my own 4 d fam.. hehehe saje je msk smbl ari ni cz abah puasa.. hehehe slalunye kene mintak msk 2 br wat cz its not so healthy.. cz eggs r high in cholesterol kan.. hehehe bt though my dad suke ask me 2 put in santan *abah: it taste better* but i change it 2 milk.. hehehe *same je rase 2 me..* lookin 4ward 2 cookin lg 2mr.. hehehe nk msk assam kot esk.... bt msh apprentice lg.. cz dl mesti ade rase sumtin wrong.. haha ade skali 2 jd sambal ikan *sedih je x jd* n then my cookin class will resume wif my mum.. hehehe nnt senang! :) x de ah mkn ikan goreng je ari2 bile dok sorang.. *though i made a deal wif my mum ill b living wif her dgn syarat pas kahwin pindah ah ...but nk lawat ngimmi almost evry week gakz* hehehe

nw is d break... dh siap kemas bhgn bwh.. mop, sapu n all bt d upperpart of d hse is in a major mess.. huhuhu x vacuum, x kemas, x ape lg.. hehehe tp dh sakit pinggang la plak.. huhuhu pas 2 sakit gigi x hbs lg *man... cn d wisdom tooth b out fully fast!!* hehehe terbayang cik tiup tgh lepak2 kat bilik dia smbl rindu kat sy n smbl dgr lagu suju dia :) hehehe

jz wanna wish evry1 happy holz.. c u guys soon... like reli soon... if eva u need me, im rite by ur side.. picit je hp 2... or buzz me cz skrng ni confirm on9 almost all d time.. :D wishin evry1 a reli2 reli2 happy holz... :)

*30th april kuar result!! ~nervous~
**Tohoshinki's (DBSK) love in d ice n doshite (d jap vers) r such nice songs... suke! ~promo~

Sunday, April 19, 2009

as i was watchin d vid of us in nz..

tgh2 tgk vid we all kat nz dl... cam a lot of things which went through my mind... it was 5 years bck n d best thing i rmmbrd was doin d snowman.. i noe mine n my bro look like a normal one (though its not as pretty) but my dad n my sis.. hmm.. cam scarecrow XD cz it look soo stiff.... in d vid mmg ade pun gambar 2.. bt well.. i lost d pic which i took wif my bro.. as in d pic in d hp.. d reasons r:

1. dh 2kar hp... a few hp has passed b4 d current one (n im tinkin of changin again cz d hp dh wat hal)
2. d comp dh reformat.. d pic is spose 2 b there
3. i din hv a lappy.. so its oni in d desktop

i wish i still do hv it... my sis was so short (way shorter than i am which makes me proud. unlike 2day..) n well.... i hope i cn go there again.. n d doplhins r sooo cute! bt we din reli njoy snow there despite goin in winter (we oni got it in uk 2 years bck) my sis laughter was soo weird (way weirder than mine) n well... guess i did hv a gud time there... :)

*nw bck 2 study!*

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


apabila satu menjadi dua
apabila dua menjadi satu
dan yang selebihnya sekadar melihat
sebuah transformasi
dari yang dulu kepada yang baru
dan yang baru kepada yang lama
dan insan sekadar bertaakul
menanti dan terus bertaakul
mencari sebuah jawapan
terusan soalan yg jernih
apabila satu menjadi dua
dan dua menjadi satu.

Friday, April 3, 2009

apabila lif casa wat hal...

so spt biasa.. sy akn kembali ke umah pd stp ari jumaat (sbb umah n casa amat la hampir.. XD) n mgkn telah ditakdirkan utk sy pulang pd mlm ari hr ni... krn sy telah mendapat satu experience yg baru,, pengalaman yg tidak dpt dilupakan (nih yg bley wat karangan nih kot msh kat sek ren! bley dpt A+ nih XD)

jadi kisahnye bermula sebegini rupa...

sy menaiki lif lbh kurang jam 830 sbb buku korean language ku tertinggal di casa sedangkan ade kelas pd jam 230 esk hari.. maka, sy pun pulang la mlm ini utk memastikan tidak ketinggalan dlm kelas esk hari... so naik la lif bersama 7 org lg penduduk casa.... tibe2 dekat atr p1 n p2 dia ter'jatuh' skit.. (suatu fenomena yg normal) jd kami abaikan saje.. bile lif terbuka d p1 sbb mmg dh jd mende yg biase.. dia akn sangkut, jatuh n ok blik..

meskipun begitu, nasib tidak menyebelahi kami mlm ini.. tibe2 dh sangkut dia nk naik blik.. n thn bising cm nk rosak.. n true enuf.. dia jatuh ckit blik... n then d door trus x nk open.. maka mula la slh sorang lelaki dlm lif mula menyumpah.. sy abaikan aje.. n trus berbual ngan sorang nurse pantai yg tinggal d tingkat 15... ade kot 5 malaysian d other 3 foreigners... so one of d foreigners la yg ckp ngan guard btau kitorang stuck.. huhu n thn mula la penantian kami...

disebabkan ayahanda ku menanti di bwh.. maka sy terpaksa pinjam hp org utk inform (cz bley ari ni dgn takdirnye sy sehelai sepinggang aje blik.. x bw hp.. ) n thn dlm lif 2 mcm2 la yg terjadi.. ade yg duduk melunjur, mengangkang, berdiri, ketawa (saya la 2), senyum (kwn baru saya la 2), sedih (sorang gurl cz bus dia kul 10), menyumpah, hpr tido... huhu

mula2 dia kate 2 min... berubah ke 5.. n seterusnye... n then tetibe lampu terpadam.. agak terkejut n berderau darah.. tp msh lagi kononnye cool.. ade kot seminit 2... huhuhu kemudian tibe2 guard kate cuba bukak pintu (mane bley.. nk kopak pun x larat -lelaki ah-) n thn dia kate nk call jkr.. pelik gak.. pe kene mengena jkr ngan mende nih.. n then tetibe nk pgl technician.. n menunggu 2 lame gak laa..huhuhu

bile dh bukak.. maka sy ingatkan its at p1.. tgk2 dia atr p1 n p2.. so kene terjun.. dh ah pki kasut heels cz kasut flat kat casa..huhu tp bantai je terjun.. dh terjun 2... tgk satu lg lif plak spt mslh.. kemudian sy ngan kawan baru amik keputusan naik tangga (gyle ah jauh..dr p1 ke tingkat 7) n thn naik trus ngadu ngan cik sya n cik nu (cik tiup x prasan kite blik.. isy3) n thn minum air n bertolak ke bwh...

bile bertolak ke bwh.. jpa plak danial.. upe2nye ibundaku menelefon n mintak tlg tgk2kan.. pk2 bknnye bley wat pape kot.. msh kene tgu technician gakz... (kot x kuar lg la) pape pun, tnx :) so akhirnya kini, sy tlah pulang.. meski ibunda meng offer utk dihtr n jemput ke kolej stp ari (yakni dok umah) sy rase ade hikmah kot dok casa... hmm, menguatkan semangat kot bile mende2 cm ni jd.. mmg la nervous bt then.. it thought me 2 remain calm at all c2ation.. hehehe spt kate cik fiz.. bajet cool...

konklusi yg dpt dibina berdasarkan ape yg tlg terjadi:
1) jgn naik lif sorang2... bahaya.. naik ramai2... tp jgn la spi cm sempit spt sardin dlm tin.. nazak sgt 2...
2) snts remain cool dlm c2asi yg mengejutkan..jgn cpt panic.. sbb bile panic, jantung denyut lebih laju, lack of O2 n then bley pengsan.. hmm bahaya..

jd.. berhati2 d jalan raya -ehh??!!!-

Saturday, March 28, 2009

d 27/3 report

0530 - bangun pagi siap2 ke kolej
0645- bas letak kitorang kat dpn mcd.. menyumpah2
0700- spi kat kolej.. tido kat 12.12 XD
0815-pegi bfast.. jpa kak li, cik tiup, kee hee, keat yee, aitidal, cik sya
0900-calculus 162
1000-lepak ngan cik fiz kat level 12
1100- islamic studies
1200-lepak ngan cik fiz
1245-malaysian studies meeting
1330-lunch ngan mega, cik fiz, fatin
1430-meeting wif pd n councilor
1530-blik umah ngan cik tiup bersama ngimmi n masak lepas dpt hadiah frm sis.. terharu sgt!
1845- siap msk.. n cepat2 asar -truk gyle-
1915-g beli kek kat bakers cottage
1945-bw makanan ke atas n thn maghrib
2030-turun pas isyak.. dpt kad dr sume.. trime kasih all!
2300-naik atas.. siap kemas sume... teman cik tiup tgk citer antu

(つかえる でも ほんと に うれしい です よ! みんな。。あrがとう ございます!)

Friday, March 20, 2009

n ari ni skali lagi

skali lagi bertemu seorang sahabat yg lame menghilang!!

pdn ah sms x berjawab.. dh 2kar no upenye..

tp takdir menentukan kami bertemu kembali.. di casa subang...

pusat menjalinkan n merapatkan ukhuwah (apakah???)

heeeee SUS rindu ah!! lame x jumpe.. x pe, nnt bile kite free ckit kite lepak2 kat management office, ek!! =D

Thursday, March 19, 2009

20 things i wanna do..

this is d list of things which i wanna do... lets start.. I WANNA:

1. write short stories and poems again but i never have d time to do so..
2. go bck 2 ky but i dun tink ill b able 2 do so...
3. grad as soon as possible n b bck wif both my masters and degree in hand
4. maintain my identity as who i am now but im worried i mite get lost half way there...
5. noe who i truly am but i get confused at times
6. let peepz now tat i truly care though i barely show it
7. learn 2 refrain myself frm losing my temper and keepin things cool
8. smile as much as i can n keep on smilin though im goin through pain
9. keep my head cool when d time comes 4 me to fly
10. wish those takin TOEFL in penang this sun all d best
11. make d gathering wif man ee a success =)
12. skip summer class n master my korean.. huhu n jap as well
13. finish my 162 assignment though it is takin me ages 2 get it done
14. finish my phil assign n prepare all d slides
15. find info on klinefelter symptom for my bio lab
16. get over d fear which i felt frm bio class on syndromes in children due to problems in meiosis n crossin over.. hence, d fear 2 conceive? XD (jk,jk) -man, i felt sorry 4 them.. so young..n goin through a lot... =(-
17. spend more time reflecting on wat ive did rather than fall asleep quarter way thru revising
18. study 4 my tests n finals n do my best 4 d dramas for bio n socs 111
19. 2 find d true meaning of happiness n peacefulness
20. 2 find d person (besides my fam n close fwenz la) who could wipe away all d sadness in me jz wif a glimpse of tat person's smile n words.. -long term goal XD-

Thursday, March 5, 2009

and once again...

and once again..

TOPAZ soar up into d sky!!! =D

amat berbangga 2 b a topazian not oni 4 d achievements bt 4 d spirit in all of u.. heee so proud of u guys though i oni hv d surface insight on hw u guys r doin...

bt no matter wat! keep up d gud work!


-c budak yg jauh d mata tp msh kepo nk tau pe jd kat sane-

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Korean Class- its d 1st time!!

kurassu wa hajimemasu!!!

din noe i could end up being d blurest kid on earth in a language class (summore since im d eldest... d others r my sis n her fwen..) felt kinda idiotic bt well.. tis language is perfectly new 2 me.. due 2 d fact ive been focusing on jap so yeah.. im totally left behind in class jz nw.. bt doesnt matter.. bit by bit i hope 2 b able 2 catch up

nw d big prob... my schedule is packd enuf wout another lang 2 study n nw i hv n xtra sub.. i wonder hw am i gonna revise tat sub.. gotta learn 2 find time.. squeeze around 30 mins perday 2 revise.. esp d pronunciation part.. OMG!! i thought im about 2 choke... guess coz its my first time..

d teacher is nice enuf.. i 4got wats teacher in korean alredi.. sansonni or sonsanmi or sumtin like tat -im such a 4getful person, tatz y my jap studies is SOOO slow-

hw more 2 go... haihzzz... ne1 wanna help me 2 finish them up????

Friday, February 20, 2009

n i had nutin better 2 do..

today i have loadz of assignments.. its frm d whole week (not reli d whole actly) n nw i havent touched them yet.. dun feel like doin though its like stacks of assignments n hw... i havent been in a mood 4 d last few days... no matter hw much i try i realized ive been spacing out quite a lot lately.. even in classes hmm well... malaysian i guess.. coz i kinda njoy bein in islamic... hehehe =D

each work im doin i cant gv my full conc.. ask nurul hw ws i doin my hw tis morn.. talkin rather than doin... my mind is jz not straight yet.. n my heart has been turnin upside down these past few days.. its a kinda feelin which hurts bt at d same time i treasure it.. hmm.. i wonder hw am i spose 2 put it in words.. its diff i guess... a feeling which rarely comes bt comin bck these few days.. haihzz.. n mayb tatz y ive been noisier than usually (ive always been noisy.. bt i tink tis week slight xtra than usual..)

i hv realized my sleepin trend.. among d whole week there definitely gonna b 1 day where ill wake up at 6 sumtin tis week its thurs, last week its wed.. its always between wed n thurs... huhu n nw i askd sue 2 wake me up.. hehehe bad enuf eh, not able 2 wake up as early as i hope.. n if i were 2 force myself 2 stay up then d next day ill oversleep.. huhu

oh yeah.. im a lil bit worried 4 my results dis sem.. i gotta get 3.5 n above or say gudbye 2 flyin tis year.. do pray 4 me! whoeva goin 2 us... do tell me.. who noes i mite cook up lunch 4 ya! =)

I LUV MY FAM, MATES N EDUCATORS.... if i were 2 luv sumtin, i could rmmbr evry single detail of it n if i were 2 hate sumtin i would hate it 4eva.. i sound like an evil freak.. XP im tired.. i wanna rest... i jz wanna b able 2 close my eyes n empty my mind n find d peace n calmness within me... would sum1 guide me?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

10 Nafas

Nafas pertama,
'Ain terbuka-pandangan pertama;
Nafas kedua,
Gegelung kasih mencengkam jiwa;
Nafas ketiga,
Jasad menggerak menggapai lelangit;
Nafas keempat,
Mencari cita sesirnar bintang;
Nafas kelima,
Mencari cinta tak kunjung tiba;
Nafas keenam,
Mengenal Illahi yang satu;
Nafas ketujuh,
Dambaan jiwa-ketenangan;
Nafas kelapan,
Cinta dan cita dalam genggaman;
Nafas kesembilan,
Mutlak diriku untukMu;
Nafas kesepuluh,
Yang terbuka sudah terkatup,
Yang bermula telah berakhir.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

d gud things whch happened

several gud things hv happened i spose.. lemme list them down.. im sooo glad tat i cant help smiling n close 2 tears.. tears of joy btw...

1. topaz won bangsawan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 awards babe! =D

2. ive finished my interview wif penn.. so glad its over

3. ive got an offer from wash

4. i managed 2 do my maths 162 hw though not all r correct... bt i tried! =D

5. i miss my mates.. (is tat a gud thing?)

guess tatz all 4 d time being... time is runnin out 4 me 2 b in mas... 4 d time being i noe ill b leavin in sept bt then.. if i got other offers i mite leave earlier.. mayb... mayb...

bt 4 d time being.. i wanna b free n njoy d gud things!!!!!!!! XD