Wednesday, November 4, 2009

5th Lesson and 11th Practice

LOL.. 5th lesson was yesterday... yeah... i dunno wat made me not write.. YEAH I NOE.. i was doin my eng essay.. LOL neways.. jarissa gave me a lollipop yesterday... cotton candy flavor.. so kind of her ^^ we did maths mainly n i jz realized she has problems wif place values.. so yeah.. 2mr gonna b a place value marathon thingy.. n finish up d hw as well... a lil bit more left.. so yeah! 2mr is d day 2 get it done ^^

2mr joanne cant make it wif us n next tues xixi cant make it... so yeah.. its gonna b d 2 of us 2mr n next week... gosh.. its x tat bad i guess.. ^^ being alone could b worse.. bt tatz x bad as well ^^ at least ill b dreamin away in d bus.. LOL

so 2day's practice... we did kata in d beginnin n i was wif noelle... we did kata 1, 2 and she taught me 5 though i was lost.. LOL i guess i gotta think of it.. n well.. try 2 get it done next wed ^^ it was marsten-sensei's idea 2 pair d beginners wif d seniors.. so yeah... it was pretty intimidating bt well.. i thought.. x tat im gettin hit 4 real *yet.. tat gotta wait til armor comes in* so yeah.. tat set d mood.. n we did it 4 quite some time... after kata was some surizashi.. *i tink* n well... we did it while d seniors were dressing up *x reli dressing up bt puttin their armor* n well... after tat we watchd them have a match... it was reli interesting.. i was tryin 2 use my eyes 2 kinda predict when is d hit a point bt din manage 2 do tat.. LOL trainin!! gotta train my tiny *x exactly tiny, perhaps blurry* eyes 2 b more sharp.. as usual in d beginning my hands were as cold as ice. bt tis time it took a longer time 2 warm up.. pretty much bugged me bt i managed 2 catch on angela 2 get her warm pair of hands.. n i drained it out of her :D *bad meee XD* after d match, then we went down 4 our practice... it was reli short *or so i felt* n well.. i was like.. owh its time 2 go? XD nevertheless, i was feelin a lil bit sick n stil a lil bit.. so paracetamol b4 goin 2 bed.. i felt as if im gonna get a fever... bt it was under control n checkd as i kept on checkin my forehead.. mayb its my back n neck which were releasing 2 much heat... it hurt my head a lil.. but well.. x a biggie ^^

2day went bck wif sung.. x exactly bck til home.. bt we walkd 2gether 2 d hub 2 catch d night ride... we talkd bout lots n lots n lots of stuff.. frm edu, family n well.. edu again.. XD n kendo. *yup!! :)* loving it! n yeah a lil bit on malaysian martial arts... d main is silat so i talkd bout silat... x tat i reli hv knowledge about them.. bt well.. at least i hv a lil knowledge on them.. im x exactly a dense person when it comes 2 msia i guess... x knowledgable bt x dense either... x reli d perfect balance bt i noe a bit.. :) oh yeah.. we talkd bout subjects as well... YEAH! d sciences, history.. n hw well.. it was taught in school.. HEHEHE fun stuff.. funny stuff.. reli ^^

gosh.. my head is spinning... as soon as i got bck i was ravenous again.. so yay 2 my kimchi soup... bt tis time its plain kimchi soup without d noodles.. 4 dinner i had noodles wif them... n 2mr its gonna b d same as well ^^ u noe.. i cook like alternate days.. xcept 4 weekends.. when i cook evryday.. bt i guess tis sat lunch ill b gettin it done on fri afternoon... mushroom noodle again! LIKE IT!! :D * d accidental recipe* XD doesnt matter, as long as i could eat it :) mayb one of these days i shud do bubur lambuk *luv it too.. bt i need 2 get some herbs* n soon enuf miso shiru.. n maybe some day... well.. i gotta go around n browse d net 4 interesting recipes... i bookmarkd 1 chinese, 1 korean n 2 japanese *one 4 bento, another 4 d main food* n well.. i shud bookmark 4 malaysian oso XD *haihzz.. tis malaysian... din even rmmbr 2 bookmark her own country's recipe website..* i wonder wat else shud i cook.. i noe szechuan n kimchi soup is gonna b reli helpful over winter.. both r pretty heaty.. LOL bt i wouldnt like eat it over summer i guess... or mayb i would bt less often.. n lesser amount.. my fam knows hw ezly i get nose bleeds... talkin bout blood.. xixi calld me a cold blooded animal cz my fingers r always cold =.=" hehehe well... i guess im goin 2 bed earlier 2day... soo tired... ^^

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