Sunday, November 15, 2009

7th Lesson and 13th Practice

well.. d 7th lesson is over n another person joind d volunteerin job ^^ chee wei! n well.. he din get any kid yet so he was wif me d whole tutorin time... n well.. guess jarissa was reli shy... lol... i introduced chee wei 2 her n well.. instead of bein her usual self (askin q n all) she jz kept quiet.. n keep on whispering 2 me.. LOL cute^^ n well.. cz i as usual.. wanted sum1 2 suffer *chee wei, x jarissa* so i told chee wei 2 teach jarissa maths bt well.. jarissa was pokin me.. signallin she wants me 2 teach so instead i got chee wei 2 write maths q 4 jarissa... gud enuf.. she got all correct.. i hv x idea whether tat is hw she was taught in school bt then.. she is doin reli well ^^ she is such a bright kid.. n as usual.. i make lee ways 4 her when it comes 2 play.. jz 4 brief moments between learning... at least she wont feel stressed up... ^^

so we did english first.. spellin n all.. n then maths.. ^^ n then she started insistin 2 play games.. LOL as usual.. bt well... we waited til 4.. i managed 2 drag d time til 4 b4 we went down 2 play.. ^^ n we played monopoly :D which is in a way a lesson as well.. on money.. :D *very important, indeed...*

so, tatz tutorin nw bck 2 kendo... wat we did was a few things.. kurikaeshi n hiki men is one of d main stuf.. d reason is 2 train our feet movement n swing.. hiki is d toughest waza n true enuf.. LOL howeva, d biggest prob i hv was my right hand was shakin.. sdnly.. it kept on shakin x reli throughout bt it was shakin n it was reli obvi esp durin hiki... noemy gotta hold my hand 2 get it stop shaking... n i was like.. sorry... n it kept on shakin bt slowly it got better... esp when we did our men n kote hits... it was better bt i cn stil feel it shakin.. n durin d one-breath-several-hits it was shaking too bt not tat bad.. x like hiki, at least.. cz my shinai wasnt shaking... it was so obvi during hiki men cz my shinai was reli shaky.. d top part... cz my left was pretty stable.. hohoho

n thn we hd bubble tea nite ^^ n lan n noelle was there ^^ n well.. i thought ill b in d same class as angela next quart 4 korean bt she is x takin korean :( bt then.. i mite stil b seein lan n eric there.. HEHEHE sounds fun 2! ^^ n durin bubble tea.. i was wif noelle, takumi, lin, tim n umm.. i cant rmmbr their names.. shawn, yes and umm.. another i cant rmmbr.. we talkd bout a few stuff bt thn *OH YEAH! angela was wif us too bt then she was hungry n xhausted so she went bck early* n we talkd bout japan n sumhow... takumi was like.. oo, reli? hehehe lol i was like.. takumi.. tatz ur country u noe.. LOL bt well.. since he was in indonesia at intern school n nw in us, cant blame him 4 not noein wats happenin politically.. beats me wats happenin in msia as well... x tat im into pol but well.. a lil bit of knowledge on it would b gud.. general knowledge... hmm.. i shud start readin newspaper again.. LOL bt im 2 lazy.. mayb over dec holz ill do tat.. HEHEHE

ok.. 2day i was like.. hmm i havent done sumtin n sumhow i feel quite hungry.. n well.. tis silly gal.. thinkin of other stuff.. jz realized tat she havent eaten dinner.. in d morn, i 4got bout bfast.. ended up havin brunch... n well... here goes.. i bought an alarm clock cz i hv x idea where my hp is nw.. =.=" its 4 d sake of 830 class... lol... ok.. continue eatin n studyin ^^ n yeah! im waitin 4 my laundry 2 get done.. *xcited* XD

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