Friday, July 25, 2008

back home!

so well.. its been almost 2 weeks im in kyuem and at d moment im back home.. n practically listening 2 3 songs... d world's greatest, keep holding on as well as my BATCH songs which is standing in d eyes of d world.. b4 tis.. all 3 songs were juz songs 2 me but now since it is tied wif memories frm my college i guess ill alwayz cherish these songs.. though d worlds greatest belongs 2 batch 10 n keep holding on belongs 2 no1 but i guess all 3 songs r important 2 me now...

on wed nite v had tis batch anniversary 4 our batch 10 seniors.. at d end of d celebration d seniors were singing their batch song n it practically touched my heart.. i dunno y.. n d face which i remember most is d president of d students council which is ariff.. mayb coz he was standing in d middle so yeah, he was d first i spotted... n then my dear friend of mine as well, amira... reli havin fun... they look soo close 2 each other tat it made me feel sumtin deep down inside...

ok so now im bck home.. i miss my bed.. my beloved bolster n definitely my ducky which i usually hug evry nite when i go 2 bed.. i also brought home all my hw.. n i reli mean all.. frm maths 2 history 2 english... (havent started eng lessons but there is alredi hw!!) i juz came bck n im goin shoppin these weekends... need 2 get a new bag 4 classes, new pair of shoes n at d same time try 2 figure out who r my pet familiy members.. im gonna call all of them my pet2 4 d time bein.. juz til i find out who they r..

so yeah, juz nw farah eliza came n fetch me wif my bro n mum n d 3 of us met afi coz farah noes afi... i nvr knew tat n yeah afi is my house captain.. wat a small world...

okies, now loadz of stuff r circulating around kyuem.. guess im in2 d college alredi! :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

d first week! :)

So, well… im now in kyuem… although its no denying tat it is not located at one of d best locations as in its reli reli in d middle of nowhere but I guess it is kinda cool if u juz need a place 2 study..

Induction week is stil on.. its frm last tues tilt is tues… n on tues nite I wil b getting my schedule… it has been a seriously bz week… woke up at 530am n sleep at 12++ or even 1am… d seniors reli did make our schedule pack.. n in a way I believe there is a gud reason for tis.. which is 2 make us feel warm, welcomed n definitely not 2 miss home tat much.. esp wif tis kinda new env… if they dun keep us bz.. some of us ere mite end up not bein able 2 focus on preparing ourself 2 study ere in college n b home sick all d time… so though it is tiring… n I mean SUPER TIRING.. but in a way im glad its there… though I cant deny tat induction week did scare me up.. by d sound of it… if oni u cud c hw I worried 4 it.. n when its about 2 end… I tink ill always treasure tis week 4eva… getting 2 noe others n seniors, its cool…

As for hw d week is being done… well, its kinda simple.. all 176 (I tink..) of us r divided into 15 groups… well, im in group 4 n my facilitators r nonnel n zatesa.. cool peepz both of them… glad had them as my facis but d other seniors r cool as well.. no doubt… but mayb coz nonnel n zatesa r my fascis so perhaps tatz wat make me remember them better I tink… activites comprises frm physical ones… mentally challenging ones n yes, a mixture of both 2… but overall, its kinda fun except d part where I gotta wake up extremely early unlike those 7 month lazing at home… hehehe

Its raining quite heavily at d moment.. tatz y I hv sum free time at d mo.. soon enuf im gonna get ready 2 go for dinner n prayers… oh yeah, I hv 4 chalet mates which r umu, zati n skyn@sakinah.. Cool mates… nice ones… always comfortin 2 b wif them…

Wat else… wat else.. I guess nutin much.. I cant b xplainin all bout d activities bein done.. gonna take ages n ages n ages… but all I can say is im gonna treasure tis week 4eva… so yeah, lookin 4ward 4 my classes n startin my college life (startin..coz I haven’t been able 2 digest tat I AM in college now..)

Friday, July 11, 2008

d day out!

so today.. its a friday dated.. umm... umm... izit 10? since i havent started my college n finishd school n work.. ive nvr remembered wats d date... n at times day 2! all i noe is tat tis comin tues is 15th july.. n tatz bout it.. lame n definitely, pathetic rite? it makes me feel idiotic... not rememberin d date n all

so 2day i went out wif farah eliza.. (hidup farah kuasa dua!!) 2 summit... not a real fancy place 2 go but its d nearest 2 home n tat wil do us quite good... so v went out 2gether n farah belanja me evrytin.. it reli did shock me n countless times i askd her not 2 (frm meal 2 ticket n even bought me a bookmark! 2 sweet of her!) i so feel ind debt wif her n definitely grateful 4 wat she did 4 me..

so wat we did was watch a movie.. journey 2 d centre of d earth... its quite a fun movie... though illogical but its entertaining.. d visual is good n d casts r cool... i mean 2 me they did an excellent job... both of us felt d same way.. it was hillarious n din bore us at all.. though at d beginning it was quite slow... but well, it wasnt a bad movie at all.. tat i can assure...

b4 tat we had our lunch at kfc n went 2 mph.. as well as d pharmacy 2 get myself a couple of lipbalm... prevention frm dried lips i spose.. my lips r startin 2 get dried these few days.. i tink it is... so yeah, bought a couple of repair n protect lip balm.. sumtin like tat... n v walld 4 a bit.. lookd around a bit.. as there r not much v can do in summit.. not many shops around, obviously... sunway is waaaayyyyy cooler! defnitely 1 utama is d best! n midvalley is not tat bad either... but yeah, i got wat i needed n tatz wats important...

v talkd quite a lot in summit.. frm school 2 fwenz 2 crappy stuff... v left home approx 215 n went bck at 540 if im not mistaken.. n obvi, if ur in summit ull definitely bump into few cfil students.. which i dun reli look 4ward 2 unless im close 2 tat person...

so tat was hw i spend my day on fri... my last outin b4 college starts! let d countdown begin!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Change of Plan!

So I thought I was goin 2 kdu... but now i actually am goin 2 kyuem.. when i ans peepz q on where i was goin.. i said kyuem (recently..) n they actually would ask me wat is tat n where izit... ive nown bout tis college 4 quite sumtime.. din noe it was actually unpopular wif others..

so actually kyuem is kolej yayasan uem.. it is located in lembah beringin.. n im takin up a levels (econs, maths, history) it is not located in a place like kbu, kdu, etc where it is in d center of d city n such.. but i spose it is a place where students can concentrate on their studies since there arent any distractions.. n well, i wil b stayin there since it is 1 hour drive frm home.. it is compulsory 4 students 2 stay in i guess... n wil b stayin in either an apartment or a chalet.. in each chalet there is 4 rooms n each room is 4 one student.. privacy.. cool! n well, swimming is compulsory there 2 n honsetly speakin its ages since i last swam... i juz hope i dun bcome d idiot in d pool..

so. well.. tatz bout it.. 15 july is registration day.. i guess it is gonna b kinda sad since its my mum's bday at d same time.. n i havent done d bday card yet! im wastin time.. better start doin one now.. so guess ill record wat happens durin orientation once im free! :)