Monday, March 29, 2010

spring '10

nutin much 2 say... xcept 4 1 thing.. it is def almost a suicide 2 take up 2 writin courses in d same quart~~~~ GOSH I HAVE HUNDREDS OF PAGES 2 READ BY D END OF EACH WEEK~~~~ and more vocabs 2 memorize as well


gud luck 2 me~~~~ gud luck 2 me~~~ i jz hope i dun go crazy~~~~ *though i am goin a bit off nw itself =.="* gotta learn 2 manage my time REALLY wisely tis quart.. and my hstam 267 1st draft is due next week >.<

Saturday, March 27, 2010


yes, i didn't visit sakura today *sobs* but there is a solid reason for me not to do so... a reason which i gues some would noe n some wouldnt ^^ it isn't a beautiful one though.. but nevertheless...

it's been ages since i wrote a haiku.. *not tat im good at it* >.< honestly, sittin undr sakura tree made me tink again n well.. i got lost in thought *despite d reaon i went there was 2 study.. it din hpn tat way =.="* last friday.. it was full and yesterday only few *not reli few* are left on the tree.. such different sight within a week.. bt they r stil a beauty ^^ so, here goes

Of choice this and that,
Bleeding wound or broken heart,
And blood was my choice.

Gentle evening breeze,
Whispers silent lullaby,
And peace befalls me.

Cherry blossom bloom,
Wind of jealousy blowing,
Petals falling down.

Sakura blooming,
Beauty unknown to mankind,
And you are of that.

i'd luv 2 do more but my eyes r sleepy.. and im out of it n i tink those r not tat gud =.=" みんな、おやすみなさい。。。잘 자요~~~ ^^

Monday, March 22, 2010


things here in seattle r fine.. well... i would say its gettin pretty sunny 2 d point tat it hurts my eyes for a bit.. bt well... i guess i could take it.. i ws frm an all year long sunny country neways.. HIHIHI MSIA~~~ so i shud b able 2 handle it.. d weather is around 20C here so well.. its pretty refreshing....

i hv seriously lost sense of days n time... now i sleep at 3-4 am n wake up around 10-11 =.=" x a gud thing.. n today.. i mite end up sleepin at 6.. 정말 바보!!! 빨리 자!!! =.=" nevertheless.. i actly hv nutin btr 2 do.. i havent studies yet =.=" n havent been goin 2 ima 4 1 week =.=" need 2 go mayb later today...

sat... went to sit undr sakura tree for almost 4 hours.. it was soo nice tat i couldnt tear my eyes of them.. and well.. d envi was beautiful 2.. kids runnin n jumpin around.. family playing around with each other takin pics... *though there was a fight among d family members for one of d family =.="*. lovers lazing around n talking away, and there were 2 weddings!!! i thought seein 1 newly wed is aredi like WOW but tgk2 ade 2 :D i was like.. wow... it reli is gud weather 2day.. so instead of stickin 2 my plan (study 4 a bit undr sakura) i ended up observin peepz n callin bck home... studies 4 like 30mins.. =.=" not even a quarter of d time spent at d quad =.=" bad2...

n sunday.. xtra practice 4 kendo!! nice... reli enjoyed myself xcept tat my knee was givin off a bit bt then it was fine again.. i felt reli gud after tat.. howeva, d 1 week of x goin 2 gym is seriously affectin me.. i cn feel myself dyin quarter way thru.. I SHUD GO IMA AGAIN~~~ like soon.. esp since taikai is comin in closer n i dun intend 2 die half way thru taikai =.=" n i mean it i duwan 2 die half way thru =.=" huhuhu gotta get my stamina at par again.. haihzzz.... gotta work hard...

haihzz i jz finished watchin full house.. like i dunno hw many eps today.. bt ive done all 16 eps within 2 or 3 days.. LOL nice... :) n then aftr tis i cn study in peace... ^^ today in d evenin.. goin out wif angela 2 lynnwood 2 H Mart.. nvr been there.. LOL bt i hv a list of stuff i need 2 buy.. i gotta list them out b4 i 4get =.="

ok im officially brain dead now.. gotta sleep... sleep.. sleep... zzZZZZZzzzzz ^^

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

moment of silence

I noe im dyin at d mo.. bt im stil awake >.< i jz feel like puttin tis 2gether.. its been buggin me n i cant sleep.. bt perhaps tis kinda buggin is quite gud in a way..^^

if space is none
and us is one
silence would b foe
and words would befriend
for words r all i could share
and a piece of my broken heart
shatterin soul, unmended by time.

for yesterday, death awaits
fallin; blinded by pain
for waitin, a painful task
yet there was i, waitin for d unknown
for the furthest is wat i yearned
a lust: a painful want
and yet.. d smile in front
silent and patient
unknown to these blinded eyes.

to be there is what u r
for d thoughtless babble, a soft smile
for d meaningless whine, a warm laugh
and there, like a fool, staring at u
cowering within d comfort i found
and unknown 2 u n me
an imprint on my heart
calm and warm
unknown to self; embracing with ease.

now ur smile is wat i yearn
yet fear creepin within
for time is potion
n time is poison
a lingering presence im tryin 2 grasp
yet fearful of holdin on
words r failin, silence spreadin
wishin eyes could speak
as mine meet urs
and a smile breaks.