Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Report 4 d 3 days break!

YES i managed 2 do almost evrytin i wanted 2 do + others which i din plan 2 do~

wat i did:
- cleaning + laundry
- cookin gud food ^^
- enuf sleep~~~ :D
- memorize vocab
- finish up reading 4 sisea

wat is almost done:
- korean comp: oni formatin left
- phys 110 ppr --> hvnt started writin bt research started :D
- d project: oni left 2 knit d bag ^^ --> whch wasnt exactly planned

wat i din plan 2 do:
- mochi
- warcraft --> i totally miss this >.< so yeah... i was def more productive bt gettin lazier by mon... and joyce visited me on mon 2! which made me evn lazier 2 study aftr tat.. n nw im in my class --> sposed 2 study bt umm~ XD

Monday, February 21, 2011

alas~ i cooked... stuff i like~ :DDD

so.. so.. so.. today... well it was stil pretty simple food but alas i cooke dmy siakap @sea bass :DDD steamd wif soy sauce... i made d sauce twice since d 1st time it was too sweet~~ so yeah... i was makin it n tis time i added some ginger powder~ n it tasted better... bt then.. i 4got sumtin else~~~ which is my sesame oil -.-; i was tinkin wat was missin n ti din strike my mind until... after i finished eatin.. -.-; im that bad at rememberin wat is imp i guess~ so, wat i had was soy sauce, water, sugar, ginger powder n nxt time + sesame oil.. mayb it will b closer 2 my version of perfect sauce.. though i doubt i will still b satisfied.. without d coriander at least.. since tat is where d frag comes from~ >.< and today was d 1st time i made mochi! well it def wasnt in d list of stuff i shud do bt since i had time.. i did it.. overal it was ok bt it took me quite some time since i was cookin + makin mochi at d same time --> cant concentrate or do both at quick pace -.-; multitaskin cn backfire at certain points i guess -.-; so yeah... bt well.. mochi was ok~ though im x satisfied.. im more forgivin since its d 1st time i made it.. so yeah.. total experiment so i guess it worked~ :D n mayb joyce mite drop by 2 taste some 2mr.. hehehe n i mite stil continue 2 do my assign when she is here~~ :D bad me.. as a host -.-; bt i cant help it since i wanna finish my reading, start my paper n memorize my vocab >.< hahahaha 3 more things 2 do.. more like 2.5 things 2 do..so yeah!

ps: i tink im waaayyy more productive these 2 days than my normal weekends :DD

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Plans for the 3 days Break~~~

okok so akhirnye isnin ni cuti *rindu nk gune bm >.<* hahaha nk kate all things r goin fine.. x reli... cm a bit disappointment bt there r also some joys here n there~but well.. wat is life wihtout d downs.. u cn nvr always b at d top~ being down makes u appreciate hw it feels 2 b up~ sumtin like tat.. sadness makes u appreciate happiness and pain makes u appreciate joy~ or sumtin like tat~~nevertheless... i have plans 4 d weekends~ 3 days break~~ at least these are the stuff i OUGHT to do... doesnt mean im gonna do it.. but i def shud >.<

1. clean up d room
2. laundry *tis is def goin.. since its a weekly thing* + cook sumtin nice 4 myself ^^ --> since ive been eatin xtremely simple stuff these days -.-;
3. start PHYS 110 paper
4. finish up korean composition
5. get done wif 'i-am-gonna-be-an-aunty-soon' project
6. get enuf sleep n rest
7. memorize vocab...
8. finish up reading 4 SISEA 242

ok.. 8.. only.. ONLY??!! >.< i guess i shud say.. 8???! a lot! >.< i wonder if ill b able 2 get it done by d end of monday.. maybe i would.. mayb i wouldnt.. but well.. i def shud gv it a shot! ^_^

Monday, February 14, 2011

Just a few things over the weekends

weekends were busier than i expected 4 several reasons~ no1. cleaning day. yeah! i was doing quite major room clean up over the weekends *incl climbing my table and puttin stuff on the cupboard* and putting things at places where i think are most appropriate. just to make my room look bigger *though it is small, really* nevertheless... i can tell you it is getting messy again.. the usual me.. -.-; so much for cleaning like a mad person.. another reason i was a cleaning frantically is because there were oreo crumbs on my floor because of sumtin i was makin.. i was like WTH! y am i so messy >.< so yeah --> vacuum --> alcohol --> clean up~ ^^ it made me happy though reli reli reli exhausted...

and yeah... tempering n coatin choc is fun but time consumin... no1 nvr make it in d middle of d nite.. since i was cleanin in d afternoon n evening... i made d great decision 2 temper stuff at nite.. after 10pm.. -.-; and it lasted til well past midnite... temperin was ez bt x coatin.. coatin was... at some point.. a pain... esp since i made d stupid mistake of mixin a few at d same time --> clumped together --> FAIL! T.Taftr tat i gotta make another batch of tempered choc n tis time --> learnt my lesson --> did 1 by one... *d reason 4 it lasting till well past midnite* i wasnt exactly unhappy or cursin it.. *which is unusual 4 me x 2 do if im tired* i was pretty.. umm.. contented n happy... sumhow ^^ and well... lets jz say i tink it paid off.. *2day at least*

n well... one of my classmate prepard sumtin 4 d whole class 2 vday.. n well.. i thought.. mayb i shud do tat too.. so i did wrapped some stuff 4 d whole class... bt obvi d choc were x homemade... some hersheys frm safeway wrapped in *mydin* plastic bags *since i have nutin else 2 wrap it in... -.-; im glad i still have ribbons.. n yeah.. since it took ages.. *though id say wrapping n makin box was way longer* bt i was complainin a bit 2 my friend but i was stil hepi n satisfied though i managed 2 get it done ^^ so yeah.. mission accomplished... the small mission 4 my classmates n d other one which have been planned 4 quite sometime.. though id say i wanted 2 make another kinda choc bt it failed --> so d 1 whch was done was actly a last minute change of plans~ bt im still pretty satisfied~ ^^

despite bein a bit down bt i managed 2 pull things off well.. life gotta go on.. no matter how hard things go... i noe *n i reli belive* there are always those who would look after me.. n id def take care of them too.. *bt at diff degree 4 diff peepz* XD *i sound evil.. wait... i am evil... :D*

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

a dreamer's wish~

today is like yesterday
as the sun shines and the wind blows
and i let my soul rest
to sync and sing with the chirping birds
as yesterday becomes a history
and today becomes a memory
and i make a wish for tomorrow
even if the sun stop shining and the wind stop blowing
my heart would still overflow with this warm feeling
overflowing with joy
and thoughts of you.