Saturday, February 19, 2011

Plans for the 3 days Break~~~

okok so akhirnye isnin ni cuti *rindu nk gune bm >.<* hahaha nk kate all things r goin fine.. x reli... cm a bit disappointment bt there r also some joys here n there~but well.. wat is life wihtout d downs.. u cn nvr always b at d top~ being down makes u appreciate hw it feels 2 b up~ sumtin like tat.. sadness makes u appreciate happiness and pain makes u appreciate joy~ or sumtin like tat~~nevertheless... i have plans 4 d weekends~ 3 days break~~ at least these are the stuff i OUGHT to do... doesnt mean im gonna do it.. but i def shud >.<

1. clean up d room
2. laundry *tis is def goin.. since its a weekly thing* + cook sumtin nice 4 myself ^^ --> since ive been eatin xtremely simple stuff these days -.-;
3. start PHYS 110 paper
4. finish up korean composition
5. get done wif 'i-am-gonna-be-an-aunty-soon' project
6. get enuf sleep n rest
7. memorize vocab...
8. finish up reading 4 SISEA 242

ok.. 8.. only.. ONLY??!! >.< i guess i shud say.. 8???! a lot! >.< i wonder if ill b able 2 get it done by d end of monday.. maybe i would.. mayb i wouldnt.. but well.. i def shud gv it a shot! ^_^

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