Wednesday, April 28, 2010



Monday, April 26, 2010

at 5am~~~

its close 2 5 am n ive been up 4 almst an hour *GASP!!!* 2 reasons im up~~~ 1> i slept at 10pm.... 2> sahur~~ HEHEHEHE so yeah... u n i shud noe i wouldnt get up super early 4 fun~~~~ n well.. im gettin sleep again though i guess i shud study nw~~~ havent done much past weekend~~~~ n i hv a test 2day =.=" n i havent fnshd my readin due 2day, 2mr n thurs =.=" sad case...

crntly thinkin if i shud take a short nap aftr i pray n thn wake up n study or shud i jz study n mayb take a short afternoon nap aftr class or prhps aftr stretchin~~~ sounds better bt i mite end up dozin off while stretchin *i did tat twice~~ SAD!* mayb i do need more rest~~~ like wat my beloved neighbor told me to~~~ dun push myself 2 hard bt i guess i cant help it~~~ jz pray tat i dun get panda eyes... or migrain... tatz gud enuf~~~ ^^ at least i get all my work done.. i mite end up hibernating over d weekends though i doubt i could do tat.. another paper due on sunday... posted on9~~ so yeah tatz y its sunday.. LOL listenin 2 river flows in u, by yiruma *TNX LAN!!!* cz its so beautiful~~~

i was tinkin bout d things i could n couldnt do~~~ like hw self sustaining am i? hehehe honestly... i tink i could do almost everytin on my own bt at d cost of my health n sleep n body~~ like ill end up hurtin myself pretty badly at d end of d day bt i jz dun like 2 depend on people.. n trust me, it takes ages b4 i start 2 allow myself 2 rely on othrs... if i were 2 ask n seek 4 help it either means im reli desperate or uv achieve a certain amount of trust frm me n also when i ask 4 sumtin frm u or when i dun hesitate 2 say yes whn u offr sumtin 2 me... its pretty much hw much i trust u n well.. wif trust come othr things as well.... ^^ even so, it dpnds.. like ill try my best x 2 get othrs 2 help me out~~~ cz i duwan 2 b a burden i guess... ^^ i noe evry1 hs their own stf 2 do so yeah~~~ bt well... i dun mind helpin othrs if they need me 2~~ cz i guess my probz n burden mite x b as bad as othrs~~~ like at least mine is stil manageable~~ sumtin like tat ^^ bt sumtimes being 2 indpndnt makes me tink like~~~~ well.. nvm~~~ saje mengada XD

i guess im goin 2 pray n take a short nap~~ im feelin sleepy again~~~ nitezzzz *thoughts its morning* :P

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

as i was studyin. . .

ok honestly.. i shud b studyin 4 my midterm 2mr.. i was studyin ystrdy n today n nw im like fillin in d blanks 4 d terms which is comin out 2mr... bt well.. tis is sposed 2 b a short break.. jz a short one... like my brain is workin n thinkin on 2 things *at least* at d same time.. which means im x givin complete atntn 2 everytin i do.. like ill b tinkin of sumtin else at d same time bt at least efficiency wise.. its stil at fast rate.. so x tat bad... :D

so well.. ive been tinkin like... wat is a perfect person? HEHEHEHE well.. i noe im totally imperfect bt well.. at d same time i wan u 2 noe tat ur imperfectness is wat actly makes u perfect.. it makes u d perfect u... d u who is no1 else bt u.. n ill nvr change u 4 another u.. sumtin like tat... well.. i wouldnt imply tis 2 evry1 bt 2 d select few.. ^^ rahsia!!! XD unless if u reli hv some personality disorder tis is x applicable or if uve been annoyin me 2 much *whether u noe it or x* i guess u shud b hepi 4 who u r... evn if u hv some weird habits which inhibits u frm achievin certain things.. instead of changin urself totally.. i guess adapting could b quite gud.. n frm learnin 2 accept who u r.. adapt 2 urself.. then push urself 2 move further.. ^^ and well.. sumtimes tatz d best not oni 4 u but 4 those around u n 4 some if u were 2 change.. i would b.. well.. disturbed in a bad way.. like... i would feel disappointed n mad n sad at d same time.. i noe.. crazy me.. bt well... ^^

사랑하니까 고치지마세요~~~

Sunday, April 11, 2010

back in seattle!!

I was so hepi by d time my plane *wow* arrived at seatac... i was smiling like a mad gurl.. well.. honestly.. ive been smilin almost d whole of.. sumtin... which happened d day b4.. well... well... well... ummm... lets jz leave it as oni me *n whoeve involved though x idea if tat person involved noes or x bt i doubt so* noe y i was feelin light headed.. LOL its a small thing bt well... small things is wat reli matters 2 me i tink ^^ nevertheless....

bck in seattle frm la... so hepi.. la is nice n all *though i dun reli njoy d weather cz it was hot!!!* bt well.. it almost felt like goin home as soon as i started 2 head bck 2 seattle.. i noe im lookin 4ward 2 stuff here so yeah... d flight felt like ages initially bt then sdnly it felt so short.. b4 i noe it.. im bck in my apartment ^^ okok d next thingy.. x bother takin taxi frm airport.. better 2 get a towncar.. $$ saver... 4 real... x worth takin taxi reli.. though d reason i took it was cz i was told 2 go bck by taxi bt well.. i shud hv used my tiny brain n seriously rethink.. =.=" my tiny lil brain is shrinkin..n when i got bck sumtin took me by surprise... bt well.. let it b jz me who noe wat it is ^^ i wouldnt say its a gud one nor izit a bad one *i tink* i mean.. im x upset bout it bt @ d same time i wanna like... well.. lets jz leave d complicated details 2 me.. ^^ n i hv x idea y am i feelin like tis... so well... ^^ perhaps event 1 n 2 r related?? LOL stupid me ^^

gonna try 2 put most stuff behind n now STUDY!! ^^

Thursday, April 1, 2010

interesting fact(s)~~~

ok.. i was in celtic class jz now... and well... i found a new fact!! well.. my prof def din say tis bt i made dis rship b'ween one of d characters in bleach wif wat i jz learnd 2day in class.. u noe.. captain zaraki kenpachi's hair... lolz.. its so straight n hard n all.. n well.. frm wat i learn.. it is actly a culture of d celts 2 "wash" their hair wif lime and leave it 2 harden til apples could poke through the hair if they were placed there *or sumtin like tat: as said by my prof* i couldnt help but laugh in class coz of her statement bt sdnly it hit me.. wat if.. d mangaka colored zaraki kenpachi's characteristics based on the celts? d celts/gauls r always describe as fearless 2 d point of madness =.=" n well.. it pretty much fits him... wat do u tink? brilliant, eh? :D

oh yeah another thing... i ws readin one of my books for sis 201 n well.. guess wat.. nw i tink i noe y mayb those days pemerintah tanah melayu used gold coins instead of paper money n all.. its cz perhaps tatz d eziest way 2 trade since most country used gold 2 trade anyway.... although there were flaws from d gold n free trade thing bt well.. price influx, inflation... lolz bt well... im x sure if these 2 facts which i try 2 link r actly a mere coincidence or true.. bt it makes more sense now *i guess..* there goes my "y r they wastin gold into money 4 trade???" during hist class bck in school.. LOLZ *hepi 2 b enlightened* :D