Thursday, April 1, 2010

interesting fact(s)~~~

ok.. i was in celtic class jz now... and well... i found a new fact!! well.. my prof def din say tis bt i made dis rship b'ween one of d characters in bleach wif wat i jz learnd 2day in class.. u noe.. captain zaraki kenpachi's hair... lolz.. its so straight n hard n all.. n well.. frm wat i learn.. it is actly a culture of d celts 2 "wash" their hair wif lime and leave it 2 harden til apples could poke through the hair if they were placed there *or sumtin like tat: as said by my prof* i couldnt help but laugh in class coz of her statement bt sdnly it hit me.. wat if.. d mangaka colored zaraki kenpachi's characteristics based on the celts? d celts/gauls r always describe as fearless 2 d point of madness =.=" n well.. it pretty much fits him... wat do u tink? brilliant, eh? :D

oh yeah another thing... i ws readin one of my books for sis 201 n well.. guess wat.. nw i tink i noe y mayb those days pemerintah tanah melayu used gold coins instead of paper money n all.. its cz perhaps tatz d eziest way 2 trade since most country used gold 2 trade anyway.... although there were flaws from d gold n free trade thing bt well.. price influx, inflation... lolz bt well... im x sure if these 2 facts which i try 2 link r actly a mere coincidence or true.. bt it makes more sense now *i guess..* there goes my "y r they wastin gold into money 4 trade???" during hist class bck in school.. LOLZ *hepi 2 b enlightened* :D

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