Wednesday, April 21, 2010

as i was studyin. . .

ok honestly.. i shud b studyin 4 my midterm 2mr.. i was studyin ystrdy n today n nw im like fillin in d blanks 4 d terms which is comin out 2mr... bt well.. tis is sposed 2 b a short break.. jz a short one... like my brain is workin n thinkin on 2 things *at least* at d same time.. which means im x givin complete atntn 2 everytin i do.. like ill b tinkin of sumtin else at d same time bt at least efficiency wise.. its stil at fast rate.. so x tat bad... :D

so well.. ive been tinkin like... wat is a perfect person? HEHEHEHE well.. i noe im totally imperfect bt well.. at d same time i wan u 2 noe tat ur imperfectness is wat actly makes u perfect.. it makes u d perfect u... d u who is no1 else bt u.. n ill nvr change u 4 another u.. sumtin like tat... well.. i wouldnt imply tis 2 evry1 bt 2 d select few.. ^^ rahsia!!! XD unless if u reli hv some personality disorder tis is x applicable or if uve been annoyin me 2 much *whether u noe it or x* i guess u shud b hepi 4 who u r... evn if u hv some weird habits which inhibits u frm achievin certain things.. instead of changin urself totally.. i guess adapting could b quite gud.. n frm learnin 2 accept who u r.. adapt 2 urself.. then push urself 2 move further.. ^^ and well.. sumtimes tatz d best not oni 4 u but 4 those around u n 4 some if u were 2 change.. i would b.. well.. disturbed in a bad way.. like... i would feel disappointed n mad n sad at d same time.. i noe.. crazy me.. bt well... ^^

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