Saturday, February 21, 2009

Korean Class- its d 1st time!!

kurassu wa hajimemasu!!!

din noe i could end up being d blurest kid on earth in a language class (summore since im d eldest... d others r my sis n her fwen..) felt kinda idiotic bt well.. tis language is perfectly new 2 me.. due 2 d fact ive been focusing on jap so yeah.. im totally left behind in class jz nw.. bt doesnt matter.. bit by bit i hope 2 b able 2 catch up

nw d big prob... my schedule is packd enuf wout another lang 2 study n nw i hv n xtra sub.. i wonder hw am i gonna revise tat sub.. gotta learn 2 find time.. squeeze around 30 mins perday 2 revise.. esp d pronunciation part.. OMG!! i thought im about 2 choke... guess coz its my first time..

d teacher is nice enuf.. i 4got wats teacher in korean alredi.. sansonni or sonsanmi or sumtin like tat -im such a 4getful person, tatz y my jap studies is SOOO slow-

hw more 2 go... haihzzz... ne1 wanna help me 2 finish them up????

Friday, February 20, 2009

n i had nutin better 2 do..

today i have loadz of assignments.. its frm d whole week (not reli d whole actly) n nw i havent touched them yet.. dun feel like doin though its like stacks of assignments n hw... i havent been in a mood 4 d last few days... no matter hw much i try i realized ive been spacing out quite a lot lately.. even in classes hmm well... malaysian i guess.. coz i kinda njoy bein in islamic... hehehe =D

each work im doin i cant gv my full conc.. ask nurul hw ws i doin my hw tis morn.. talkin rather than doin... my mind is jz not straight yet.. n my heart has been turnin upside down these past few days.. its a kinda feelin which hurts bt at d same time i treasure it.. hmm.. i wonder hw am i spose 2 put it in words.. its diff i guess... a feeling which rarely comes bt comin bck these few days.. haihzz.. n mayb tatz y ive been noisier than usually (ive always been noisy.. bt i tink tis week slight xtra than usual..)

i hv realized my sleepin trend.. among d whole week there definitely gonna b 1 day where ill wake up at 6 sumtin tis week its thurs, last week its wed.. its always between wed n thurs... huhu n nw i askd sue 2 wake me up.. hehehe bad enuf eh, not able 2 wake up as early as i hope.. n if i were 2 force myself 2 stay up then d next day ill oversleep.. huhu

oh yeah.. im a lil bit worried 4 my results dis sem.. i gotta get 3.5 n above or say gudbye 2 flyin tis year.. do pray 4 me! whoeva goin 2 us... do tell me.. who noes i mite cook up lunch 4 ya! =)

I LUV MY FAM, MATES N EDUCATORS.... if i were 2 luv sumtin, i could rmmbr evry single detail of it n if i were 2 hate sumtin i would hate it 4eva.. i sound like an evil freak.. XP im tired.. i wanna rest... i jz wanna b able 2 close my eyes n empty my mind n find d peace n calmness within me... would sum1 guide me?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

10 Nafas

Nafas pertama,
'Ain terbuka-pandangan pertama;
Nafas kedua,
Gegelung kasih mencengkam jiwa;
Nafas ketiga,
Jasad menggerak menggapai lelangit;
Nafas keempat,
Mencari cita sesirnar bintang;
Nafas kelima,
Mencari cinta tak kunjung tiba;
Nafas keenam,
Mengenal Illahi yang satu;
Nafas ketujuh,
Dambaan jiwa-ketenangan;
Nafas kelapan,
Cinta dan cita dalam genggaman;
Nafas kesembilan,
Mutlak diriku untukMu;
Nafas kesepuluh,
Yang terbuka sudah terkatup,
Yang bermula telah berakhir.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

d gud things whch happened

several gud things hv happened i spose.. lemme list them down.. im sooo glad tat i cant help smiling n close 2 tears.. tears of joy btw...

1. topaz won bangsawan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 awards babe! =D

2. ive finished my interview wif penn.. so glad its over

3. ive got an offer from wash

4. i managed 2 do my maths 162 hw though not all r correct... bt i tried! =D

5. i miss my mates.. (is tat a gud thing?)

guess tatz all 4 d time being... time is runnin out 4 me 2 b in mas... 4 d time being i noe ill b leavin in sept bt then.. if i got other offers i mite leave earlier.. mayb... mayb...

bt 4 d time being.. i wanna b free n njoy d gud things!!!!!!!! XD