Saturday, September 17, 2011

i had nutin 2 do...

when i have nutin to do..
and i listen to slow songs *as if i dun do do tis daily*
so i end up doin tis....

The Uncertain Yesterday 

Staring at the moon, on a silent night
Silently thinking
Will this sweet tasting yesterday last till my last breath?
Will this heart warming yesterday last till my last breath?
If I could hold on to the memory of yesterday
If I could hold on to the feeling from yesterday
Will the feeling called happiness be mine?
Or will it fade away and leave me with the feeling of emptiness?

Hoping the lonely moonlight would sing me the answers
And yet all I had was more to ponder
Will he be just another past?
or will he be more than a mere memory?

Walking through this rocky road of life
Swimming through the sea of fate
As we fade from each other's sight
I silently ponder
Will yesterday be another past or the future?

 ok done! ^^ --> after re-reading it.. i wonder if there is any aesthetic value in that or if it even makes sencse *an obvi sign tat i should read more* -.-;;

Monday, September 12, 2011


let's see.............................

7 weeks had passed since i started my internship..
n nw its over...
approx 2 more weeks 2 go b4 i head 4 korea --> seattle sometimes i wonder..
y does time fly soo fast esp when it is something which i wan it 2 last... s
omething imp... at least 2 me ^^
no matter hw trivial peepz mite tink it is...
it need x b sometin big or eye catching..
 evn sumtin small.. evn sumtin as simple as a smile.. it could def make my day.. ^^
*n yes, im still smilin 4 a reason* ^^
so internship~~~ i totally njoyed d whole 7 weeks...
n i did wish it could last longer or at least 4 time 2 pass by slower
no.. it doesnt mean d job was ez... bt i def did fall in luv with d atmosphere.. ^^
i wouldnt mind returnin 2 kbs..
bt id say ive kinda set my eys on kln..
though where ill b sent by jpa is yet a question unans til i grad n report bck 4 duty~
i wonder if ill eva find a workin atm as fun as wat i went through..
all d laughters and jokes... all d frowns n complaints~ xD
but cant deny im totally exhausted as soon as i get bck
 -->nap in d car or passing out by 9pm xD <-- which is sooo not me xD *oni d passing out early~*
but owh well...
there is a reason 4 everytin, i guess
wonder wats in store 4 me in d future wonder hw wat i go thru 2day will affect my future....
such is how life works... wonders of life... wat we cherish today shall remain wif us forever...
d tiniest things which peepz usually overlook.. is wt actly could touch another's heart.. i guess... ^^
at least i noe tat is kinda true... 4 me at least...

 enuf wif my rambling on work... movin on~

 my cute baby niece!!
gosh.. im so happy i went 2 perak...
 gosh.. i wish i could meet her again b4 i leave...
 or mayb i shall try my best 2 wait patiently till i come bck 2 msia...
perhaps dec, nxt year, or in 2 years time? O_O
she is def x my 1st niece.. bt at least d first baby niece...
hehehe anak2 sedare yg ade skrg sume x jauh beza umo.. so i guess d xcitement is diff....
yeah i hv baby cuz who r really tiny... and young...
 bt still.. it gvs a diff kinda feeling... its more like..i cant reli dscrb it in words...
anyways.. more like.. d nxt gen of d fam is jumpin 2 d nxt step in life...
n well.. long story.. bt there r various othr reasons y i hv these kinda mixd feelin... -.-;;;;
aftr d age of 21.. u do kinda change ur perspective on certain things on life, dun u?
mayb tis is wat u call as bein more matured...
hmm.. bt lookin at hw i act.. i doubt im movin in2 tat drctn~

nxt few things whch i need 2 do:
1. study (korean n environment)
2. buy stuff
3. pack stuff (seattle n korea)
4. get enuf rest!
5. pick out new dramas n animes while my break lasts.. (as if it makes a diff when school starts)