Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm a BigBang member!!!

juz wanna tell evry1 im in BigBang! -proud eh 2 hv me as a fwen-

juz during my Calculus 162 class... it was chosen by my mates...

i noe sum r cursing me... wth is wrong wif this idiotic gurl...

guess its true in sum ways!! :D

Friday, January 16, 2009


i was doin maths when sdnly i remembered.. d week i was told 2 leave ky i jz told my mum i am not goin bck home over d weekends since d holz is jz 1 week away.. n it was a day b4 i got d call i tink... i thought it was of no significance bt then nw i tink its jz a way 2 show tat things dun always go d way i want it 2 be... instead of not goin bck 4 d weekends, i ended up goin bck 4eva.. ironic, eh? =)

hw i get 2 remember tis.. i tink d stress wif calculus 4 bus 2 did it.. on thurs i tink i was talkin n laughin all d time despite notin was particularly hilarious.. my mates were shocked n mayb kinda scared of me at tat time bt nw im kinda stable though it brought back certain stuf which nvr crossed my mind b4... hehehe

n ystrdy i managed 2 shock a couple of guys 4 playin dota.. seriously, im not gud at it.. jz 2 release d tense frm 162 n tatz bout it.. bt they were shocked i cn tell ya tat 4 sure :D

seriously.. im doin my maths at d mo... graphs again.. i hv been stuck wif tis 4 d whole week.. lab report is not done yet... gonna get it done latest 2nite!!

back 2 work! ;)

Sunday, January 11, 2009


somehow these past few days i feel a lil bit disturbed. instead of looking forward 2 classes in taylors, ive been tinkin a lot bout kyuem.. hehehe though things r under control, i hv a feelin tat im bein slightly sensitive these past few days...ive been tinkin n tinkin.. tat at times if im not careful im certain i would b drowned in thoughts, again.. tinkin of 'if' again.. =) not a gud thing 2 do, i assure u

wonder hw things gonna turn out tis sem.. i realized at times wat i say n tink r 2 diff things... there is definitely a mask im wearing; concealin d part of me.. im inside a glass box.. protecting my heart from those i dislike.. bt i guess d glass is about 2 break.. 2 many things hv happened.. 2 many events which caused it 2 crack n alas its either i soar or ill sink... things happen 4 a reason n i havent forgiven myself and d other party.. n i spose tatz wat put me in tis tight position... an unforgiving loneliness at times.. barely 4get d meaning of it since last aug bt i spose life is unperfect... d imperfectness makes me tink... n tink.. n at times get tired of tinking...

nevertheless, i shall find a reason 2 move on.. though my heart is still behind bt i guess i gotta go.. n leave a part of me behind.. i still am tinkin wat if.. even rite nw... still tinkin n it wont stop till sumtin larger happen n mite take me by surprise... as much as d july n aug surprise... as long as i havent forgiven myself 4 d decision... i guess ill b stuck like tis 4eva...

so, lets start d 2nd part of my journey.. like wat sum1 said b4, i hv d most interestin edu journey in my fam n slowly it mite kill me frm knowin my self.. it mite make me a good actress though.. mayb i shud take up theater class soon... =P

l.e.t.s.w.o.r.k.h.a.r.d.t.o.a.c.h.i.e.v.e.o.u.r.d.r.e.a.m.z.t.h.o.u.g.h.i.t.w.o.u.l.d.m.e.a.n.i.n .f.l.i.c.t.i.n.g.p.a.i.n.o.n.s.e.l.f.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Walking down the path,
Where birds fly free, breeze singing,
Sakura floating.

Moon, remain hidden,
And darkness embraces me,
Immutable curse.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

wat im up 2...

wat am i up 2 these few days.. nutin much.. bt soon aftr im bck frm kenyir i was tinkin of writin a myth bout koi fish.. dun ask me y.. sdnly koi seem 2 b appealing 2 my eyes.. they remind me of those olden chinese stories where they hv this long beard n moustache as well.. hehehe juz crossed my mind.. bt well.. workin on it at d mo.. though d settin will b in japan (as if ive been there..) research is definitely needed bt i hv no idea whether i will b able 2 end tis work of mine or not.. lately all ive been writing ends up hanging half way through.. i wasnt able 2 conc on them properly.. sumtin is buggin me i spose...

nw im not well (again) flu n all.. not forgettin body ache... evrytin seems 2 b wrong at times... miraculously i woke up at 6am 2day though i told myself 2 go 2 bed again coz i wasnt feelin gud... college is startin again n im dreading 2 start classes... d holz hv spoilt me that i dun feel like studyin yet.. huhu help me!!! im sooooooooooo lazy.... esp since i havent got my timetable when others hv obtained theirs...

k, better get bck 2 work..sat is comin up!! -wish me luck!- =)