Friday, June 10, 2011

on the way back home~~~

there goes my almost-one-day travel in korea ^^
it was so short.. yet i think it is more memorable this time~~
honestly, knowing korean does allow more things to happen around me~
hing~ such as talking with my crappy korean with people + trying hard to graps what the other person is talking about with my worse than limited vocab -.-;;;
but i would say.. regardless of that... i managed to survive!
and i wasnt too worried of getting lost *due to my lack of sense of direction --> it is almost unavoidable.. except when im in seattle*
despite the hot weather *i frowned quite a bit when walking under the hot sun + definitely hot weather* -.-;;;;
now on d way back home ^^

Thursday, June 9, 2011

another academic year has passed~

i cant believe another academic year has gone... and i am on the way back home.. once again..
it was so fun that time passes within a blink of an eye...
for all my complaints *because of workload, etc but it felt like time passed by too quickly....
what happened to my 24 hours per day?
what have i done that it went away without me realizing it?
it almost felt like i was in a dream and i just woke up from a bitter-sweet dream ^^
can the dream repeat itself?

a new academic year is gone
while some are leaving to achieve their own dreams..
there will always be new people to meet with~
while excitement in meeting with them is undeniable
the memories we painted together is an unforgettable landscape
remembering the good times we spent together
can time just stop
or better,
can i go back to the days when we are all together?

the picture we painted together is so beautiful that it hurts to look at it from afar... ^^