Monday, June 28, 2010


오늘 선생님 만났어요~ 도서관에 가고 있지만 선생님이 봤고 선생님하고 얘기했어요! 아주 좋아요! ^_^

and it also made me realize hw much i miss studyin Korean >.< mayb i shud start studyin as soon as im done wif my summer classes!!!! 아마 일본말도 배울 거에요! ㅋㅋㅋ depends on hw it goes.. i noe i hv 2 books waitin 2 b read... yay 4 leisure reading!!!

bck 2 study! ;)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

i jz realized~~

i've been readin a book on southeast asia in world hist...

well~~ its for my class~~ so yeah tatz y~~~

i found quite a lot of facts about msia again.. pretty similar 2 wat we learnd bck @ cfil i would say~~~ sultan mansur shah.. mahmud shah~~~ parameswara.. etc... LOL fascinating bt a bit dull i tink~~ though i dun rmmbr evrytin in details d fact tat i noe most of d stuff does make readin it again a bit of a bore bt well... i stil read thru.. or more like glance thru~~ hehehe speed reading!!!

anyway~~~ ive been lookin at d cover of d book.. n i noe d cover looks so familiar bt i cant pinpoint y izit so~~~ asyik tenung je tp cm.. eh~~ familiar bt then i put it off my brain.. as a prove on hw tiny my brain is.. after havin d book 4 almost 1 week nw i jz realized its d pic of buildings in KL!!! XD not d twin tower or KL tower bt i tink its d mahkamah kat kl 2~~~ yg d brown-ish building 2.. LOL i dunno wats d star-like-shape bangunan name bt i noe its in KL XD n ade hibiscus n sign 50km/h LOL sweet, rite! XD