Sunday, June 28, 2009

Untitled 2

Life is a mysterious journey; path unknown and ending unexpected.
The ending of one episode of our life indicated the beginning of another.
Though the beginning might be sober, the path might be just the opposite.
As us, humans, dream of big things: Successful career, luxurious life, high salary
We forget the true meaning of life.
We forget what a smile would do to us.
How it could move the cloudy days away, with only a sincere smile from our loved ones.
As we try to catch the stars, we leave imprints on the soil.
For every step we take, we leave a memory behind.
Each step, a new journey.
Each step, a new environment.
Each step, a new realization.
Which in turn, brings in experience and humility.
And at the end, makes us a person seen by others as who we are today: for better or worse.
An imprint and a memory, not only to the soil, or solely to our self souls but also to those around us.
Be it hated or loved, liked or dislike, we made an impression.
An impression which could last a life time.
Even as the years would have clouded our old memory of childhood, if we were to have a true memory, a true companion in life, the best thing which we would remember,
The things which we would miss most...
Is no other than their smile, which brought kindness and warmth to the frozen and wounded soul of ours.