Friday, June 27, 2008

Evry1 is gone!

well, literally speakin d title is almost true.. not 2 say evry1 hs gone missing but well, not evry1 reli.. but almosy evrybody is startin their studies! nw ill b left alone soon... but i wil alwayz have farah eliza since she wil b around til september..

lets c... who hs started.. almost evry1 is gonna start their studies soon! inclusive of farzan, mas, reen, khairul, nabil, iylia, athina, iz.. evry1! even kavi is in nz now... n i wil b startin oni tis 15th july... which is almost d last person 2 start.. i noe janet wil b startin sumwhere in august.. n yeah a change of plan, instead of goin 2 kdu ill b leavin 4 kyuem.. but im stil waitin 4 d offer letter.. i sent my application form n at d mo stil waitin 4 d offer letter.. i hope there is stil place 4 me.. juz one tiny place 4 me.. ( called tiny place 4 me...)

i got an economics textbook frm a friend of mine.. it is seriously thick but i gotta believe in myself tat i cn do it as much as i believe my friends wil b able 2 succeed in wateva field they r in.. frm tesl 2 engineering 2 medic 2 dentistry 2 econs 2 law.. n wateva more... lots of field n i kinda found d rite path 4 me though im still keepin my options open... wateva comes 2 me n if its suitable ill definitely take it!

so d countdown begins 4 me 2 leave 4 lembah beringin n i shall bid my fellow friends sayonara n gambatte kudassai! :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Cfill Open Day.

it was cfil open day.. well, unlike open days in colleges, uni, etc.. tis is d day parents go 2 d school n get feedbacks on their child's behaviour n take bck d report card n all sorts of things.. this is d day where certain students of cfil fear d most...u cn tell when students juz dun want their parents 2 noe wat they did in school..

d open day starts at 4 pm but it was raining reli heavily b4 tat.. so we went 2 school at 5.oo pm... un42nately, all d other classes were empty, as in not many parents left but my sis class was ful of parents! well, i din go alone so i left my mum in d classroom n went around wif megan.. i met her mother n all 3 of us were talkin happily.. chit chatting n yeah at d same time sweating. i thought it would b cool after rain but it was soo hot tat i was sweatin madly.. we talkd bout all kinds of stuff frm school 2 colleges 2 d current issues.. it was cool n d best is megan n her mum as well as her sis.. they look so alike! its alomst unlike me n my siblings.. i look d most different among them.. at least peepz cn tell my bro n sis r siblings but not me.. =(

i also met a few of my students.. darrel, thina, faris, paran n a few more 2g guys.. n i even had a drink wif kak diyana n met en zuraimi.. talkd wif few of them.. sposed 2 meet faris but 4got bout it so smsd him.. he got 71 for kh! tinggi 2.. im soo proud of him.. even my other students frm fail got c for science.. im so happy 4 them... reli happy... n i miss them too...

we went bck around 645 or sumtin like tat.. it took us ages there.. but im sitl happy 2 meet most of them.. 2 be around them again.. 2 feel d environment of bein a teacher n yes, a student as well.. n yet watch it frm another view again.. as an outsider.. how odd.. im missin evrytin i hv...

Monday, June 16, 2008

after 5 years!

so as usual 2day...i went 2 fetch my sis frm school.. i do expect to meet some of my friends... juf, farah n khairul as usual.. juz hang around wif them... tat have been my routine wif my group of friends.. while waitin 4 our siblings 2 come bck frm school... its kinda a small meetin b4 we start our studies again..

so as usual, i saw juf, khairul, farah n irfan 2day... n mas arif... so i talkd wif farah.. at d same time, i heard juf mentioning a name which is practically reli familiar 2 me.. a friend like no other.. annoying but warm 2 hv wif.. its been 5 years since i met tat friend as mine...

i heard d name n ignored it coz mayb juf juz mentioned his name.. n i din c him around... til after farah n khairul went bck.. juf askd me 2 go d other side of khairul's car n there he was! farzan! after years!

i got so hyped up! i tink i was smiling away.. n my first hello greet 2 him was a hit on d shoulder.. i was so xcited tat i thought my brain stopped functioning 4 a while.. silly isnt it? but well.. d xcitement of seeing him again aftet 5 years... n d fact tat he hs always been a dear friend of mine... mayb tatz y it was a total xcitement n hyped me up...

so we talkd n juf said he calld me but i din hear him n he said d same thing.. i felt so bad.. but sape suro dia dok kat tyre keta... truk btul.. but i dun care coz i was soo hepi 2 c him again.. ureshii desu! honto yo! it was oni a few minutes encounter n yet, it left me hyped up til now.. xcept 4 d fact tat im gettin sleepy n my head is hurting me badly...

a new shocking fact.. juf n i were in d same house in primary school.. n oni farzan remembers i was bendahara last time n i definitely remember he is temenggong..well, i guess when u seperate frm friends after a long time.. it is fun 2 meet up again.. n juz 2 c their face can make our day!


Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Failures... Dissappointment..

2 things we wil alwayz go thru in life.. i went thru 1 when i was 16.. leaving sumtin i reli care behind.. sumtin i always dreamed of.. yeah it hurts.. though it left a mark but at least it thought me 2 b stronger in a way.. tat things never go d way we want it 2 b at all times...

as for 2day.. i juz checkd my scholarship result.. and mayb it is not my luck, but i am a lil bit dissappointed by d fact tat i din get d scholarship.. i am rejected, once again.. after d rayuan thingy.. haihzz.. mayb its juz not my time yet.. but i guess.. i gotta take it positively and well.. make it a reason 2 do better in my studies in d future n get straight a for my a levels.... no reason 2 give up!

life is always unfair.. not reli always.. one thing i realised is tat usually d small things in life such as meeting sum1 again... when i pray 4 tat 2 happen it does happen.. like hw i prayed 2 meet sum1 again several times :)... but now, well, i guess... i dunno... dissappoinment.. stil tremblin.. but well.. life gotta go on..

a failure can b one mans falling pit or it can be d wings for a man 2 fly towards their dreams... choose wisely... n i chose 2 fly.. far away! towards my dreams.. thought many said tat d path i chose mite not b d best 4 me.. science stream offers me better choices in d future.. but i wanna b hepi wif my life.. wanna b hepi wif my career.. so arts stream is my choice... n i wil push myself harder 2 fulfil my dreams.. no matter wat comes in d future... i wil overcome all obstacles n create d new me who is stronger and wiser in many ways...

resolution of d day : never give up in life!

KDU... here i come! =)