Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Failures... Dissappointment..

2 things we wil alwayz go thru in life.. i went thru 1 when i was 16.. leaving sumtin i reli care behind.. sumtin i always dreamed of.. yeah it hurts.. though it left a mark but at least it thought me 2 b stronger in a way.. tat things never go d way we want it 2 b at all times...

as for 2day.. i juz checkd my scholarship result.. and mayb it is not my luck, but i am a lil bit dissappointed by d fact tat i din get d scholarship.. i am rejected, once again.. after d rayuan thingy.. haihzz.. mayb its juz not my time yet.. but i guess.. i gotta take it positively and well.. make it a reason 2 do better in my studies in d future n get straight a for my a levels.... no reason 2 give up!

life is always unfair.. not reli always.. one thing i realised is tat usually d small things in life such as meeting sum1 again... when i pray 4 tat 2 happen it does happen.. like hw i prayed 2 meet sum1 again several times :)... but now, well, i guess... i dunno... dissappoinment.. stil tremblin.. but well.. life gotta go on..

a failure can b one mans falling pit or it can be d wings for a man 2 fly towards their dreams... choose wisely... n i chose 2 fly.. far away! towards my dreams.. thought many said tat d path i chose mite not b d best 4 me.. science stream offers me better choices in d future.. but i wanna b hepi wif my life.. wanna b hepi wif my career.. so arts stream is my choice... n i wil push myself harder 2 fulfil my dreams.. no matter wat comes in d future... i wil overcome all obstacles n create d new me who is stronger and wiser in many ways...

resolution of d day : never give up in life!

KDU... here i come! =)


Nina Farhana XD said...

You know what i want to do?..I want to give u a big bear hug..*hugs*!!!
I miss u girl!!XD
Jangan sedih2 tau..think positive,setiap yg berlaku ade hikmahnyer..:-D

nurain said...

hihihi..tnx farhana! wat r u doin nw? lame x dgr citer.. do u hv ane messenger?

Nina Farhana XD said...

Owh sekarang ini..masih menganggur huhu..I tolak tawaran UTM..:-( a bit sad tapi hah..bersebab..XD
ANYWAY,i ade msn..add me up at :-D