Friday, June 27, 2008

Evry1 is gone!

well, literally speakin d title is almost true.. not 2 say evry1 hs gone missing but well, not evry1 reli.. but almosy evrybody is startin their studies! nw ill b left alone soon... but i wil alwayz have farah eliza since she wil b around til september..

lets c... who hs started.. almost evry1 is gonna start their studies soon! inclusive of farzan, mas, reen, khairul, nabil, iylia, athina, iz.. evry1! even kavi is in nz now... n i wil b startin oni tis 15th july... which is almost d last person 2 start.. i noe janet wil b startin sumwhere in august.. n yeah a change of plan, instead of goin 2 kdu ill b leavin 4 kyuem.. but im stil waitin 4 d offer letter.. i sent my application form n at d mo stil waitin 4 d offer letter.. i hope there is stil place 4 me.. juz one tiny place 4 me.. ( called tiny place 4 me...)

i got an economics textbook frm a friend of mine.. it is seriously thick but i gotta believe in myself tat i cn do it as much as i believe my friends wil b able 2 succeed in wateva field they r in.. frm tesl 2 engineering 2 medic 2 dentistry 2 econs 2 law.. n wateva more... lots of field n i kinda found d rite path 4 me though im still keepin my options open... wateva comes 2 me n if its suitable ill definitely take it!

so d countdown begins 4 me 2 leave 4 lembah beringin n i shall bid my fellow friends sayonara n gambatte kudassai! :)

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