Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Change of Plan!

So I thought I was goin 2 kdu... but now i actually am goin 2 kyuem.. when i ans peepz q on where i was goin.. i said kyuem (recently..) n they actually would ask me wat is tat n where izit... ive nown bout tis college 4 quite sumtime.. din noe it was actually unpopular wif others..

so actually kyuem is kolej yayasan uem.. it is located in lembah beringin.. n im takin up a levels (econs, maths, history) it is not located in a place like kbu, kdu, etc where it is in d center of d city n such.. but i spose it is a place where students can concentrate on their studies since there arent any distractions.. n well, i wil b stayin there since it is 1 hour drive frm home.. it is compulsory 4 students 2 stay in i guess... n wil b stayin in either an apartment or a chalet.. in each chalet there is 4 rooms n each room is 4 one student.. privacy.. cool! n well, swimming is compulsory there 2 n honsetly speakin its ages since i last swam... i juz hope i dun bcome d idiot in d pool..

so. well.. tatz bout it.. 15 july is registration day.. i guess it is gonna b kinda sad since its my mum's bday at d same time.. n i havent done d bday card yet! im wastin time.. better start doin one now.. so guess ill record wat happens durin orientation once im free! :)


Faye S.S said...

wow... ur goin to kyuem too..?
this is so cool..since we'll be..err.. collegemates? lol..

nurain said...

yeah! im goin tis 15th! cool ur goin there 2.. sumtin like collegemates.. tis is xcitin!