Monday, November 29, 2010


so~ im supposed 2 write my essay but i end up doing this *i hv the outline ready though~ so its not like i havent worked on anything at all XD*

or is it tears?
and my sight blurred
but i could clearly see a figure walking
into the unending dark
and i stood there alone, in the cold
i wanted to call your name
but my voice disappeared, engulfed by the dark night
i wanted to run to you
but my feet were tied, attached to the clinging shadows
eyes shut tight
and a silent prayer
just for another moment, for the last time
hold me tight.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

내 생각하는 것~

너 때문에~ 오랫동안 기다리거든~
그렇지만 너 지금 다른 사람 샐각해~
만나면 기쁘지만 지금 아주 우울하거든
기분이 나쁘고 슬버도 너 아무것도 몰라~
중용한 사람 있어서 행복하게 살아~
너 행복하면 마음이 좀 아프지만 널 위해서 웃을 거야~
아마~ 다시 만날텐데 아직 웃을 거야~
너 나한테 아주 중용하나까~
매일 매일 너 행복하면 좋겠어~
내 마음이 아프도 너 잘 살아면 좋겠어~
너 없어도 난 살 수 있지~
날 위해, 가족을 휘해서~ 살아야 해~
이제 너 필요없어됴 모르지만 난 계숙 살 가야~
계속 웃고 열심히 공부해~ ㅠㅠ (왜 공부????!!!)
아프지만 이제부터 잊기로 했다
이제부터 잊을 거야~
이제부터 열심히 잊어 봐~ ^_^

Sunday, November 14, 2010

a child's journey

a forsaken child
standing alone on a long dark road
staring blankly at the ground
thoughts creeping through her mind
"is a lost soul bound to return?"

the cold nights and the dark sky was solitude
engulfing the innocence of a child
forgetting the meaning of hope
missing the meaning of joy
the hollowness of her soul was clear
reflected in the empty eyes tainted with fear
staring up the blank sky
searching for the hidden answer to an unknown question.

a lost child
silently standing in the dark
waiting for the unknown
searching for the unknown
the ache of an empty soul darkened by solitude
silently searching for the ray of hope
silently praying for a touch of warmth
a sudden voice from within
"im searching for the moon; the light within the dark."