Sunday, November 14, 2010

a child's journey

a forsaken child
standing alone on a long dark road
staring blankly at the ground
thoughts creeping through her mind
"is a lost soul bound to return?"

the cold nights and the dark sky was solitude
engulfing the innocence of a child
forgetting the meaning of hope
missing the meaning of joy
the hollowness of her soul was clear
reflected in the empty eyes tainted with fear
staring up the blank sky
searching for the hidden answer to an unknown question.

a lost child
silently standing in the dark
waiting for the unknown
searching for the unknown
the ache of an empty soul darkened by solitude
silently searching for the ray of hope
silently praying for a touch of warmth
a sudden voice from within
"im searching for the moon; the light within the dark."

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