Monday, November 24, 2008

d ractar visit =)

After weeks of planning at last we had time 2 go 2 ractar.. we cancelled our visit twice I tink n now we had d time 2 go.. those involved r me, laili, khairil, syamim, reen!, aitidal, hasanah, raihan, nurul, hazmira. We arrived around 1030 coz d transportation did not come.. hmm..sumhow… so reen fetchd all of them n I went wif reen as well.. frm home =)

At first it was intro session… n thn we had ice breaking.. akma n achik was wif me.. both from primary.. cfil.. my primary school too.. akma is in year 6 which achik is in year 2… all of us were given d opportunity 2 conduct our session wif them as we please.. hw I started.. 4 d first half hour (or more) we talkd bout ourselves.. teachers in cfil… n then crap a lil bit ere n there =) –its normal of me 2 do tat- n then I started my eng activities… started out wif spelling bee. Though we mix eng n malay in our comm. But its fine 2 me.. I got them 2 spell n write d words out.. I joined them 2… hihi as usual.. 2 get d fun as well..

D next activity I did was charade.. I get them 2 act out as a few animals n objects n they were definitely shy.. but then, they did it neways… a few mins after charade, reen decided 2 join our group. Soo sorry, bt I 4gotten d name of d 2 gurls… we continued wif charade but tis time there were 4 of us.. hehehe kinda nice… reen def have a knack on torturing kids I tink.. I gottta learn frm her on how 2 do it.. =) reen is def more motherly than me.. im whackier n crazier I spose… =P then sum of d gurls wanted 2 perform.. dances.. nice ones… 1 frm d song sway n d other is tarian kipas.. nice job gals! Next up was raihan singing.. then d kids.. then raihan again.. then d whole lot of us.. =) –malu la suara terlalu ‘sedap’- =P

At last it was 1230.. time 2 go bck home… time 4 them 2 have lunch.. it was shockin hw fast 2 hours passed… we din realized at all… n thn all of us bid each other goodbye.. hasanah’s bag was popular.. a kid kept on takin her bag everywhere… n cried when she gotta part frm hasanah…. Sad, eh? But we njoyd ourselves a lot.. reli2 a lot… khairil was 2… I tink he was in a way touchd when d kids calld him abang… n he was hepi he was able 2 relay his experience 2 those kids.. connectin wif others in a diff way than usual.. nice, rite? relationships r blessing 4 all of us… =)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

d journey

Im writing tis a few days after d event coz I dunno y.. mayb xhausted or slightly bz.. finals r indeed comin soon.. so yeah… d delayin process… n nw im typin in college as im drop dead free til sumwhere in d afternoon when things will suddenly get hectic =(

Ok neways… it was a thurs.. last thurs when both hasanah and I went to KL in order to ‘teman’ Kee Hee for her informal interview for Cornell U. we were sposed 2 go 2 d guys office but they ended up meeting in maju junction and both of them had lunch in pizza hut. Thank goodness I went with them coz if not hasanah will b alone around ¾ of the time in kl… we had lunch together.. went to giant (as if we dun stay close enuf 2 giant… huhu.. sebelah casa je…) n I kept on buyin cut fruits.. more cut fruits n more fruits..

Hw did we get there.. taxi!! Kee hee paid d whole things n it made us kinda guilty.. (tnx loadz dear!!) n thn we started walkin around… we hv not even d slightest idea where 2 walk around in kl… I mite b a gurl who have stayd in subang 4 almost all of my life but I nvr take heed on wats around.. sleepyhead, I am.. keep on sleepin in d car.. hehehe =P so we kept on walking (summore it was in d afternoon!!) n reachd d monorel station…

Then we all looked at d route.. where shall we go? Berjaya? Boring.. so we headed to kl sentral straight… n well we walkd there n noticed d walkway was pretty dirty… rubbish all over.. I wonder y do peepz throw rubbish everywhere since it is a place where tourist do come often.. kinda makes a bad image 4 malaysians, aite? It got me thinking.. wat hv bcome of our awareness on cleanliness… if we could keep our house clean all d time (unlike me.. but I hate throwin rubbish in public) y cant we do d same 4 our country.. its our country newayz…

So then we walkd around kl central 4 a few hours.. I saw a fruit stall (happy me!!) n checkd out d price of cherries.. bloody expensive! 80+ per kg! I was soo shockd that I gaspd when I saw d price… quickly recovering frm d shock we got ourselves ice cream!! (yay, my fav!!) n thn we sat coz my feet were aching… reli2 aching (I got a blister neways…) n thn set 2 get our ktm ticket at d machine.. d machine is sooo fussy.. it wouldn’t accept my RM10 coz its slightly crumpled but it swallowed my RM5.. d new RM5 easily.. annoyin machine… there goes my cute, lil RM5… n when we wanted 2 find d platform we got a lil bit lost.. we were finding 4 platform 5 but ended up at d stairs of platform 1 & 2 I tink.. n we were all.. where is platform 5!! Made us look like some.. well… dunno where peepz… like sesat oni.. but then we realized tat d stairs 2 d platform 5 is juz d one opposite where we were standing.. gosh, it was embarrassing!!

After waitin for quite a long time for d ktm it managed to arrive… hehehe… =P we got on n waited to arrive at subang station. Arrived, kee hee askd us out 2 sunway for dinner.. she got us dinner neways… so we were tinking hw shud we go there… n ended up on a bus mini… I thought d bus might hv dropped or netin like tat coz it was in a majorly bad condition.. but well.. we managed 2 arrive safely at sunway despite d bad jam n all.. it was raining n I tink there was a leakage in d bus.. hmm…. Nvm, wats important is we arrived in one piece… =)
In sunway, we walkd around… round n round… n when I go 4 my prayers, both hasanah n kee hee went walkin sumwhere else n they ended up goin 2 d toilet instead of d surau 2 get me after im done prayin… hihihi (hasanah la ni jd guide.. trus sesat =P) we had dinner in mcd… talkd loadz.. n hear both of d gurls tell me an ‘interesting’ dream of theirz.. (oww it’s a secret!) hihi.. but I doubt tat would b true though.. unless… unless… =)

We left sunway at 8pm… it was raining n d jam was overwhelming! We got on a metro bus n well we kinda panicked coz hv no idea where were we heading (so much 4 me being a usj kid) but I noe we were stil in usj.. heheh at least sumtin, rite? N we arrived bck n casa at 9pm I tink… or was it later? I was sooo exhausted by tat time n my feet were aching badly.. d blister! OMG!!! Wasn’t cool at all.. haven’t heald til 2day coz ive been walkin a lot.. in heels summore (but its I tink around 1 inch oni.. not bad 4 my legs rite? It shouldn’t do me any xtra harm aite??) n I gotta decline a dinner invitation coz I was sooo superbly tired.. nevertheless I stil slept at 1130/1200 sumwhere there.. hehehe

Me haven’t been on a public transportation 4 ages was drop dead xcited through out d whole journey.. I tink I was d brightest of all.. though as nite crept in d xcitement died away as exhaustion was takin over my body… so yeah.. nice full day outin! Hehehe njoyd it 2 d max.. =)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Melancholy (of i today)

I hear but I did not listen
I see but I did not look
And of the laughter
I only felt pain
when the trembling of my soul
could be detained no longer
and hatred have given birth
from self to fate; of i to I.

Of laughter and smiles; a fake
of pleasure in both
have long been lost
in the mist of grief
as dreams have brought wrath
crucifixion of joy
to lament, eternally.

of Ignorance, I am ashamed,
of Sorrow, I am pained,
but you, seeing from afar
thought silently
"she is just as fine."


On a silent night,
Returning to solitude,
Sitting down; crying.

Friday, November 14, 2008


The Oirase Stream,
Pure as the love of you,
Clear and true.

The singing breeze,
and my eyes locked with yours,
I, lost in beauty.

The little fishes,
Swimming in Shimanto River,
Like playing catch.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

yesterday n today

as i was in my room in casa after my prayers, i was browsing through the internet while checkin up whose is on9, who isnt, my profile updates, etc n sumtin crossed my mind.. ive heard bout kyuem since i was in lower secondary i tink.. sumwhere when i was in f3 i tink wait.. younger... f2 or f1... n i was shocked!

d story was like tis.. well.. i noe i got 2 noe nico n pojz a few years b4 tis n used 2 keep in touch wif them n i juz remembered they were frm kyuem.. (i hv a feeling nico is in one of d picz in kyuem prospective student broschure which i still hv till 2day.. hmm) i remembered pojz tellin me he was frm kmys which hv changed into kyuem... n i juz remembered me doin research tryin 2 find out wat is kyuem! wat a coincidence (bak kata aidid...) i remembered bein xcited readin bout kyuem but soon i 4got bout it.. huhu until it juz striked my mind 2day! hw we r all connected.. its kinda weird n makes me wonder..

n nw i tink my brain is kinda slow 2 remember things.. i was smiling away after i finished thinking bout it.. mayb we were meant 2 meet in kyuem.. mayb i was meant 2 set foot in kyuem even 4 a short period.. mayb there is sumtin more 2 d 3 weeks i was in kyuem.. well who noes? hehehe nw im startin 2 ramble again.. but it xcites my emotions 2 noe tat in a way i knew d college although i thought i din... it was partially familiar 2 me though at first it was alien 2 me... it felt almost like i found a new piece in my life puzzle.. which made d whole pic more interestin than i thought it was... n im thankful 4 all ive been thru.. d tears n smiles... d time.. d energy.. n all... -syukur, Alhamdulillah-

Monday, November 10, 2008

found it!!

so 2day i went 2 mydin n guess wat i found!! apricot juice!! cool aite? been cravin 4 tat 4 2 months.. since i left kyuem... i miss tat juice.. n coz teramat la jakun utk rasa d juice.. as soon as i got bck home.. lepas shampoo n mandi n siap.. i sipped d juice.. its kinda diff than kyuem.. kyuem its almost like ur eatin d fruit but tis is very smooth... nice but smooth.. 2 smooth i tink... saje je wanna blog bout tis.. its almost like i found sumtin ive left behind.. mayb i did.. n heck yeah i am grateful 4 it... =)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

wastin of time...

Found it at maalini's blog while readin it after ages x checkin.. feel like doin it after chem.. huhuhu =P *ignore d rulez newayz..*

1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves
3. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog. (I'm going to assume that most bloggers would know the basics of this game of tag, at least, but I'm just copy-pasting. :P)

Starting time: 2312

Name: Farah Nur Ain Hushin

Sisters: 1

Brothers: 1

Shoe size: hmm.. between 8 and 9 i guess...

Height: gosh.. 1.54!! -feelin short-

Where do you live: Subang Jaya

Favourite drinks: well.. apricot juice (tnx 2 kyuem) n my all time fav!! lime juice/lemon juice!!

Favourite breakfast: nowadays i keep on eatin bread 4 bfast.. cereal at times 2..

Have you ever
Been on a plane: Yeah... quite a no of times...

Swam in the ocean: Yeah.. wif my cuzins i spose though it was a few years ago...

Fallen asleep at school: Yeah!! OBVI! =P -but guess coz i feel guilty 2 sleep durin class.. i sleep when d teacher is not available... or durin free periods-

Broken some one's heart: guess i did =(

Fell off your chair: ahaha.. almost i guess

Saved e-mails: oh yeahhh... nowadays i keep sum emails 4 filin purposes...

What is your room like: kinda messy.. u wouldnt wanna enter my room b4 i start cleanin it up...

What's right beside you: my bed in d apartment, pillow, hp, calcu, papers, chem notes, eng notes, tudung, begs, college id, apartment pass, pencil boz, my soft toys!, my exam pad.. huhu

What is the last thing you ate: hmm..i tink it was laksa... eh wait.. dried papaya...

Ever had

Chicken pox: yup.. when i was in primary durin ramadhan..

Sore throat: definitely... many times..

Stitches: thank God, no...

Broken nose: havent yet n not intending 2...

Do you

Believe in love at first sight: well..not reli.. coz i spose u gotta luv sum1 3 who they reli r... their qualities than their looks.. though i cant deny i do njoy lookin at sum1 even frm d 1st time i laid my eyes on tat person.. hehehe

Like picnics: kinda fun if u hv d rite company...

Who was/were the last person

You danced with: my sis?

Last made you smile: hahaha evry1 in d apartment..i hv tis habit of smiling out of d blue neways... =)

Today did you

Talk to someone you like: hahaha... wat do u tink? -my fwenz definitely if tatz d context bein askd ere..- :P

Kissed anyone: oh yeah.. my mum.. a peck on d cheek! =)

Get sick: headache as usual...

Talk to an ex: hahaha no ex yet... ne1 wanna b d first?? hehe =P

Miss someone: yupz.. definitely..

Eat: obvi YES!!

Best feeling in the world: knowin tat friendship worth more than anytin else in d world n true ones dun end ezly...

Do you sleep with stuffed animals: yeah! i have my mini bear-bear n baby kiwi wif me ere in casa subang.. but i change 2 bolster bck home...

What's under your bed: d one in casa... my bags... d one at home.. rubbish!!

Who do you really hate: certain peepz i tink... (there is 1 i cant even hear tat persons voice wout feelin irritated) n d feelin of havin hurt others n not bein able 2 help n straighten things up.. d feelin of bein disabled n lost..

What time is it now: 2323 (nice huh?)


Is there a person who is on your mind now: hahaha.. honestly, yes...

Do you have any siblings: yeah... as mentioned above..

Do you want children: hehehe yeah.. when d time is right i spose...

Do you smile often: i tink peepz at times get shocked y i smile so suddenly.. so yeah..i guess i do smile kinda often

Do you like your hand-writing: depends.. sumtimes is damn times its ok..

Are your toe nails painted: nope...

Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in: d one in d master bedroom seems kinda cool.. but well.. i cn sleep not a prob 2 me! =)

What color shirt are you wearing now: brown

What were you doing at 7:00 p.m. yesterday: yesterday is saturday... wt was i doin? i tink i was gettin ready 2 pray...

When did you cry last: hmm.. d day i left kyuem i tink... it was bad on 070808 n 080808 but on 100808 i managed 2 control myself... at last.. self control.. it took me hours 2 control myself on 070808

Do you have any pets: used 2 till all committed suicide (reli!!)

Where is the person you have feelings for right now: hahaha feelings?? dlm hutan. haha jk2

Did you hold hands with the person who means anything to you now: yeah.. all my gurlfriends n fam esp my sis.. (mangsa kakak yg baik ati!! MUAHAHAHA)

Do you sleep with the TV on: nah..barely watch it

What are you doing right now: juz finished studyin chem... nw answerin this stuff

Have you ever crawled through a window: nope not intendin 2...

Can you handle the truth: guess soo.. it mite hurt at first but as time flies.. ill take it...n accept it

Are you too forgiving: hmm depends wat d c2ation is like

Are you closer to your mother or father: i guess both.. im kinda attached 2 evry1 in d fam.

Who was the last person you cried in front of: my bro n mum i guess.. d day i signed my jpa contract... (kinda embarrassing 2 admit i cried in front of d officer as well..huhu)

How many people can you say you've really loved: uncountable

Do you eat healthy: ahahah.. tryin 2..

Do you still have pictures of you & your ex: n/a (hehehe)

Have you ever cried because of something someone said to you: nope... there r times when i dun gv a crap wat peepz say bout me... its not worth it u c...

Are you loud or quiet most of the time: loud.. i noe im loud n noisy... tatz y peepz miss me! =P

Are you confident: yeah.. i convince myself 2 b one..

5 things I was doing 10 years ago
1.studyin like mad
2.writin poems n short (reli2 short) stories
3.started d hobby of hittin people (hahaha)
4.playin firecrackers
5.wearin green uni...

5 things on my to-do list 4 my tests n finals
2.find a tutor for my foreign language
3.finish up my application form 4 my unis
4.prepare for my toefl
5.plan wat 2 do durin d holz (lookin 4ward 2 it!!)

5 snacks I enjoy
1. fruits
2. dried stuff
3. sour stuff
4. some biscuits
5. instant soup

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire
1.menunaikan haji!! -wajib 2-
2.donate 2 those un42nate
3.get a house, car, etc i 4got.. zakat!
5.gv some 2 my parents (mayb go holz 2gether sumtin like tat)

5 of my bad habits
2.bad temper
3.postponing stuff
4.thinkin 2 much
5.observing peepz?

5places I have lived in
1.johor bahru
2.usj 1
3.usj 2
5.sumwhere in singapore

5 jobs I've had
2.pvt tutor =)
4.editing peepz stuff
5.criticizing sum stuff

-wow.. nw i cn go 2 bed =)-

ke midvalley!

hehehe so tis morn at 11 i went 2 midvalley coz dh janji wif sue!! =)since i arrived slightly b4 sue so i bought d tickets (hsm3) n our movie was due at 1215... so b4 tat, we sat n chat n talked n laughed away... jalan2 cakap2 n then jalan lagi n ckp lg.. n things like tat..

d movie wasnt tat bad.. n amat banyak lagunye.. hehe =) but well i njoyd watchin it wif sue.. guess i would if i were 2 watch it wif any of my fwenz.. ape ye we all talkd about.. loadz n loadz of stuff.. n it made me wish im in kyuem again... i heard bout d scandal on sue n syuk.. ehehe. kinda nice n sweet... (there r sweet scandalz u noe.. :P) not all r nasty...

its juz nice 2 b able 2 c her face again after months of not seein each other.. i noe i miss kyuem damn a lot.. d peepz esp.. but i miss d campus as well (hmm..) so yeah.. keepin in touch is wat im tryin 2 do ere...

ckp pasal keepin in touch..tadi nk mkn kat mid.. evrywhere was full! damn! but wat 2 do.. at last we ended up at d drop-dead-expensive-food-court n i had a feelin its more worth it eatin at secret recipe than there... even d thai restaurant shud do better than tat i tink.. (readin tis para again.. i had no idea wats d cnctn between keepin in touch n makan...)

we parted at i tink 4 sumtin.. sue ke komuter n i went bck home.. n yeah.. i hope sue will come over 2 my hse sumwhere tis dec.. sape lg nk dtg??? hehehe cpt2 btau! sementara offer masih buke!! =P

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

d trip..

originally i was sposed 2 go 2 ssp wif raihan but then things din go as we planned n well it was cancelled. instead of goin in a bus 2 ssp i went on a bus back 2 casa n mydin XP it was kinda xciting (despite d fact tat d bus driver was bloody scary..) since it have been ages since i went on a public bus.. reli2 long.. n cam jakun skit.. hehehe as in i wanted 2 noe hw am i spose 2 pay 4 d tickets n all n d presence of d driver def did not make things better... agak xciting la..

n then we went 2 mydin n i hv brought d carpet n a room air freshner 2 keep d room fresh!! =) im soo glad i hv done all this things n im currently sittin on d carpet.. hepi gyle!! =) but well.. it sumhow reminds me of when skyn brought d carpet 2 L-48.. n then one da ramai2 ketuk d carpet utk bersihkan dia.. cam pakai purdah sume coz nk elak dr kene habuk XP tat time skyn blik umah so it was juz me, zatie n umu.. hihihi good (not reli old) dayz...

wat i bought in mydin.. juice, dried papaya, carpet n air freshner!! +), ape lg ek.. oh yeah.. instant soup (evrytin is instant ere in casa) well.. i guess tatz all i wanna say 2day... kinda tinkin hw 2 settle my chem lab report.. hmm.. =P

My Little Wish

If I were,
To close my eyes,
Could I turn back time,
And return,
To where I belong?

If I were,
To pray hard and deep,
Could I hear your voice,
And again,
Take in your smile?

I wish,
I am still there,
With you, together
Fly towards the open sky,
Reaching for the same bright star.