Sunday, November 9, 2008

ke midvalley!

hehehe so tis morn at 11 i went 2 midvalley coz dh janji wif sue!! =)since i arrived slightly b4 sue so i bought d tickets (hsm3) n our movie was due at 1215... so b4 tat, we sat n chat n talked n laughed away... jalan2 cakap2 n then jalan lagi n ckp lg.. n things like tat..

d movie wasnt tat bad.. n amat banyak lagunye.. hehe =) but well i njoyd watchin it wif sue.. guess i would if i were 2 watch it wif any of my fwenz.. ape ye we all talkd about.. loadz n loadz of stuff.. n it made me wish im in kyuem again... i heard bout d scandal on sue n syuk.. ehehe. kinda nice n sweet... (there r sweet scandalz u noe.. :P) not all r nasty...

its juz nice 2 b able 2 c her face again after months of not seein each other.. i noe i miss kyuem damn a lot.. d peepz esp.. but i miss d campus as well (hmm..) so yeah.. keepin in touch is wat im tryin 2 do ere...

ckp pasal keepin in touch..tadi nk mkn kat mid.. evrywhere was full! damn! but wat 2 do.. at last we ended up at d drop-dead-expensive-food-court n i had a feelin its more worth it eatin at secret recipe than there... even d thai restaurant shud do better than tat i tink.. (readin tis para again.. i had no idea wats d cnctn between keepin in touch n makan...)

we parted at i tink 4 sumtin.. sue ke komuter n i went bck home.. n yeah.. i hope sue will come over 2 my hse sumwhere tis dec.. sape lg nk dtg??? hehehe cpt2 btau! sementara offer masih buke!! =P

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