Wednesday, November 12, 2008

yesterday n today

as i was in my room in casa after my prayers, i was browsing through the internet while checkin up whose is on9, who isnt, my profile updates, etc n sumtin crossed my mind.. ive heard bout kyuem since i was in lower secondary i tink.. sumwhere when i was in f3 i tink wait.. younger... f2 or f1... n i was shocked!

d story was like tis.. well.. i noe i got 2 noe nico n pojz a few years b4 tis n used 2 keep in touch wif them n i juz remembered they were frm kyuem.. (i hv a feeling nico is in one of d picz in kyuem prospective student broschure which i still hv till 2day.. hmm) i remembered pojz tellin me he was frm kmys which hv changed into kyuem... n i juz remembered me doin research tryin 2 find out wat is kyuem! wat a coincidence (bak kata aidid...) i remembered bein xcited readin bout kyuem but soon i 4got bout it.. huhu until it juz striked my mind 2day! hw we r all connected.. its kinda weird n makes me wonder..

n nw i tink my brain is kinda slow 2 remember things.. i was smiling away after i finished thinking bout it.. mayb we were meant 2 meet in kyuem.. mayb i was meant 2 set foot in kyuem even 4 a short period.. mayb there is sumtin more 2 d 3 weeks i was in kyuem.. well who noes? hehehe nw im startin 2 ramble again.. but it xcites my emotions 2 noe tat in a way i knew d college although i thought i din... it was partially familiar 2 me though at first it was alien 2 me... it felt almost like i found a new piece in my life puzzle.. which made d whole pic more interestin than i thought it was... n im thankful 4 all ive been thru.. d tears n smiles... d time.. d energy.. n all... -syukur, Alhamdulillah-

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