Wednesday, November 5, 2008

d trip..

originally i was sposed 2 go 2 ssp wif raihan but then things din go as we planned n well it was cancelled. instead of goin in a bus 2 ssp i went on a bus back 2 casa n mydin XP it was kinda xciting (despite d fact tat d bus driver was bloody scary..) since it have been ages since i went on a public bus.. reli2 long.. n cam jakun skit.. hehehe as in i wanted 2 noe hw am i spose 2 pay 4 d tickets n all n d presence of d driver def did not make things better... agak xciting la..

n then we went 2 mydin n i hv brought d carpet n a room air freshner 2 keep d room fresh!! =) im soo glad i hv done all this things n im currently sittin on d carpet.. hepi gyle!! =) but well.. it sumhow reminds me of when skyn brought d carpet 2 L-48.. n then one da ramai2 ketuk d carpet utk bersihkan dia.. cam pakai purdah sume coz nk elak dr kene habuk XP tat time skyn blik umah so it was juz me, zatie n umu.. hihihi good (not reli old) dayz...

wat i bought in mydin.. juice, dried papaya, carpet n air freshner!! +), ape lg ek.. oh yeah.. instant soup (evrytin is instant ere in casa) well.. i guess tatz all i wanna say 2day... kinda tinkin hw 2 settle my chem lab report.. hmm.. =P

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