Wednesday, October 29, 2008

reunion L48!! =)

keh3X.. d title says it all... we had tis (not reli a reu actually) but all of us went 2 skyn's hse... zatie, zetot n def umu crashed at skyn's hse 4 3 days i tink n i well.. came over frm 2 til 9.. hehehe 7 jam.. it was reli TRULY fun 2 b able 2 meet up again.. i hv d full pic of L48 but agak bergegar so im waitin 4 zatie.. nnt nk amik frm zatie i tink... then its clearer.. gosh i miss them soooo SOOO much tat i was pratically tellin my parents 2 pick me up l8... ikutkan ati nk join crash umah skyn but ingatkan i was sehelai sepinggang so x jadi la.. =)

wat we did... catch up on stories.. a lil bit of gossipping.. comments on taylorz... n def refreshing memories in kyuem...miss those times... 2 b honest ere in taylorz for months doesnt feel long but bein in kyuem for oni 3 weeks... i cant believe i was there 4 oni 3 weeks.. i calld it home on d 1st week n it felt like i hv been there 4eva.. like i truly belong there...but well.. life has 2 go on.. we cn nvr get evrytin we want in life..

ok bck 2 d reu.. we ate 2gether.. ketawa kuat2 2gether.. potong nasi impit 2gether.. play wif skyn's anak2 buah.. =) best gyle! i wanna draw more bubbles!! big n small ones.. =) n fishy as well.. i thought i was d oni one who calls fishes fishy but looks like im not alone =P kami solat bersama2 jua... tgk skyn yg teramat2 penat n tido pas sume balik... maklum le.. x tido semalaman...

dearest peepz.. ill find a time 4 u guyz 2 crash @ my place plak.. Insya Allah but coz now im stayin in casa n holz pun agak tidak same.. so yeah.. i'll try 2 make things out.. susun btul2.. n tis time kene ajak bihah skali..huhu pet sisku yg tercinta cheewaaahhh... or mayb wat reu our petfam n chalet skali.. wat bout all of us meet up sumwhere sumtime.. gonna b cool.. ill c wat i cn do.. now xm r comin up..sat 2 tis sat, 12 nov chem test, 19 nov maths test, 1st week dec finals, 24th jan sat 1 retake.. huhu.. bz2!!! -being bz doesnt mean i dun hv time 4 my loved ones.. =) miss u guyz n luv u guyz soo much -

Sunday, October 26, 2008


As the cloud gathers,
I saw pieces of you,
In my memories

Saturday, October 25, 2008

d trip 2 htar.. hmm....

so yeah... 2day we went (d whole fam i mean) 2 htar in klang.. ade la kot a couple of hours there.. reason : my cuzin met an accident. Alhamdulillah, he is gettin better n i pray 4 his speedy recovery... physically, emotionally and spiritually..Insya Allah.. =)

by d time it was 745pm i askd 2 go 2 d surau. i did walk around searchin 4 one and askd d security guard at 2nd floor but i cant understand her instructions (un42nate 4 me) so at d end of d day my uncle took me there.. n on d way 2 d surau i realized i would get lost if i were 2 go wif my sis.. well.. my sense of direction is reli 'good' u c... =P n it was kinda dark and quite quiet d road 2 d surau...

so by d time we finished our prayers, masa lawatan is over... n yeah b4 we could enter d lift 2 d wards, both my uncle and dad got stopped from entering... so called need a pas lawatan sumtin like tat.. when they have taken d pass, they got oni 1 pass which if 4 2 peoples.. conclusion, my sis n i din go up.. we were wondering around wat 2 don things like tat u c... kinda pathetic rite?

so d next thing i askd my sis is whether she wanna eat ice cream.. so i askd d security guard if there is anythin i could buy frm any shop.. n these were wat we bought..

ice cream, mangga n red tea! n both of us lepak2 at d 'taman' n tgh2 makan ade la tikus besar lalu depan both of us.. hahaha i was 2 shocked 2 make any remarks.. sihat walafit d rat idup kat htar... =P ini la rupe bdk mkn ice cream in hospital..

n thn we all dh picnic kat taman di htar pas 2 dh i tink close 2 9 kot.. we went bck home.. im glad my cuzin (abg han) looks fine although he hasnt recovered fully at least he could talk... n i tink tatz wats important n tat he is no longer in ICU.. =) well.. it was a cool trip in htar (hmm.. not reli..) but sumtin new i tink!! =) n yeah.. HAPPY DEEPAVALI!!

Monday, October 13, 2008


eceh eceh eceh... 2day we went 2 buka puasa in mydin which is located next door 2 casa subang.. reli near... so yeah.. we ate at d food court (6 of us) syamim, laili, aitidal, hasanah, nurul n myself! =) we ate 2gether but went bck in 2 groups.. d 1st group is hasanah, nurul n i and d other 3 d 2nd group coz they wanted 2 pray in d surau at mydin first.. so yeah all of us managed 2 get home safe n sound but tat doenst mean us 3 1st batch went home quietly. we had a couple of guyz buggin us n taggin along wif us til we almost went out of d mydin gate 2 d casa... kinda scary but well i made this slumber face coz i spose if i showed fear than things might hv gotter worse... neways, im prayin hard 4 my n d otherz safety... doa2 dilindungi slalu n dijauhkan dr segala malapetaka... n diberkati slalu! k.. study again!! =)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

pose!!! =)

so 2day is d 1st day of my puasa sunat... d 2nd week of syawal n baru nk start pose sunat. bangun pagi2 kul 5 teringat wak2 pose ngan umu kat kyuem. tat time we woke up at 5am and ate bread 2gether. kebetulan, i saw d same bread which i ate wif umu (d toast em with apricot thingy) n i remembered exchanging breads with her (xchange prog) iaitu bread with peanut butter. till 2day i remember d taste.. sumhow it tasted diff (4 ur info i dun njoy peanut butter) but on tat day it tasted reli delicious.. hehehe psychology btul! d taste of sharing n caring n friendship kot.. =) n thn bile nk buka pose we sat outside of d DH 2 hear 4 d azan wif an apple (tatz me!!) in the hand. gosh, miss those times! 4 2day.. as 2 wat 2 buka.. mayb bread n sum vege which im gonna buy downstairz... pagi ni sahur oni 2 pieces of bread, milk n water... previously in kyuem 4 pieces or bread, water n tea.. hahaha... suddenly after remembering wat umu n i had in kyuem i kinda feel full.. of memories i spose... hihi =P

ok, gonna get goin n grab a bath. 5 sumtin near 6... gonna go off9 soon enuf 2! n listen 2 d mp3 instead after tis... n get ready 4 d bus!!! off i go! =)

*setiap pertemuan itu adalah permulaan kepada sebuah perpisahan. kasihilah mereka yg dikelilingmu dgn seikhlas hati agar tidak kelewatan utk menyatakan sayangmu pada mereka.*

current.. now... present...

SAT 1 is over.. waitin 4 SAT 2 now.. din noe its gonna b kinda tough coz d syllabus isn’t exactly like spm.. it is kinda tough u noe.. sob3… been getting oni slightly more than 5 hours of sleep these days… n oh yeah.. im in one of d be_adp committee member though if one were 2 ask me wat is my role I would hv juz given that person d sweetest smile I cn offer n keep my mouth shut.. tat is hw blur I am on my position… u understand rite? Missin things n peepz reli badly nowadays tat it hurts at times… oh yeah it hurts… juz dloaded a few slow songs, luv songs n yg sewaktu dgnnye… in d mood 4 them… =) n I juz got an invitation by my students 2 join their class party… but I kinda feel its gonna b awkward 4 me 2 b there but at d same time I miss them as well… miss being their teacher… reli I do miss those times.. but I miss my times in kyuem more though I look at it wif a smile n a laugh at times that even when im studyin n get stressed up I remember those times n I feel fine again.. cool aite? Hehehe at least sumtin instant 2 reduce stress… =) Friday (10.10.08) was d first time I wore baju kurung in taylorz.. it brings memories 2 wear baju kurung on Friday.. as I remember bihah askin bout my attire in kyuem as always in slacks… hehehe wat 2 do… I hv few baju kurung.. tatz d reason y.. but d collection is increasing but d fact tat most now needs 2 go 4 dry cleaning does make me a lazy bump 2 put them on xcept 4 4mal stuff (which I dun hv any currently…) okiez.. mari la kite sambung blaja sat chem. N maths.. n ne1 who wanna noe d 4mat of sat 1 do ask me… ill b glad 2 help u guyz out! (since its still fresh in my mind at d mo.. =P) n 2 those spm candidates and pre u whom are graduating next year do START searching 4 scholarship now itself.. so tat u dun rush about next year… mayb those takin a levels.. dec is d best time 2 check out.. coz im quite certain there r certain scholarship offers whose datelines are in dec or jan.. I cant remember.. n spm, ur trialz r damn important.. I kinda did badly in mine so it din gv me a chance 2 apply 4 any scholarship wif my trialz.. (guess a C in bio does put u in a disadvantage 2 apply 4 sch., rite?) mayb in dec (if im free..) id place a list of scholarships which cn b found 4 u guyz… =)