Sunday, October 12, 2008

current.. now... present...

SAT 1 is over.. waitin 4 SAT 2 now.. din noe its gonna b kinda tough coz d syllabus isn’t exactly like spm.. it is kinda tough u noe.. sob3… been getting oni slightly more than 5 hours of sleep these days… n oh yeah.. im in one of d be_adp committee member though if one were 2 ask me wat is my role I would hv juz given that person d sweetest smile I cn offer n keep my mouth shut.. tat is hw blur I am on my position… u understand rite? Missin things n peepz reli badly nowadays tat it hurts at times… oh yeah it hurts… juz dloaded a few slow songs, luv songs n yg sewaktu dgnnye… in d mood 4 them… =) n I juz got an invitation by my students 2 join their class party… but I kinda feel its gonna b awkward 4 me 2 b there but at d same time I miss them as well… miss being their teacher… reli I do miss those times.. but I miss my times in kyuem more though I look at it wif a smile n a laugh at times that even when im studyin n get stressed up I remember those times n I feel fine again.. cool aite? Hehehe at least sumtin instant 2 reduce stress… =) Friday (10.10.08) was d first time I wore baju kurung in taylorz.. it brings memories 2 wear baju kurung on Friday.. as I remember bihah askin bout my attire in kyuem as always in slacks… hehehe wat 2 do… I hv few baju kurung.. tatz d reason y.. but d collection is increasing but d fact tat most now needs 2 go 4 dry cleaning does make me a lazy bump 2 put them on xcept 4 4mal stuff (which I dun hv any currently…) okiez.. mari la kite sambung blaja sat chem. N maths.. n ne1 who wanna noe d 4mat of sat 1 do ask me… ill b glad 2 help u guyz out! (since its still fresh in my mind at d mo.. =P) n 2 those spm candidates and pre u whom are graduating next year do START searching 4 scholarship now itself.. so tat u dun rush about next year… mayb those takin a levels.. dec is d best time 2 check out.. coz im quite certain there r certain scholarship offers whose datelines are in dec or jan.. I cant remember.. n spm, ur trialz r damn important.. I kinda did badly in mine so it din gv me a chance 2 apply 4 any scholarship wif my trialz.. (guess a C in bio does put u in a disadvantage 2 apply 4 sch., rite?) mayb in dec (if im free..) id place a list of scholarships which cn b found 4 u guyz… =)

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