Saturday, October 25, 2008

d trip 2 htar.. hmm....

so yeah... 2day we went (d whole fam i mean) 2 htar in klang.. ade la kot a couple of hours there.. reason : my cuzin met an accident. Alhamdulillah, he is gettin better n i pray 4 his speedy recovery... physically, emotionally and spiritually..Insya Allah.. =)

by d time it was 745pm i askd 2 go 2 d surau. i did walk around searchin 4 one and askd d security guard at 2nd floor but i cant understand her instructions (un42nate 4 me) so at d end of d day my uncle took me there.. n on d way 2 d surau i realized i would get lost if i were 2 go wif my sis.. well.. my sense of direction is reli 'good' u c... =P n it was kinda dark and quite quiet d road 2 d surau...

so by d time we finished our prayers, masa lawatan is over... n yeah b4 we could enter d lift 2 d wards, both my uncle and dad got stopped from entering... so called need a pas lawatan sumtin like tat.. when they have taken d pass, they got oni 1 pass which if 4 2 peoples.. conclusion, my sis n i din go up.. we were wondering around wat 2 don things like tat u c... kinda pathetic rite?

so d next thing i askd my sis is whether she wanna eat ice cream.. so i askd d security guard if there is anythin i could buy frm any shop.. n these were wat we bought..

ice cream, mangga n red tea! n both of us lepak2 at d 'taman' n tgh2 makan ade la tikus besar lalu depan both of us.. hahaha i was 2 shocked 2 make any remarks.. sihat walafit d rat idup kat htar... =P ini la rupe bdk mkn ice cream in hospital..

n thn we all dh picnic kat taman di htar pas 2 dh i tink close 2 9 kot.. we went bck home.. im glad my cuzin (abg han) looks fine although he hasnt recovered fully at least he could talk... n i tink tatz wats important n tat he is no longer in ICU.. =) well.. it was a cool trip in htar (hmm.. not reli..) but sumtin new i tink!! =) n yeah.. HAPPY DEEPAVALI!!

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