Monday, October 13, 2008


eceh eceh eceh... 2day we went 2 buka puasa in mydin which is located next door 2 casa subang.. reli near... so yeah.. we ate at d food court (6 of us) syamim, laili, aitidal, hasanah, nurul n myself! =) we ate 2gether but went bck in 2 groups.. d 1st group is hasanah, nurul n i and d other 3 d 2nd group coz they wanted 2 pray in d surau at mydin first.. so yeah all of us managed 2 get home safe n sound but tat doenst mean us 3 1st batch went home quietly. we had a couple of guyz buggin us n taggin along wif us til we almost went out of d mydin gate 2 d casa... kinda scary but well i made this slumber face coz i spose if i showed fear than things might hv gotter worse... neways, im prayin hard 4 my n d otherz safety... doa2 dilindungi slalu n dijauhkan dr segala malapetaka... n diberkati slalu! k.. study again!! =)

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