Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy 13th Birthday!

so, today is 26th may.. it is my sister's 13th bday! at last she is 13.. hehehe actually i cant believe she is 13 now.. how fast time flies! she is still d same size but close to my height.. goodness, i am definitely gonna b d shortest in d family after this.. it is damn pathetic when i come to think of it... i hate being d shortest.. but i guess then i can compliment myself by being d cutest.. hehehe (perasan gyle me!)

so she invited a few of her friends over and so did i.. well, its coz d khairuls'brothers.. are going to move to shah alam.. though i will still be seing them around but i guess tis is almost like d last gathering at my house b4 he leaves us all behind.. (wat the heck..sounds so dramatic... as if we r never gonna c each other ever again.. )

so all of us gathered.. me, farah eliza, khairul azwar, khairul azmeer, faiz, arif.. juf was sposed 2 come over but somehow that fine young man ended up being in cameron highlands! well, arif n i planned 2 hit him up d next time we meet wif him.. we talkd bout lots of things.. fun to serious, education to life.. all sorts of things! n it is definitely fun 2 have them around... we had mi kari, macaroni, cake, n all sorts of things...

26th may is d bday for both d farah kuasa dua sister... nadrah n farah alia.. both of them turnd 13 on d same day though not at d same time. but who cares bout d timing.. d important thing is d date, rite? though its their bday, i hv more guests than them.. hehehe..

as soon as evryone is bck home.. my mum ended up sending 2 of my sis friend bck home.. i was sumhow so exhausted tat i fell asleep in d car... n continued 2 sleep til 8.10.. at home of course.. i juz moved my body out of d car n continued my slumber on d sofa.. hehehe... n my sis askd me : 'kak, flat sgt ke? tadi tgh charging ke?' as if i am a battery! n now as early as 9.00 pm she is alredi asleep.. now who is flat?

all things went well.. n i had lots of fun! hope we cn hang out again.. sumtime soon..

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