Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Me.. A Teacher? : Wrap Up... Last Day

D main event on the 13th of May is my..umm.. not retirement... but... well.. I can't find d word for it.. But to make it ez.. It is d last day for me being a teacher in Cfil.. The last day.. Finally it arrived... Not that I have been waiting for it to come.. But.. It juz came...

Honestly, Monday which is d 12th is sposed 2 b my last day but 4 certain reasons I was required to continue till 13th.. And yeah, it was kinda lucky for me 2 go coz d school was lack of teachers since a few teachers were on mc though d teacher which I replaced did start workin today..

So I entered a few classes on Monday which are 1e, 1c, 1b, 2c, 1l, and yeah..1c again.. 6 periods with class while d other 4 periods r free.. juz 4 free periods.. But well. I was running around d school and took breaks in between 2 buy drinks.. But it was a tiring day.. During d 9th period, I couldnt stand 1c nemore.. so I exchanged classes with Kak Zihan who is takin care of 1b.. tat class is more peaceful than 1c.. I dun mind students playin a fool wif me outside class.. But no in class esp during exam... It is juz soo unforgiveable... N in a way, it did hurt..
Mayb its coz i noe its my last few days.. so gettin a lil bit emo.. :P

D last day which is 2day... Well I am supposed 2 enter 2g, 1f, 2i, 2e, 1i and 2f... D last period is sposed 2 b free but i hooked myself up wif 2g again.. It is a coincidence but i dun deny tat i hoped 2 enter d class again.. noeing tat it might definitely b my last day 2 b in tat class again.. n i prayed hard 2 enter d class.. n true enuf! it came true.. hahaha.. i juz love d students in tat class... i tink ill miss them d most of all... esp d guyz...

Wat happened on d last day is tat.. a kid took my pas keluar n passed it 2 another friend n then i dunno wat happen 2 it.. I askd farid, afiq n shoba 2 get it bck 4 me.. but din manage 2.. in d end dunno which kid put it on pn juliana's table.. thank goodness i was able 2 retrieve it back.. its gonna b a disaster if i am not able 2 get it bck...

as 4 2g.. i enterd during d first period as i was told 2 do so... it was seni so we kinda talked n din reli follow d rules of d exam thing... n when pn maziha entered.. i tink d class got scolded haha..partially my fault too.. but... lets leave it behind... during d 2nd last period i was in 2f.. n i prayed silently tat i would enter 2g.. hehehe.. n i got it! it was kinda like d last period teacher din enter d class so i was sposed 2 find d teacher in charge but then i volunteered 2 enter d class.. hehehe.. clever rite? but during tat period a kid askd me bout a science q.. he got d ans right so i juz told him tat his ans is correct.. is tat wrong? he was freaking out bout it... really freakin out... when i told him his ans is correct..

as 4 d whole 2g class.. d gur.. wen li.. keep on sayin she luv me.. hahaha.. yeah... mayb coz im not as strict as d other teachers.. so mayb tatz y... n durin d 1st period faris got stuck wif his seni.. so practically i gave him a few tips.. even d other students who askd me got tips.. if they askd... tatz it.. n d whole class was makin noise when i talkd 2 him.. esp paran.. tat ketua tingkatan of 2g.. dun luk like a ketua tingkatan at all! n then another gurl said tat faris admired me.. tat was shockin but i ended up smiling and ask her 2 b silent.. while waving my hand indicating tat it is untrue... d class continued teasing.. n im not sure who said but juz coz im quitting so called faris-happy-time is over.. lawak!

during d last period, since i juz subbed in tat class.. one of them said its destiny!
hahaha as if i din hear wat they said.. keep on gettin on bout faris n i.. wat a class.. n as expected.. d gurl who said tat so called he admires me askd wat i tink of faris.. so i juz say tat faris is a nice guy but stubborn... a reli nice guy.. but stuboorn.. tatz all.. noktah.. n she was smiling away.. even when i called faris they will b teasing me bout hw i call his name.. in a way at times i juz cant look at him straight in d eyes.. juz lowered my gaze.. hmm.. dunno y... usually i do like lookin into other guys eyes.. not tat i dun look at his eyes at all.. but 4 a shorter period...but doesnt matter... d last period is d last time i would enter d class n b wif d students of 2g.. its kinda makin me sad.. but then... life has 2 go on!

so..being a teacher 2 me is a fun experience... u get 2 interact wif all kinda people frm teachers to admins to students.. d students esp.. all kind of attitudes... n it matures n at d same time makes me a child again.. being a teacher ignites certain feelings which i have never really felt b4.. its a mixture which makes me.. hmm.. juz cant xplain it in words.. but its a feeling i wil nvr 4get... never ever.. being a teacher makes me improve myself 2 become a person in control of all kinda c2ation... makes me learn hw 2 get my emotions in order n 2 hide emotions which r not appropriate 4 d c2ation or juz doesnt make sense 4 me 2 show it to public.. yeah... sumtin like tat...

so.. tat ends me bein a teacher.. feel soo relieved bein off duty buy in a way it makes me sad too... reli.. i tink im gettin attached 2 them... hm.. but life gotta go on! gotta continue studies! hihihi... gud luck 2 both myself n students of cfil..

u never get wat u wan in life all time.. but tatz wat life is about.. flaws, joy, happiness and sadness.. its a mixture.. life is empty n incomplete wout them... so enjoy n all d best!

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