Friday, January 16, 2009


i was doin maths when sdnly i remembered.. d week i was told 2 leave ky i jz told my mum i am not goin bck home over d weekends since d holz is jz 1 week away.. n it was a day b4 i got d call i tink... i thought it was of no significance bt then nw i tink its jz a way 2 show tat things dun always go d way i want it 2 be... instead of not goin bck 4 d weekends, i ended up goin bck 4eva.. ironic, eh? =)

hw i get 2 remember tis.. i tink d stress wif calculus 4 bus 2 did it.. on thurs i tink i was talkin n laughin all d time despite notin was particularly hilarious.. my mates were shocked n mayb kinda scared of me at tat time bt nw im kinda stable though it brought back certain stuf which nvr crossed my mind b4... hehehe

n ystrdy i managed 2 shock a couple of guys 4 playin dota.. seriously, im not gud at it.. jz 2 release d tense frm 162 n tatz bout it.. bt they were shocked i cn tell ya tat 4 sure :D

seriously.. im doin my maths at d mo... graphs again.. i hv been stuck wif tis 4 d whole week.. lab report is not done yet... gonna get it done latest 2nite!!

back 2 work! ;)


.: D-Va :. said...

guys always tink that only they are good in playin DOTA!

wanita boleh!

nurain said...

owh mmg... semestinye... ala weyh, students mara... muke ingat tp name x ingat la weyh...

penat je raihan ajar ari 2.. huhu

-idup gurls main dota!- =P