Monday, April 26, 2010

at 5am~~~

its close 2 5 am n ive been up 4 almst an hour *GASP!!!* 2 reasons im up~~~ 1> i slept at 10pm.... 2> sahur~~ HEHEHEHE so yeah... u n i shud noe i wouldnt get up super early 4 fun~~~~ n well.. im gettin sleep again though i guess i shud study nw~~~ havent done much past weekend~~~~ n i hv a test 2day =.=" n i havent fnshd my readin due 2day, 2mr n thurs =.=" sad case...

crntly thinkin if i shud take a short nap aftr i pray n thn wake up n study or shud i jz study n mayb take a short afternoon nap aftr class or prhps aftr stretchin~~~ sounds better bt i mite end up dozin off while stretchin *i did tat twice~~ SAD!* mayb i do need more rest~~~ like wat my beloved neighbor told me to~~~ dun push myself 2 hard bt i guess i cant help it~~~ jz pray tat i dun get panda eyes... or migrain... tatz gud enuf~~~ ^^ at least i get all my work done.. i mite end up hibernating over d weekends though i doubt i could do tat.. another paper due on sunday... posted on9~~ so yeah tatz y its sunday.. LOL listenin 2 river flows in u, by yiruma *TNX LAN!!!* cz its so beautiful~~~

i was tinkin bout d things i could n couldnt do~~~ like hw self sustaining am i? hehehe honestly... i tink i could do almost everytin on my own bt at d cost of my health n sleep n body~~ like ill end up hurtin myself pretty badly at d end of d day bt i jz dun like 2 depend on people.. n trust me, it takes ages b4 i start 2 allow myself 2 rely on othrs... if i were 2 ask n seek 4 help it either means im reli desperate or uv achieve a certain amount of trust frm me n also when i ask 4 sumtin frm u or when i dun hesitate 2 say yes whn u offr sumtin 2 me... its pretty much hw much i trust u n well.. wif trust come othr things as well.... ^^ even so, it dpnds.. like ill try my best x 2 get othrs 2 help me out~~~ cz i duwan 2 b a burden i guess... ^^ i noe evry1 hs their own stf 2 do so yeah~~~ bt well... i dun mind helpin othrs if they need me 2~~ cz i guess my probz n burden mite x b as bad as othrs~~~ like at least mine is stil manageable~~ sumtin like tat ^^ bt sumtimes being 2 indpndnt makes me tink like~~~~ well.. nvm~~~ saje mengada XD

i guess im goin 2 pray n take a short nap~~ im feelin sleepy again~~~ nitezzzz *thoughts its morning* :P

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