Saturday, March 27, 2010


yes, i didn't visit sakura today *sobs* but there is a solid reason for me not to do so... a reason which i gues some would noe n some wouldnt ^^ it isn't a beautiful one though.. but nevertheless...

it's been ages since i wrote a haiku.. *not tat im good at it* >.< honestly, sittin undr sakura tree made me tink again n well.. i got lost in thought *despite d reaon i went there was 2 study.. it din hpn tat way =.="* last friday.. it was full and yesterday only few *not reli few* are left on the tree.. such different sight within a week.. bt they r stil a beauty ^^ so, here goes

Of choice this and that,
Bleeding wound or broken heart,
And blood was my choice.

Gentle evening breeze,
Whispers silent lullaby,
And peace befalls me.

Cherry blossom bloom,
Wind of jealousy blowing,
Petals falling down.

Sakura blooming,
Beauty unknown to mankind,
And you are of that.

i'd luv 2 do more but my eyes r sleepy.. and im out of it n i tink those r not tat gud =.=" みんな、おやすみなさい。。。잘 자요~~~ ^^

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