Wednesday, March 17, 2010

moment of silence

I noe im dyin at d mo.. bt im stil awake >.< i jz feel like puttin tis 2gether.. its been buggin me n i cant sleep.. bt perhaps tis kinda buggin is quite gud in a way..^^

if space is none
and us is one
silence would b foe
and words would befriend
for words r all i could share
and a piece of my broken heart
shatterin soul, unmended by time.

for yesterday, death awaits
fallin; blinded by pain
for waitin, a painful task
yet there was i, waitin for d unknown
for the furthest is wat i yearned
a lust: a painful want
and yet.. d smile in front
silent and patient
unknown to these blinded eyes.

to be there is what u r
for d thoughtless babble, a soft smile
for d meaningless whine, a warm laugh
and there, like a fool, staring at u
cowering within d comfort i found
and unknown 2 u n me
an imprint on my heart
calm and warm
unknown to self; embracing with ease.

now ur smile is wat i yearn
yet fear creepin within
for time is potion
n time is poison
a lingering presence im tryin 2 grasp
yet fearful of holdin on
words r failin, silence spreadin
wishin eyes could speak
as mine meet urs
and a smile breaks.

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