Tuesday, October 20, 2009

1st Lesson

TODAY!!! it is d 1st day of volunteering.. LOL i was pretty hungry b4 i arrived at BF Day in Fremont and i was ravenous by d time i got bck home *it was a blessing i cookd prior 2 leaving....... i would hv dropped dead out of hunger if there wasnt any food in my room when i got home... that was hw hungry i was.. well, 2day in particular, i got hungry pretty ezly.. LOL... *there goes d calories being burnt.. topped up again in matter of hours n days* XD

so yeah... i went wif xixi.. n since she wasnt ready initially *nw she is totally prepared 4 tutoring ^^* so we shared a kid 2gethr *LOL sounds wrong* her name is... omg... i noe it starts wif a j... it was jassica no, tatz x it... its lol.. am i gettin senile at tis age????? nevertheless, i noe d kid im assigned 2 initally is peyton.. bt she was late.. so another unfortunate child was assigned 2 me...

so yeah... xixi is way kinder than i am.. trust me... i started off wif intro n then studies... xixi gives hints.. while i give smiles XD which is, obvi, x helpful 2 d kid... i practically want her 2 start thinking... matchin up phonetics wif alph.. at least, tat was hw my mum showd me hw 2 teach kids readin bck in msia.. LOL n well, i noe my cuzin who is 6, is my guinea pig... she is my victim in me practicing hw 2 read... n well.. it was reli torturous 4 her.. i dun need 2 say a word 2 make her cry.. i would jz look at her n say.. kindly, i thought.. iqa, can u read for kakak? or mayb, adik, read... LOL n then she wil start crying XD *mayb i am pretty scary, lol i am not pretty scary bt i am scary... jz tat not many peepz who noes me 2day noe tat.. ask those frm cfil.. they cn tell u all kinda stuff i did bck in school* ^^ its a wonder y peepz think im kind n nice when i cn tell u im almost d opp... LOL though im tryin hard 2 keep my head cool n relaxd as much as i cn... reshapin d personality isnt ez, bt perhaps its worth d try.... ill b nice as long as ur nice n x go across d border... simple common sense :)

bt wat is d border.. well, its hard 2 tell.. XD so, in a way.. my bad... neways, we were there early. i din expect myself 2 b early at least :) n then 2day we did some hw.. eng hw... n some vocab, spelling n singular-plural stuff... gosh, d kids r soo cuddly.. XD they r so tiny tat i couldnt help but 2 smile... though my cuzins r cute 2 bt well... when i teach them.. im pretty strict.. LOL laughin, jokes, games n all allowed.. bt x jumping around, throwing tantrum.. LOL that, i cant tolerate... HEHEHE

so it din feel like 1.5 hours at all... sdnly it was time.. pretty shockin bt well.. tatz hw it went ^^ fun n all... all 3 of us were havin fun.. we were laughin.. tryin 2 get 2 noe each other.. n we met her grandpa.. greg... yeah.. i rmmbrd d grandpa's name but x my tutee... LOL i mite b gettin a new one btw next week.. i tink xixi might b handling her alone next week... gud luck, xixi!! :) thursday is gonna b d 2nd lesson... n i guess.. i stil dunno wat 2 expect! things went reli well 2day n i hope its gonna b d same 4 this thurs too! ^^

*xixi n i were talkin on d way bck.. n then sdnly i was tinkin on tues n thurs, we will b speakin usin soft voices 2 d kids, but on wed n fri we will b doin our kiai n puttin an immense amount of determination 2 get things right 4 kendo... HIHIHI pretty opp frm each other -voice usage wise- bt i guess tat is where we cn find a balance... bt d same basis could b obtained frm these two commitments: responsibility and d shapin of one's personality 2 b better frm yesterday ^^*

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