Saturday, October 24, 2009

8th Practice

today is d 8th practice..n yay! my emotions n mental stability has been undr control.. evrytin was doin great... anti-crisis workd... d kick-bck system frm d depressed me has workd... i luv myself 4 bein able 2 come up wif a kick bck system.. though it also means alludin my own emotions b4 i sort it all out.. bt nvrtheless, i need 2 restore myself 2 my own self *hmm.. weird XD* since mid term is comin tis mon n tues.. LOL.. my attention shud b at its peak tis weekends in ordr 4 me 2 b able 2 cover all my syllabus...

im gettin dizzy at d mo.. like i usually get after drinkin coffee.. my bed is calling.. caffeine makes me sleepy... i noe its weird bt tat is hw it works wif me... i could barely keep my eyes open bt i jz wanna write tis up cz its gonna b like a daily thing 4 me 2 do tis ^^ forces me 2 b disciplined *LOL tat is a crappy reasonin*

so bck 2 d topic... 2day was d 8th practice *i noe.. i cant believe its d 8th...* n well, i hd lots of fun.. n my blister is startin 2 increase in size again.. LOL n my feet work was pretty messed up bt at least i managed 2 control it a bit.. my feet is rarely straight.. it always goes a lil bit 2 d left.. i tink... id better try 2 get things rite.. i guess a break in between studies these weekends by practicing n jumping in my studio would b a gud thing.. LOL pity whoeva is stayin right beneath me.. LOL sori neighbor.. bt i cant help it XD we did some kata in d beginning n then moved to some swinging... tat was pretty fun though i messed up here n there esp d countin part... i always lose count.. hence, mistakes happens... i shud improve on my attention then.. i guess.. i realize i do lack of attntn n take things too ezly at times... hmm.. sounds like a typical me...

next, we hd bubble tea nite *again! yeah!* initially i was tinkin of x goin bt after practice i was pretty much feelin well.. *LOL psych* n so i went after puttin my things.. well.. takumi is like d guy who sends me bck home these days... *tnx a lot takumi!! i owe u a lot!!* :) n then well.. i guess he went 2 change while i go n keep my stuff in my studio... kept it there n went 2 meet takumi again.. n we walkd 2gether n we thought we would b d last=d VIP of d day.. bt we were wrong... LAN ARRIVED L8R!!! *u took our privilige XD* n we played a game of uno.. n i was cursed.. lol.. initially it was damon who took like whole lot of card n then sumhow.. mayb he shifted d curse on me.. cz d next thing i noe was I HAD A WHOLE LOT OF CARDS IN MY DECK!!!!! i was gettin crappier at this.. LOL

since i had flu, so yeah.. i hd coffee.. i noe, coffee is x my thing... bt wel.. lavender coffee neways.. bt i dun taste ne lavender.. it tasted like plain coffee or was it jz my tongue.. those who noes me shud noe hw blunt i am at tasting XD everytin is always fine 2 me.. everythin is always like tat XD wat shud i cook 2mr.. HIHIHI since i have 2 empty containers nw.. mayb i could do some baking.. cool rite!! i miss bakin sooo much!!

next we talkd bout hair.. LOL patty's used 2 b like seriously long n so was lan's.. n mine is like always look short cz of d curls... LOL bt its x tat curly.. so yeah.. its more 2 wavy i guess.. but well.. i luv my hair.. esp when i tie it in ponytails *d double ponies* reminds me of hw it used 2 b like in d kindie ^^ d gud old days when i dun need 2 worry bout a thing.. evrytin is bein settled by others n i jz mess around n fool around *x tat much.. since i stil gotta study* im so grateful i hv my hair bands wif me nw... n ill learn hw 2 braid my hair soon!!!! i am gonna learn hw 2 do it frm noemy.. *is tat hw i spell her name?* oh gosh, im bad at spellin... look at wat i wrote, a bunch of sf LOL *bck in school sf=sig fig n nw ive abused it as short form* many hates it when i do tis.. bt well.. sori guys, get used 2 it, k! ill try 2 reduce it as mch as i cn.. bt.. ill try my best! XD

ok.. i cant take it nemore.. my head is spinnin... n haru no katami is makin my mind drift away........................................................ into dreamland... ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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