Thursday, October 29, 2009

4th Lesson

today is d 4th lesson.. n joanne came if both xixi n i 2 bf day school ^^ so instead of d 2 of us.. n its d 3 of us :D d more d merrier.. yeah.. tatz d concept :D well.. i met up wif xixi after prayers which means i ws slightly later than usual.. n xixi waited patiently 4 me ^^ tnx gal! n then we waited 4 joanne b4 gettin on d bus.. and well, we waited 4 quite some time b4 d bus came.. bt it came... tatz wats important..

oh yeah.. in d morn i hd tis discussion wif my bio group, aunty, luis n james.. bt luis wasnt there cz he 4gotten bout it.. LOL n he was stil at home n x comin over til like 12.. so we did it without him... sumtin like tat... bt well.. it went well... we finished d proposal n most probably will b able 2 hand it in like tis week itself... after sein sara 2mr.. ^^ n after tat i went 2 bartell 2 get my tape.. it took me a while to get 1.. i was thinkin which shud i take.. n almost 4got bout d gauze *bt i rmmbrd b4 i went 2 d cashier.. n also bought my cotton balls :D nw.. i cn use my toner.. HIHIHI after several times of 4gettin... XD

so as usual.. i put all those in my bag.. which was extremely empty at dat mo.. it lookd a lil bit fat when i put those stuff in bt it was reli light.. so i din mind it at all... truthfully, i dun reli like big bags.. bt i hv d tendency 2 stuff evrytin in my bag.. yeah... it doesnt make sense.. i noe.. bt well.. im jz like tat

ok so went 2 bf day school... n met d kids.. :D im wif jarissa again n she dun hv any hw *AGAIN!!* such lucky gal.. i proposed she do my assign 4 me bt she strongly opposed it *LOL x like im reli gonna let tat happen ^^* n when i told joanne tat she is my kid.. another kid heard it n misunderstood.. he said "is tat ur mum?" LOL i was close 2 laughin my heads off.. i was tinkin.. "im oni 19, u noe... n well, x tat ive given my heart 2 ne1.. x tat ive reli found sum1 im gonna gv it 2..x in d mean time" *LOL it sumhw sounds like a great deal of effort 2 get me 2 tink of sum1 bt actly its pretty ez 4 me 2 get attached, its jz tat no1 noes bout it cz im pretty gud at keepin things -esp emo- 2 myself XD* ~~cik fiz: v.v ~~~ XD i tink jarissa went like.. "nooo......" LOL

so we sat 2gthr n one of d tutors jz askd me not 2 sit near them cz i tink jarissa was distractin her tutee.. well, i was walkin around gettin d file n some stuff done while jarissa was tourin d whole cafe.. LOL then once we got 2gether then yeah.. evrytin was undr control ^^ we did some reading, writing n spelling *again* she is don great.. bt well.. a few confusion on d phonetics part.. guess gotta work on tat a lil.. n we played monopoly at d end.. i tink i shud use monopoly as my maths lesson... use it 4 d counting part... bt hmm.. tinkin bout it again.. d money value is 2 large 4 her.. mite tink of sumtin else instead ^^ bt well.. we played 4 like a few min b4 we start 2 pack up.. LOL time flies reli fast..

n thn we walkd bck 2 d bus station.. n took pics on d way bck ^^ joanne was enthusiasitc.. n so is xixi *as usual.. our dear photographer* n well.. i jz tagged along.. hehehe i noe im lazy 2 take pics.. but buttin in is x tat bad XD n well.. we got home.. n i got bck.. stomach empty n all...

gosh i jz realize.. im goin 2 get groceries 2mr after class.. n hv no idea when shud i cook dinner.. LOL mayb i shud go bck during d 1 hour break between bio n hist quiz.. n whip sumtin express up... such as noodle soup.. :D it takes me like 15 mins 2 go bck.. n another 15 mins 2 get bck on campus.. tatz 30 mins.. so i hv another 30 mins 2 cook... hmm... mayb i shud leave home at approx 10.. so tat i dun need 2 rush.. LOL crap.. i dun tink i hv enuf time 2 cook then.. or mayb i shud eat aftr kendo?? *id b half dead durin kendo if tatz d case* or perhaps i shud go bck, cook dinner n then meet up wif them after im done n all... tat sounds better i tink.. bt i stil need 2 rush... lets c, cookin tat takes up around 5-10 mins... or 15.. its x tat long.. bt i guess after class it mite b best if i go bck 4 a bit.. at least in between class i cn relax n study.. yeah.. perhaps dats 4 d best ^^

problem solved... 그래서, 한국말을 공부해요! ^^

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