Wednesday, October 7, 2009

3rd Practice

Ok.. d 3rd renshu juz passed today... :) it was more tiring than b4 n sumhow 'miraculously' my right ankle was aching on d way 2 d ima.. howeva, i braced myself *lol* n stil continued d lesson... my right ankle is feelin a lil bit worse nw bt well.. i hope its gonna b fine wif some ointments n things like tat.. tis always happen i tink.. it happened several times ^^

so what happened 2day.. more feet movement.. another thing.. LOL my alertness level is pretty bad i guess.... or mayb its cz i focus on other things n kinda 4get bout certain other things.. like my feet positions, my komai n things like that... d bokun position as well.. gotta buck up on tat side.... n i will try my best 2 pay more attention 2 evry single details in kendo as much as i cn.. n i will try my best 2 improve during evry single lesson *ill gv it my best shot ^^* thought improvement mite not come within split second, i hope at least it would do me some gud at least at d end of tis quarter ^^

more peepz r comin into kendo 2day... n most probably 2day is gonna b d last day of new intakes... tatz wat Marsten-sensei said.. mayb :) well... had a looonnnggg practice day 2day.. it felt longer 2day 4 certain reasons.. hmm... n b4 goin bck.. talkd a bit 2 Damon-senpai.. din go 4 iaido.. followed a new group of fwenz bck home ^^ it is RELI nice of them to walk me bck home.. reli reli nice ^^

n tis fri after practice, there will b a bubble tea nite... ^^ did i mention my mum was dead worried bout me x gettin bck though it was l8..after xplainin she was fine wif it ^^ tis fri gonna b l8 as well, i guess ^^ thank goodness 2mr class dun start at 830.. so i cn sleep again after sahur n subuh... get a lil bit more rest than usual i guess... n yeah.. relax my right feet which is x workin tat well.. my left is as expected..aching n blistering.. *x shocking* bt well.. d prob is nw my righty.. we'll c hw things goes... praying it will b fine :)

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