Tuesday, October 27, 2009

3rd Lesson

today is d 3rd lesson.. n 2day marks d end of my 1st midterm for both hist 111 and eng 198.. yeay!! bt d next midterm is within 2-3 weeks... so its x exactly a big yay yet.. lol.. till finals r end ^^ and then d holz... n d craziness shall begin :D plans 4 d holz.. under construction... im stil tryin 2 finalize wat 2 do exactly.. then d pricing survey and gettin my schedule done would b set up.. hopefully by d end of 2nd week of dec... ^^

ok bck 2 3rd lesson wif jarissa.. we did maths.. cz initially oliver was alone 4 his tutor was x here yet.. gosh, sorry i 4got ur name! :( n then we did his homework 2gether.. d 3 of us.. maths, tatz it... addition n subtraction! *tnx ma 4 d crash course on hw 2 teach kids maths b4 i went 2 teach iqa like a few months bck* it helpd a lot.. at least i hv a rough idea hw 2 get d kids thinkin on maths... i would hv been lost... ^^ n eng as well.. though my teachin readin skills is stil crappy bt i guess at least i hv a rough idea on hw i shud do it... HIHIHI *tq ngimmi :D*

we did maths.. counted d frogs... n then we did a card.. bt b4 tat... reading.. jarisaa is a real truly bright kid... she gets things done reli fast n well.. she does most things reli well.. its normal 2 not b able 2 read a few words n get confused durin calc.. i was in her shoes those days.. so i get it.. though it seemd like a piece of cake 2day bt well.. try 2 rmmbr hw it ws like bck those days.. i noe i luv colorin *til nw actly* bt my art hs always been hrble... LOL x talented, tatz it.. bt i stil luv doin it.. hence, d stickman card production... it is oni produced 4 my fam members *tat is d 5 of us* n well.. 4 d others.. im pretty lazy 2 do it.. cz it takes quite a lot of time n effort in tinkin.. unless if u manage 2 reli steal my heart away.. LOL *sounds 2 dramatic i guess* bt well.. cards which r bought r waaayyy nicer n more artistic than mine.. LOL i could compete wif 5-6 years old i guess.. n tatz where i stand.. HEHEHE

d card was 4 xixi.. jarissa wanted 2 do it 4 her.. lol.. i hv a feelin jarissa cant rmmbr my name ^^ bt tatz ok.. its x like my name is tat common ere *it is SUPER common bck in msia though. u cn gt like a few farah in d same class.. its tat common* well.. it does hv a nice meanin... happiness,,, n i guess i am a pretty happy child *HIHIHI* too.. while my full name would mean happiness, light, eyes.. gosh... look at d combo.. HEHEHE nevertheless.. i luv my name :D wouldnt change it at all.. though nicknames r x tat bad... *i got my 1st frm cik t* XD

we studies 2gether... did some coloring... n well.. sdnly it is time 2 go bck.. n sdnly i felt reli hungry.. thank goodness i hv cookd b4hand.. so i jz need 2 go bck n eat.. though it is cold by tat time.. bt i dun care.. i was hungry n eatin wateva is available sounds gud 2 me.. yeah.. laziness. :D neways.. my idea of restin frm studyin 1 day is x accomplished... i hv my eng assign n its x done even nw.. lol.. readin d oldT isnt tat ez.. it made my head spin n well.. tryin 2 decipher it 2 prepare 4 an essay outline is even worse.. i need time n well.. i hope ill do jz fine! ^^

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