Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Death Note

yes, i know.. the title is too creepy for the content.. but that was the first thing which came to mind... *i hate picking titles.. LOL*

If tomorrow be my last
I would soar into the sky
To reach for one; the never mine
The only one: You.

If tomorrow be my last
I would dive into the deep sea
To search for one; the hidden treasure
The only one: Your smile.

If tomorrow be my last
I would be silence
To seek for one; the calming hymn
The only one: Your voice.

If the end is here
And my second is done
I would give you my soul
For I am the peasant
Wanting the one which is never mine
Giving nothing more than I to you
You; every pulse of mine
You; every breath of mine
You; who never is mine.

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