Friday, October 16, 2009

6th Practice

2day is d 6th practice.. cant believe it... it feels kinda shockin 4 it 2 b d 6th.. bt d pace is pretty fast... well.. some of us bought shinai for our own usage.. and somehow d women shinai was out of stock rite after i paid eric-senpai.. LOL so instead i used takumi-senpai's high school shinai... as what takumi-senpai kindly told me as he walkd me bck home, his shinai in high school is d same wif d women shinai used in uni level... so yeah.. n u bet its waaayyy lighter than bokun *well.. mayb i exaggerated a lil bit bt well.. its stil lighter ^^*

it has been rainin d whole day *it still is* it ws rainin durin class, aftr class, on d wat 2 ima, bck frm ima... it was pretty weird 4 it 2 b rainin d whole day... n well... i guess it was pretty hard 4 damon-senpai 2 get a box of shinai frm his car 2 216.. he was *x 2 d exted of soaked* bt pretty wet by d time he got there... i feel pretty sorry 4 him esp since it was *trust me* heavy... n well.. his voice was *close to* gone.. x tat it was as bad as when i lose mine *gosh, i dun wanna lose mine.. it was pretty mch annoyin when u hv a lot 2 say bt u cant say it cz it hurts n d -x d words- bt voice wont come out... it sounds as if i am whispering.. it wasnt 2 tat extend.. bt well.. he was more silent *esp projection of voice wise* than usual..

n yeah.. today was double activity as well... swimmin n kendo.. n nw i feel so sleepy n hv a feelin i mite get down wif a cold if im x careful... gotta drink warm water.. hot soup ^^ -more dumpling soup comin up!!!- n well.. healthy, less salt, less oil, etc.. haihzz.. sounds a lil bit like hospital food.. bt well.. if its 4 my own good.. i guess its gonna b worth it ^^

so yeah.. 2day i practiced with shinai in d beginning n hit another shinai.. i tink i was practicing with sung-senpai.. if im x mistaken... d prob is i tink 2 much.. n when i concentrate on my foot *cz acc 2 sung-senpai, my left food din move tat much* my swing gets pretty slow and shows hesitation... n if i start 2 stop thinkin tat much.. my left feet does x move tat much.. bt after being reminded.. then it started moving LOL

aftr practice, then we went with sensei to 316 and we used our bokun again.. practice on footwork, men, kote and do... and yeah.. a lot of explanation happened a long d way.. oh yeah.. n then we practiced with a partner with our bokun.. x swinging bt well.. jz feet movement.. while holding komai, we were spose 2 'push' our partner/opponent to d mirror/window.. bt x 2 d point of hitting them *honestly, i was soo worried of hittin d window tat i did a lot of hesitation.. it feels weird movin backwords w/out knowin where im headin.. LOL while most p r of my height, my last p was a guy who is like 1 head (or izit 2?) taller than me.. his bokun was higher than my head that it was pretty hard 4 me 2 c.. LOL *oh yeah... was cnfrmd my height is 154cm... LOL .. its been that height since i was 15 i tink.. LOL*

ok.. so d old blister is getting larger *again* i shud consider gettin tape soon.. LOL i keep on 4gettin... n i tink cz i was forcing my left foot 2 move durin warm up.. i got another one at my toe.. i guess that shows that my footin was pretty off... gotta practice more on tat i tink.. i hope i hv time 2 prac at least on my own over d wend bt well.. i havent even done my eng/hist assign (its alredi there.. bt x refined), 2 lab assign, 1 lecture assign, hist reading... LOL it sounds pretty much bt here i am... wastin *pretty much* my time.. i need 2 get at least d eng assign n lab 3 done b4 sun nite.. b4 zombieland ^^ or ill feel guilty about watchin a movie while my assign lay abandoned.. *lol..*

i guess my studio window shud nvr b left open as wide as i am leavin it nw.. mayb d chill is gettin at me.. n well.. i met end up gettin a flu if i brilliantly keep on doin tis... oh yeah... neways.. my body always hurt b4 n after kendo.. bt during.. it doesnt hurt tat much.. yeah, i get tired bt well ^^ guess we gotta b pretty determined when we hv set our own goals ^^ even if its a small one... frm experience, d small things in life is d basis of d bigger achievements which comes in d future.. so dun gv up any of ur goals/dreams *though at times it is unavoidable* bt jz keep on movin, x matter wat d obstacle is.. sure, ull do great in d end... those kinda stuff is wat make one mature and wiser in life.. so, go 4 it.. even if it sounds silly 2 others.. bt it mite b really beneficial 4 urself ^^

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