Wednesday, October 21, 2009

7th Practice

this is gonna b super short... by d time practice was over.. i was half dead... i wasnt payin attention 2day. inoe2 shud hv given it a better shot... i was half listening 2 wat sensei was sayin n i tink i was doin pretty much sloppy n half dead work 2day... including my half kiai.. doin stupid mistakes n things like tat. LOL... lets jz say things werent goin d day i want it 2 b 2day... my attention was off... my mind was shuttin down... n well... my body was rejecting wat im doin... pretty much cz it is wrong... haihzzz... i am too exhausted perhaps.. of thinking... LOL esp wif d gym b4 kendo... i was half asleep while eatin dinner.. LOL mayb i shud reschedule my activities or even better, restructure my whole mindset... *wish me luck in doin tat*

its d beginnin of a crisis n i gotta whip up a fast n effective anti-crisis method n get my self straight.. get my priorities right n get me into d mood again.. tis mood swing is killing me.. i hate mood swings.. i hate pms.. LOL bt well.. its comes n goes.. n i hope by d time i got up frm bed 2mr, id feel waayy better than wat 2day... lets jz hope tatz hw its gonna b like.. with a swingy mood, my mind bcomes blunt n i get irritated ezly.. x bcoz of wat others do but bcoz of all d wrong things i end up doin... being frustrated wif ur ownself isnt sumtin u wanna experience tat often... n i guess.. i gotta move myself out of this disturbance soon... reli soon.. ^^

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