Wednesday, October 14, 2009

5th Practice

today is pretty much a physical activity marathon... not reli a straight marathon thingy bt i did double activities today.. no 1, def kendo n well.. a few hours right b4 kendo was swimming.. tnx 2 ching n manny... well.. i went.. n practically felt like an idiot cz its been ages since i last swam... slow is one thing... improper breathin technique is another.. LOL guess a lot of practices need 2 b done... and well.. almost got leg cramp before going out of d pool.. bt thnk goodness it was under control... manage 2 stop it b4 it happened! ^^ made a few rounds n well... got ching 2 learn hw 2 float *bt failed misreably* n i felt more miserable after tat.. d depression start as soon as my bag was full of things... *gosh, i need 2 wash my swim suit again...* it is stil in a lump in my bag... LOL i just got bck... n im hungry n sleepy.. n im eatin cereal.. cz i cant sleep wif an empty stomach.. XD

ok so after swimmin for like 1 hour... then manny n ching was like in a hurry 2 meet up yi en cz they r signin up 4 d family plan thingy.. so now.. IM D ONI ONE WOUT A NO! YAY! :) it will come.. one day.. when i get my own XD bt well... i havent reli see a need for that.. so well.. it can wait... though im lookin 4ward 2 get it.. there is a reason y im holdin bck.. n i guess tat reason shall lie within me unless some1 is brilliant enuf 2 list down d reasons 4 me :) n i shall tell ya whether its wrong or right.. :)

ok bck 2 wat i did.. i was in d locker room like for 1.5 hours.. LOL... i ended up fallin asleep in d changin room.. LOL i was waitin for my prayer time n fell asleep by accident... LOL... n then i woke up n continue readng history.. LOL gotta catch up :) ok n then i was lingerin around n around 630 i went up... ok gym 216 was stil occupied... i bumpd into damon-senpai n i cant rmmbr who is d other one... *gosh, short term memory* n well.. even 316 has peepz inside.. so we do need 2 wait outside.. obvi, n start chatterin around.. lets jz say d reason im x as chattery as usual was bcoz i am pretty xhausted n stil sleepy... i guess my voice wasnt as cheery as its spose 2 b n my thoughts were driftin away... like im in a dream land LOL bt yeah.. i was pretty xhausted n couldnt really smile like i wan 2... its gonna b d same tis fri... bt i tink ill b more capable of controllin myself tis fri cz its x d 1st time :) self control is very important.. my mind n soul wasnt particularly wif me tonite.. a part of myself was pretty off... i hv been thinkin of somethin which i myself am x sure wat izit.. i noe sounds crazy.. bt tat is hw it is... i feel crappy by admittin tat...

nevertheless.. my beautiful blister is gettin bigger... LOL it pretty much hurts bt wat i realize is tat if i were 2 4get bout it n put my mind on d movement of both feet n swing... it kinda felt painless.. *c, d power of psych* LOL bt it did work.. so yeah.. bt d point 2 get me concentrate isnt tat ez.. bt x matter wat... im gonna try my best in gettin it done.. so yeah.. we did do, men, kote, sayu men, n i 4got wats d name of d other one... n well.. im tryin my best 2 rmmbr as many vocab as i cn... as much as i cn.. 2 make things ezier 4 me.. n perhaps, tis fri i cn get my shinai frm damon-senpai.. LOL lets jz hope i dun 4get bout d money ^^

we did a new game 2day wif marsten-sensei... lolz.. pushin 4ward (moving) n then sdnly 2 do d attack step... i got my swings all mixed up cz of that... n was pretty disoriented... LOLZ bt well.. guess that will happen.. xpected it.. bt im gonna try my best 2 get over it :) i jz ate 2 bowls of cereal.. cz im pretty ravenous... LOL.. OMG i havent clean up my dinner tupperware.. need 2 get my shower, prayer n then sleep... 2mr wake up early... puasa again.. last day 4 puasa 6 ^^ YAY!

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