Saturday, October 31, 2009

10th Practice

today was d 10th practice.. n well.. i was runnin *x exactly.. walkin at a faster pace* frm stevens to ima wif my freakin heavy bag due 2 d fact tat all my groceries r in d bag.. i stuffed all of them in n it def slowed me down esp when walkin up d hills n all... yeah, i got some groceries wif my fellow mates n aunt ida...well.. i did buy quite a lot of stuff.. tatz y its reli heavy.. n it came into use right after i got bck frm kendo.. i havent had my dinner, so after kendo i guess i was a bit hungry.. so well.. due to laziness.. i boiled my wanton noodles in boiled water.. while d sauce i jz mixed soy sauce, hot chilli sauve n sesame.. HEHEHE it tasted pretty fine 2 me.. bt it would taste better if i were 2 cook it instead.. XD

by d time i arrived at d ima.. it ws 650.. i dumpd my stuff in d gym n well.. took off 2 d locker room 2 get my prayers done n change my clothes.. i nvr thought of practicin kendo in jeans.. sumhow i dun tink its comfy... neways.. i do hv my tracks.. when else am i gonna use it if x nw??? :D

lol... wat we did.. kata 1 n 2, kurikaeshi n d last one is a new one.. which i 4got wat izit called.. bt i cn tell u it felt so weird n i tink i din get it right at all.. LOL bt im tryin it out... hmm.. perhaps over d weekends it wouldnt hurt 4 me 2 b jumpin in my room ^^ yes.. i noe.. its gonna annoy my neighbour..

as 2 y d post is as early as 0542 its cz i havent slept yet.. im waitin 4 6 4 subuh n then ill sleep til afternoon.. LOL shift of sleepin time.. tis is d 2nd time.. n i could barely open my eys nw.. LOL .. i guess i shud get ready 2 go 2 bed... 17 mins 2 go! ^^ *at least my bio lab is done... oni my eng 1st draft needs more work on it*

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