Wednesday, October 28, 2009

9th Practice

ok.. its nw d last week of oct.. n nov is comin up.. my 1st midterm has ended n d 2nd is comin up pretty soon.. n well.. i practically took d day off frm studyin 2day.. watchd bleach aftr kendo.. n well.. goin 2 bed pretty soon ^^

ive been listenin 2 sad songs pretty much these days.. lol.. it kinda suits me 4 d time bein.. x tat im sad or depressed bt im thinking.. though my emo is stil undr control n chckd ^^ bt well.. it jz feel appropriate 4 me at d time.. n tnx 2 cik fiz.. more sad songs comin in :D beautiful pieces, i would say... ^^ mayb d weather has been gettin into me.. its pretty gloomy, dark n rainy these days.. so mayb tatz it.. bt it doesnt make me feel down or netin like it.. it jz gv me some peace n calmness in me.. d slow rhythm n beat... melancholic bt beautiful... n well.. i mite turn 2 instrumental soon... flute is a beauty.. u cn depict various emotions frm flute.. piano as well... *though u hv nvr achieved tat.. LOL esp since i havent been practicing.. x idea when ill b able 2 play d piano again... :(*

ok.. so wt we did 2day.... we did some kata in d beginni cz 216 is occupied 4 sum i dunno wat is happenin in d room activity.. aerobic mayb.. bt i hv x idea wat izit... i nvr bothered 2 peek into d room.. its pretty much understood tat evry wed go 2 316 n fri we cn go straight 2 216... well..yeah.. all of us started off in 316 n did some kata 4 well.. i hv x idea hw long... we, d beg, learned d 1st n 2nd kata.. d 1st, i tink i hv a grasp of it.. been tinkin bout it 4 a bit.. d 2nd, im stil tryin 2 figure it out.. i rmmbr it, bt pretty vaguely... bt i guess wif a lil bit more thinkin i could rmmbr thm.. i hope ^^

n then we did some warm up n kurikaeshi.. n well.. in d beginnin we were talkin bout blisters.. n noemy jz said tat i hv a humongous one which hasnt yet peeled off *yeah.. mine is d biggest.. LOL* n then right in d middle of prac, i felt my foot bein pretty weird..n yeah! it had peeled of *partially, reli.. so i din leave a piece of me in 216 XD* n well.. it was pretty disturbing cz it disrupts ur footwork pretty much.. x tat im anywhere close 2 being gud at it bt well.. it made things worse.. n then... i askd noemy where 2 get d tape n well.. d ans is bartell!! i guess ill b goin there in d morn 2mr.. b4 meetin up wif my bio group 4 our proposal :)

so yeah.. marsten-sensei reminded about short nails.. n marsten-sensei.. bought cookies ^^ n all of us had a piece of it.. *i tink all of us had 1* n well.. as usual.. i chckd up wif takumi hw is he goin bck.. n xixi joined us as well.. n we hd tim too! initially, we thought of takin d bus.. bt by d time we got out d bus was gone.. LOL ... so on foot we went bck home ^^ it is x tat bad.. it was rainin.. 2 of d gals were wif umbrella while d guys walkd calmly under d rain.. LOL id luv 2 do tat.. bt well.. i dun tink id like 2 go down wif 2nd round of flu.. :(

n then b4 tat.. askd damon bout his 1st job.. n well.. as expected.. he is nvr 2 b trusted.. haihz.. bt well.. guess wat.. at d end he did make sense 2 me.. 2 things which i should keep in mind: 1) nvr trust damon *he admitted tat himself* 2) gettin a job on campus cn pretty much depend on ur luck.. so yeah... its x tat he nvr made sense 2 me b4 tis.. bt well... at least after sayin he cleaned up d toilet *i was pretty skeptical bout tat.. n true enuf he was jk bout it* so yeah.. lolz d thing wif him is he is always calm n serious while sayin those stuff.. hence, ill b doubtin my own judgement... LOL

bck 2 takumi n tim.. after sendin xixi bck... i heard them talkin bout some jap phrases.. n ALAS.. got 2 noe they were mockin bleach.. LOL i njoy bleach wif d action n all.. n well.. it does gv me a gud lay bck time after studyin... i noe.. its always nandatto, nani, bakayarou, kissama.. wat else.. LOL n d talkin part cn b pretty dull at times.. bt well.. i jz continue watchin... HIHIHI its one of d anime which i stil follow loyally XD n i guess tim n takumi din expect me 2 b watchin d latest bleach anime.. *dun i look like sum1 who watches anime regularly??? even when xm is pretty near???* well.. i noe many go crazy when i do tat.. bt it serves as a gud way 2 relax.. n laugh ur heads off... HIHIHI d next ep im waitin is 4 dc.. hehehe n mayb over d winter holz.. i mite drown myself in fushigi yuugi or atashinchi no danshi... i mite watch atashinchi 1st since ive never watchd it b4.. well, i noe hw d story goes n all... bt its gonna b d 1st time watchin it, nevertheles..

so yeah.. im gettin sleepy... i hv 2 read around 4 pages of western civil 2mr.. i mite b goin 2 d lib around 9.. or 10 LOL dependin on wat time i wake up... n wat time i go 2 bartell 2 get my tape... i shud buy a few i tink.. n yeah... facial cotton as well... LOL i guess ill b needin tat 4 my toner... 4got 2 buy it d other day.. bt since my othr prdct is finishin.. so i guess i will b needin d facial cotton 4 my new toner.. HIHIHI ok.. chop2 plan 2 wake up at 7 2mr.. bt d alarm starts at 630.. LOL *c hw lazy n hard it is 4 me 2 wake up in d morn????* XD

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