Saturday, October 10, 2009

4th Practice

I noe its late at night now... bt im changing my sleep time just 4 2day... instead of sleeping nw.. ill b sleepin after subuh... i guess my sleepiness has seemed 2 past n im gonna b extremely tired after subuh.. so ill take tat time 2 sleep well.. n nw i shall concentrate on my 1st draft *a lil* n do some primary sources reading... its x crazy, reli, 2 study at wee hours... esp since 2mr is a sat ^^

so yeah.. d 4th practice.. a new sensei came over and he was alone in training both the seniors and d juniors... he practically made us take turns 2 practice our foot work.. n YAY!! A BIG FAT BLISTER HAS APPEARED!! ^^ in a way i am kinda glad its there.. it does make my feet move faster.. LOL oni my right foot is stil kinda nice.. n clean... xcept 4 d fact that d ankle is x reli in favor at d mo...

so what we did was to practice our feet work *i 4got wat it is called but i should be able 2 recognize it once I hear it again.. I noe it starts wif an s* we had fun 2day n lots of laughs.. though i was suppressing them into a smile.. n yeah... my warm up was pretty weird 2day..LOL... facing d wrong directions.. LOL bt yeah... we did a lot of movements n well.. i mite b able 2 practice in my room *owh whoeva is stayin below my apartment, thousand apologies 4 d feet stomping -if u hear them-* im very glad i had a studio apartment... cn practice at my own leisure time without worryin bout knockin humans *bt well.. knockin wall is inevitable*

so well.. after d practice, all *umm.. mostly perhaps* went 2 d bubble tea shop.. gosh... i 4got d name.. yujin mayb.. lol... short term memory... XD xixi is d kendo club known photographer... she was practically snapping away all night long! ^^ and i was listening n talking 2 a lot of peepz as well.. *i guess tatz one of d few things i could do* talkd 2 many bt dun rmmbr many names.. my bad.. sori guys... bt ill work hard 2 memorise as many as possible as soon as possible... so yeah.. yuni *hmm. i tink tis is d right name* was filled wif uw kenshins.. LOL damon senpai was, i tink, reli happy 2 c d increase in no of kenshins tis quarter... well.. i tink evry president would b happy 2 c d increasin size of his/her society... but that doesnt mean we could slack off.. it means we must tink of a way 2 establish ourself in uw... it wouldnt b ez.. bt well.. when we unite, i guess everytin is close to being possible though it mite take time :)bt if we r able 2 hv faith in each n evry one in d society, i believe we could do it ^^

we were talkin all nite long til d shop almost closed... LOL we only started movin out after Damon senpai told us 2 get a move.. bt well.. we din reli head bck tat soon... we were all then gathered in front of d door and started talkin again... n yeah, Damon senpai sent me bck home cz it was past midnite n all... i am SERIOUSLY bad wif roads *n driving* so yeah.. i dun reli noe which are d one way roads.. bt i roughly noe which r they.. bt i cant guarantee tat my info is right... thank goodness he knows d road.. LOLZ *tis is one of d major things which i cant do* n well.. here i am nw... so called on d path 2 gettin my assignments done.. half of it at least.. :) get 2 work ^^

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