Thursday, October 22, 2009

2nd Lesson

yesterday i slept 11 hours... i noe its damn long.. bt well.. i guess cz ive been exerting myself 2 much.. tatz y... as soon as i got bck frm ima i went 2 bed.. LOL tat was hw bad i felt.. bt well.. at least 2day i felt better.. n i hope it will b better 2mr... bt im still pretty disturbed... bt its gettin under control.. a bit i guess ^^

2day is d 2nd lesson wif jarissa! *yeay! i rmmbr her name* n since there iznt any hw.. so we did a few spellings, writings n numbers.. HIHIHI next tues gonna b maths.. sorry gal, maths is important! :) bein wif her does make me feel better..reminds me of hw i used 2 b when i was a kid.. LOL n well... makes me a lil bit more matured after tat cz my mood swings make me hasty and unpredictable.. which also causes me 2 act immaturely.. like yesterday.. :)

gosh.. gotta go n do my assign.. ive been dreamin all d time tat my assign which is due 2mr is x done yet!!!!!! lol... my bad i guess :)

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